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Awesome Holiday Experience

Stay in China for three years, I only explored Beijing Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Through these two sections, I got much about Chinese history and culture. Luxurious appearance and giant structure attracted my deep interests to Chinese ancient buildings. So, after discussing our holiday plan with my friends, we booked this tour to experience Great Wall.

Gubeikou Great Wall

I clearly remembered temperature on the day showed typical cozy and comfortable adding a little misty. In the early summer season, all the plants are reaching the utmost blossoming. Tour guide is a girl. We cultivated a harmonious communication on the whole journey. The first stop is Gubeikou Great Wall. After arriving at this section, my mind suddenly paid on it. It is a ruined section with many wild grasses. From the tour guide, we got that it plays a very important role as a strategic pass of Great Wall in ancient time. It is also an important access to China. Following the tour guide, we climbed from Panlongshan Section. Elegant appearance and original features conveyed the information that it has undergone numerous painstaking and laborious. The walls are sending out yellow color decorated with many grasses and little wild flowers. Under the breeze, all the sceneries becomes alive seemed to be greeting to us. Hiking journey is very light. Sitting on this section, I could smell the flavor of the earth and the nature.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Compared to Panlongshan Section, I liked the Jinshanling Great Wall better. I could get the most natural features from this section, its watch tower, wall buildings and the ground. Each part of them has showed unique features. Hiking journey is terrific and wonderful. Some sections are full of soil and earth without any bricks. We sited down appreciating the sceneries far away. All the plants ran into our camera with fresh and clean appearance. I saw Chinese ancient times from Jinshanling Great Wall. Its original features and wild appearance marked my mind and my camera. Roofs of the watch tower have been destroyed. Corners are also full of wild plants presenting sophisticated. Once climbed at the high point, overview scenery showed elegant and charming. I felt I have been to Chinese ancient times, very exciting!

This tour experience is so happy that I learnt a lot and got a lot! Much thanks to the tour guide!

Mysterious Exploration of Beijing Great Wall

I dare to say, each member of our family is the fan of Chinese Great Wall buildings. When I was a child, my parents have taken me to explore Chinese Badaling Great Wall. At that time, we only got the famous Badaling Great Wall. By the chance that my mother on business in China, we booked this 2 days Great Wall hiking tour. This time, we challenge three Great Wall sections, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall.

Simatai Great Wall

On the first day, we climbed the Mutianyu Great Wall. It is the most charming and gorgeous section I have ever appreciated. During the early summer season, it showed more vigorous and dazzling. With the luxuriant trees and plants surrounded, we enjoyed relaxed hiking journey. To my unforgettable experience is on the second day. We explored Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. I liked Jinshanling Great Wall very much. Its original appearance and wild features carved my mind deeply. The roads on the wall are very easy to pass. Tourists here are less. On the whole journey, we felt very happy and light. However, my mother liked Simatai Great Wall more. She is very interested in the 16 watch towers located in the east section. We counted and finished them.

On the hiking journey, we appreciated the breathtaking sceneries, blue sky and charming plats paved, listening to the birds singing. The peculiar, unique and risk features aroused my mother's shouting and constant praise. Sometimes, we saw the local famers passing by. They gave us the warmest greeting. I believed this area has cultivated their unique culture. Every time stopping the watch tower, we would take pictures as many as we could. Some watch towers have destroyed and some of them are best preserved. The grasses growing in the gaps offered us the hope. Through the watch towers, the landscapes far distance are just like the picture, original and natural. Last, we were reluctant to leave this section. Standing at the foot, it is just like an elegant dragon, zigzagging, winding to the far distance and disappeared in the mountains. On the way back, my mind is full of their appearance and fresh feelings!

They stored mysterious stories and cultures. We need pay much attention to appreciate and enjoy!

Marvelous Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Experience

As a regular Beijing visitor, I have explored Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall these two sections with my parents. Climbing them brought me a kind of familiar feeling. Last Saturday, we booked the Jinshanling Great Wall tour on the website. Together with my father, we wanted to have a challenge.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall is far away from Beijing city center. On the whole journey, considerate tour guide offered us the harmonious communication. Weather is hot on that day, but the environment inside the car is very comfortable. Appreciating the landscapes outside, we roamed into the exciting hiking. Tour guide told us Jinshanling Great Wall is the most original section with unrestored appearance. I could not imagine its appearance. After arrived at this section, we got off and took out the preparation we brought. Wow, so wild and original. From the far distance, it is appearing destroyed without any man-made decoration. After getting some tips, we started our journey. I did not why I liked it very much. Tourists coming are less. Packed our food and water, we laughed and talked. Almost each step has been destroyed. So, the hiking journey is relaxing.

After climbed about half journey, we stopped and appreciated the watch tower carefully. The roof has been disappeared. Bricks have become ruined with the yellow soil decorating. There are many wild grasses growing on the ground of the watch tower adding more original tastes to it. My father is very interested in Chinese history. This section is just the right place to appreciate and taste. For this 'sophisticated person', we went on observing and appreciating. Some sections on the top have completely disappeared. Perhaps because of the flood or the rainstorm, they have become the road. Accompanied by the fresh air, blue sky, white cloud, breathtaking suburb landscapes, as well as the bird flying by, I felt more warm and cozy. Sitting on the ground, chatting with my father, this kind of feeling is very hard to search at any places. Sometimes, we saw the local farmers passing by bring some local culture to us. Jinshanling Great Wall is truly a terrific section storing so many historical tastes!

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