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Wear Mask when Fog Haunts Beijing

There are times when Beijing is plagued by fog, especially in spring days. At that time, the air is not good for your health, so if you are traveling in Beijing and it happens to be a foggy day, it is best to wear mask if you want to go out to see the sightseeing in the city. Also the light fog may show you the different charm.

Anyway, it is not such a good idea to go out when the whole city is plagued by heavy fog. You can wait for some time till the air is clear then you may go out to enjoy your trip to Beijing.

Travel Light in Beijing

While traveling in Beijing, it is not a good idea to pack too much stuff for your travel. If you do not want to join a tour to explore Beijing, then you will soon find your luggage may be a big trouble for you to navigate the sprawling metropolis of Beijing. Furthermore, you can easily get those things in Beijing and they can be very cheap. By the way, during your trip to Beijing, you may also do some shopping in the city, so by the end of your trip, you may find you have more to pack on your way home. Anyway, to travel light will give you an essential Chinese experience while visiting Beijing.

Be Careful When Sampling Street Food in Beijing

Hailed as one of the most famous centers of gastronomy in the world, Beijing has a wide variety of gourmet Chinese food to offer. It is an essential Chinese experience to get a chance to sample various Chinese cuisines. At the mention of gourmet Chinese food, the street food in Beijing is also the highlight of exotic food in Beijing for visitors. However, for those first time visitors, be careful with the street food. Check out if you are allergic to the food or it is hygiene enough. You can always opt for those stalls which are very popular with Chinese foodies. It will be safer and worthwhile.

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