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Wangfujing Night Tour

The journey was more than wonderful in Beijing. During a few days Beijing tour, we learnt much more about the history and the traditional culture in Beijing. The Great Wall is in fact now no longer contiguous. Much of it is in disrepair. Five sections have been rebuilt and repaved for tourist. They are Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. We went to the section nearest to Beijing at Badaling. To our surprise, it was so crowded even in weekdays there are a lot of locals. But that did not disturb us to enjoy the magnificent scenery while climbing the wall. We took a lot of beautiful pictures here and I will share them with my family after returning to my hometown.

Wangfujing Snack Street

The tour ended at 6:00 pm and we wanted to travel around the downtown. We had no idea where we were going - all we knew was that the night market was along Wangfujing Road and as the tour guide had told us, opened at 6:30 am. Little did we know that Wangfujing Road is a very busy shopping destination. It is huge and filled with bright signs (think Times Square) and high end and Chinese stores alike.

If you choose to go the night market, the more direct route is to subway to Wangfujing and then walk down the street of the same name turning left outside of the subway. You will see the entrance about half way down the street - it is a narrow ally with an arch over the entrance. There is also another night market with primarily food - if you continue past the first market, it will be at the very end of Wangfujing. We walked past it but didn't stop to look. Apparently it has an even more exotic variety of food. Eat at your own risk!

Tomorrow we will leave Beijing. We all felt satisfied with the trip ordered through Beijinglandscapes.com and I will recommend it to my friends. If time allows, I would like to travel to Beijing again to enjoy the natural scenery in the suburbs.

Modern Beijing City Tour - Impressive

Widely known throughout the world, Beijing is an international metropolis. I am very interested in this modern city perfectly combined with the traditional atmosphere. This time, I have the chance to have a tour to Beijing together with my family.

As the capital city of the country, Beijing is very rich in tourism resource. I surf the internet and finally booked the modern city tour route. It is a busy day. The tour began from 9:00 am and ended at 6:00 pm. After a day busy traveling, all the members of my family felt very tired but still we are very happy. Lying in the comfortable bed and recollecting the trip today, I still feel very exciting. Let me share with you!

The first destination is the National Theatre. From the outside, it looks like a huge egg. After visiting National Theatre, we moved on the Xidan Commercial Street which is well known for commerce, entertainment, dinning, and finance etc. Then we visited the famous Beijing Financial Street – the domestic center for business and finance. Here get together the head office of China Construction Bank, Bank of China, and other big banks. Generally speaking, it is the trade center and the heart of Beijing. The China Millennium Monument covers an area of 4.5 hectares and a total floor space of about 42,000 square meters. It is an embodiment of China's splendid national culture and its ancient civilization. After the tour to China Millennium Monument, we came to the last destination before lunch. China Central Television Tower is the highest building in Beijing. It has an observation platform at the height of 238m. Standing on the top of it, I got a panoramic view over the city, that's wonderful, I really like it!

Outside Sightseeing of Bird's Nest

After a typical Chinese lunch, we went on to visit one of the new landmarks of Beijing – the Olympic Park. Having an outside sightseeing of the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, I recall the memory of the excellent opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games. Since not far away, after the trip to the Olympic Park, we visited the CBD area. The Central Business District of Beijing covers an area of 4 square kilometers which aims to become a world-class business community. At last, tour to famous Commercial Street – Wangfujing. It deserves the reputation! Although late afternoon, there are still crowed. And the tour guide told us its long history and the famous shopping centers in patience.

A full day tour only cost 82 USD per person. All my family were satisfied with the excellent services!

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