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Wild Great Wall Sections Near Beijing

Jinshanling Great Wall, located near the town of Gubeikou, has 24 watchtowers and remains relatively undeveloped. It offers steep hiking trail and parts of the wall have collapsed and are in a state of ruin.
Simatai Great Wall, famous for its Wild Great Wall hiking from Jinshanling to Simatai with few tourists and less reconstruction.
Jiankou Great Wall, popular for its beautiful scenery, a photographic hotspot due to its unique style, steep mountains as well as interesting shape like an arrow with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock.
Gubeikou Great Wall, Gubeikou has kept its original appearance, one of the popular Wild Great Wall sections with stunning scenery.

Top Sections Wild Great Wall for Hiking

Jinshanling Great Wall: Jinshanling Great Wall known for its original features of Ming Dynasty Great Wall is regarded as one of the famous Wild Great Wall. It is one of the favorite hiking sections among foreign hikers. Admission: RMB 65 (March 16-Nov.15), RMB55 (Nov 15-March 15).
Simatai Great Wall: Known for its steepness, ruggedness and outstanding beauty. The walls and watchtowers of the Simatai section of the Great Wall exhibit a unique design along with varied architectural styles.
Jiankou Great Wall: Known as the most dangerous and ruined section of the Great Wall around Beijing. For visitors who want to experience wild and unrestored Great Wall then Jiankou Great Wall is an ideal section.

Two Favorite Sections of Great Wall around Beijing

Badaling Great Wall: Badaling was the earliest part open to the visitors among all the sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. It is the closest section of Great Wall from downtown Beijing as well as regarded as the most well preserved Great Wall. Admission: RMB 45; Cable car: RMB80 (single trip); RMB100 (round trip)
Mutianyu Great Wall: Mutianyu is less crowded than Badaling because has located not so close from Beijing. It is also famous for stunning views of vegetation area in surroundings, offer relaxing hiking experience. Admission: RMB 45; Cable car: RMB60 (single trip); RMB80 (round trip)

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