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Taiji Learning in Temple of Heaven

Only US$ 16, I joined the Taiji class organized by BeijingLandcapes.com. I have deep impression about Chinese Taiji Quan on TV, and wanted to try it. Taiji Quan, a traditional Chinese Kungfu, has long history. Now, Taiji Quan is adopted to practice spirituality and improve the physical fitness. In early morning, I always see many people play Taiji in open squares and areas. Together with our friends more than 10 persons, we booked this Taiji class tour to learn the peaceful Chinese Kungfu.

Taiji Learning

Arrived at the east of Sacred Bridge in Temple of Heaven, we met our Taiji master and introduced each other. Short rest, our master explained the origin, development, classification and function of Taiji Quan briefly. The term "Taiji" refers to the yin-yang principle of the interplay between two opposite forces in nature. The "Quan" literally means "fist", a kind of unarmed combat. Taiji Quan is based on the simple principle of the soft overcoming the hard. Concentrating on correct posture and breathing control, Tai Chi's movements are fluid, graceful and well balanced, promoting the complete harmony of body and mind.

Look like very easy, but Taiji Quan is hard to learn and control. The master always corrected our posture and breath, and we found it is very difficult different what we see in open square. Even, you should care three parts of your body at same time, including hands, feet and body. Different with other Chinese Kungfu, Tiaji needs soft strength, and it is very hard for men. But we all doubt why the master does very well and he is also a man. After the 2 hours, the master tested us and gave a Chinese typical gift to the best man.

It is very interesting thing for me, and I have fallen in love with it. I would learn it continually.

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