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How to Extend Visa in Beijing

If you have only a short stay in Beijing and find that it is not enough to get a good look at those sights in Beijing, you really can opt to extend your visa to enjoy more days in Beijing. First of all, you can go find your homeland embassy or consul to submit your application for your China visa and then fill out an application form to explain the reasons why you need to extend you visa. Please note that the extension of the visa is better done in advance prior to the expiration of your visas valid date.

How to Find a Decent Restaurant

Beijing has many restaurants that offer a wide variety of Chinese cuisines, so it is worthwhile sampling some Chinese food while visiting Beijing. How to choose the right restaurant is very important. If you are a backpacker, you really should consider heading to those restaurants that specialize in Guilin rice noodles, Xian cold noodles, Yangzhou fried rice, hotpots and other dishes. However the waiters or waitresses there do not speak English or other foreign languages. By the way there are a large number of restaurants and food stalls worth visiting for a dinning experience. Note that it is best to check out if the food is hygienic.

How to Dress for Your Travel in Beijing

There is actually no certain dressing code when it comes to travel in Beijing. But China is still a relatively conservative country, so if you are visiting Beijing you really need pay a little attention to your dresses. There are some sights require you to dress in a low-key and appropriately like those memorial hall and museum, while visiting the Great Wall or other outdoor destinations, it is best to dress casually if you want get a full experience over there! Overall, it may be a little bit different when it comes to how to dress while visiting Beijing from your home country, so be a smart dresser!

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