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Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking - Great Time

Having experienced several sections of the Great Wall like Badaling, Mutianyu and Jiayuguan section, I always have a wish to visit the Jinshanling section. Chinese people have the noted saying acting on the dream. Surfed on the net, I booked a 1 day bus tour to Jinshanling Great Wall, offered by a Beijing China travel agency. This way saved much more time and troublesome.

With small group and English speaking tour guide, I was transferred to Jinshanling Great Wall, about 2.5~3 hours from Beijing. Arrived at Jinshanling, I found that was the destination I wanted. More remote and less crowded than Badaling, Jinshanling section is more fitful to explore in adventure. In more natural state, Jinshanling told the most original story about the Great Wall. Conditions are rougher than other sections and it may be unsuited for persons prone to vertigo, because of the unguarded walls.

Jinshanlilng Great Wall in Sunshine

Not maintained as well as Badaling and Mutianyu, here is the ideal section to see the real Great Wall for me. This section is most suited for hiking, to enjoy the surroundings and beautiful scenery without many manmade traces. Of course, you can also take cable car to the top, and the price is less than others. Hiking the Great Wall gave me great chance to forget the problems and things in daily life. Breathe the fresh air, hug the nature, I was addicted into its charming. Not any quiet more, just stay at this moment. The process is little tired, but the feeling of spray sweet is the best for me. Stood on the top, felt like I'm on TOP of The World. I told myself I conquered this Great Wall. Moment, the success covered nonconfidence in your work, friends or love. The vast ever-going Great Wall makes one wonders how they built it in those days.

Give yourself a chance to recover confidence, Jinshanling is ideal place. Old wall and tower tell the story of defending and protecting. Walking through these stops in Jinshanling section, I seemed back to the wars in ancient time to witness these wars in ancient China.

Have not given full expression to this view, I was sent back to hotel. Although short time, I spend my power on it but well worth it. Great place!

Magnificent View on Jinshanling Great Wall

"He who has not been to the Great Wall is not a true man." Now I came to Beijing to be a hero. When I told my friends I would like to have a Beijing tour during the holiday, they who have been to Beijing told me that the Jinshanling Great Wall is the tourist destination really worth visiting. So when got to the hotel I booked a 1 Day Bus Tour to Jinshanling Great Wall online.

Panoramic View of Jinshanling

The tour guide picked me up at 7:00 am and then started the trip with other 9 people from different countries. A little bit far from the downtown, we arrived at the destination nearly 11:00 am. On the way there, the English tour guide told us a lot about the history of Jinshanling Great Wall. Jinshanling Great Wall is one of the most representative sections of the Great Wall in Beijing which was built in Ming Dynasty. The history of Jinshanling Great Wall has been four hundred years, during which it suffered earthquake, the ancient fire of war and modern warfare reminder loss.

Watchtower View

The tour guide also told us that Jinshanling Great Wall enjoys different scenery in different seasons all the year round. Spring to Jinshanling Great Wall, a verdant hillsides with a variety of unknown flowers blooming and emitting a strong aroma; in summer, lush trees, gurgling mountain streams, colorful pink clouds and a rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain, the Jinshanling Great Wall is in colorful dress; during the fall season, it is covered with all kinds of wild fruits branches; and in winter, here becomes a silver world.

Original Wall

His words made me very exciting. Finally arrived, we have about 3~4 hours to enjoy the scenery of the Great Wall. Thanks to the flat ladders, climbing Jinshanling Great Wall didn't cost too much energy. But since late autumn now, the flowers had already wither and fall. Thanks to the fine sunny weather, I enjoyed a wide view that I felt really fresh as if I were escape from the busy city life.

After the trip, all of us were very tired that on the way back to the hotel, the bus was quiet. I think the best time to visit Jinshanling Great Wall is from May to early October. If time allows, I will come back again to take some beautiful photos.

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