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Historical Sightseeing in Beijing (1)

As we all know, Beijing, as a dazzling city of China, has its highlight features and traditional culture. If you are on your Beijing vacation, top places you should not miss will be the light point on your holiday vacation.

Appreciate Tiananmen Square
Beijing Tiananmen Square

As one of the largest squares in the world, Beijing Tiananmen Square has become the must-palce to visit in Beijing. Located in the center of Beijing, you not only could appreciate this large scale square but also Tiananmen Tower, The Monument to the People’s Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and see the national flag raising ceremony. In Chinese history, here are many and many events happened in this holy land. It not only predicted a glorious history but a new future of success.

Enjoy Shopping and Sightseeing at Nanluoguxiang
Nanluoguxiang, Ancient Beijing Hutong

Nanluoguxiang boasts as one of the oldest blocks in Beijing with a long history and a high prestige. Located downtown Beijing, it’s one of the most popular destinations among the tourists coming to Beijing. It is also the only residential area in China which has fully reserved the chess-board layout from Yuan Dynasty. Nowadays, with time-honored shops and stores as well as shopping malls and centers lined up on both sides, Nanluoguxiang is the best spot in Beijing where to enjoy shopping and sightseeing at the same time. Take a walk on this street and experience its unique flavors etched into the heart and mind of its visitors. It is also the ultimate place to discover the essence of old Beijing.

Visit Lama Temple
Lama Temple, Tibetan Temple in Beijing

As the largest and most perfectly preserved lamasery in present day China, Beijing Lama Temple will resent you its own feature with unique location and highlight decoration. Most attractive spot is the Hall of Harmony and Peace, as the main palace and inside three bronze Buddhas displayed, Sakyamuni in the middle, Kasyapa-matanga on the right and Maitreya on the left. There are 18 Arhats positioned on both sides of the Hall. The picture on the west wall is of Avalokitesvara with its thousands of hands and eyes. Last visit in this complex is the Wanfuge which is the highest palace, being about three stories high. In side this pavilion, tens of thousands of Buddhas were displayed along every level. Whole building construction presented a grave and dainty appearance sowing off.

Beijing tour is the new chance of seeing a new China.

Lama Temple - Perfectly Preserved Lamasery in Beijing

Located in the city center, we arrived at this popular attraction at 9:00am easily by subway Line 2. While getting out of the subway station, standing on the street to the entrance of Lama Temple, we felt strong religious atmosphere. On both sides there are full of stores selling incense and amulet. The first day and the fifteenth day of a month are the best days for praying so on those days there must be full of tourists.

Lama Temple is open at 9:00am and today is Thursday, so it was not crowded in the early morning. The entrance fee is 25 RMB for adult and it is really worth the price. The entrance ticket even comes with a small CD which introduce about Lama Temple. I simply enjoy myself sightseeing as I am not there for praying and the architecture here is simply impressive. One word to summarize my feeling here is that "Fascinating insight into a Buddhist temple today".

Lama Temple in Beijing

Lama Temple is not very large which features five large halls and five courtyards (Hall of the Heavenly Kings, Hall of Harmony and Peace, Hall of Everlasting Blessings, Hall of the Dharma Wheel and Pavilion of Infinite Happiness) with beautifully decorative archways, upturned eaves and carved details. It also houses a treasury of Buddhist arts including sculptured images of gods, demons and Buddhas, as well as Tibetan-style murals. Hall of the Dharma Wheel and Pavilion of Infinite Happiness gave me a deep impression. With 5 gilded pagodas, Hall of the Dharma Wheel functions as a place for reading scriptures and conducting religious ceremonies. Every morning between 5:00am ~7:00am is the time for lamas reading. In the middle there stands a large, 6m high, gilded bronze statue of Tsong Khapa. Besides, the hall also contains a Five Hundred Arhat Hill, a carving made of red sandalwood with statues of the arhats made from five different metals - gold, silver, copper, iron and tin. The Pavilion of Infinite Happiness, the last main hall, is the highest hall of this temple. The large statue caught me eyes while entered the hall. The entire statue which is carved from a rare sandal tree is 26 meters (85 feet) in height, with eight meters (26 feet) buried under the ground. It is so huge that I have to look up to his face!

After visiting the 5 main halls, we go back the same way to the exit. Now 11:00am already and many religious come here to pray. For praying, in front of each hall, you had better light up 3 incenses but I do not know why. Tibetan chanting, incense, horns and drums and if you are so inclined, a marvelously spiritual experience.

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