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Rent a Car to Beijing Great Wall

For those travelers who are really into adventure and blood-pumping experiences, the Great Wall hiking would be an excellent choice while visiting Beijing for the first time! However, if you really want to enjoy an authentic Great Wall hiking experience, it is highly recommended to rent car for head further to the offbeat section of the Great Wall, where it is less crowded and filled with blood-pumping opportunities! With a rental car you will enjoy a pleasant and smooth journey while traveling in the city of Beijing too!

How to Avoid Theft in Beijing

While traveling in Beijing is fun experience for foreign travelers, but it is not without potential risks. One of the most annoying downsides would be theft. The loss of money is not a big deal, but it may ruin the whole travel. So here are a few useful tips for you to avoid theft: pay with credit card rather than cash; always keep your bag or purse in sight; be more careful when you pass the crowded throngs; do not talk with strangers. With these tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant journey in Beijing!

Firsthand Tips to Better explore Beijing

Do you really want to have fun and enjoy an amazing sightseeing in Beijing? Then you really should put down the following tips before you go on the trip to Beijing. You can easily find a lot of fun things to see, do and experience in Beijing, but with these tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant trip to Beijing!

Tiananmen Square

Tip 1 – opt for a private tour rather than a group tour.
In doing so, you can explore your favorite tourist sites at your own will, with time schedule flexible, itinerary well organized and so on. Moreover, you will have the fantastic tour guide all to yourself, ensuring you will get a whole lot more than you expect on this trip to Beijing. Another upside of opting for a private tour would be you do not have to follow the tight itinerary, so you can explore the sights as long as you want, all depending on your personal interest.

Tip 2 – rent a car if you want to visit the Great Wall.
During your visit to Beijing, chances are you will be heading to the Great Wall, but the closest section of the Great Wall, namely Badaling Great Wall is always packed with crowds, so with a rental car, you can go further to the other amazing sections of the Great Wall like Jinshanling and Mustianyu sections and the like. With a rental car available, you can save more time to enjoy sightseeing and hiking on the wall without waiting for other travelers or nudging your way through crowds on the wall. Trust me it will be worth your money and time!

Tip 3 – better avoid visiting the tourist sites during Chinese holidays.
As we all know China is a populous nation, with most of the tourist sites always packed with Chinese crowds, especially during Chinese holidays. Aside from the Chinese holidays, the weekends are also not recommended to visit those tourist sites.

Tip 4 – get as much info about the tourist sites as possible before your visit.
You can google some detailed info about your favorite tourist sites online. In doing so, you will enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey navigating the sites on your own and better understand the value of the tourist site as well.

Keep these useful tips in mind, you will enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Beijing!

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