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Hot to Navigate around Beijing by Subway

Generally, you only need to take the subway to get to some bus stations for your excursions outside Beijing, like hiking to the Great Wall. The subway system of Beijing, just like any other city subway system, is very complicated to navigate around for those first time visitors to Beijing. First of all, you better buy a transport card if you are planning on a long travel in Beijing and want to go on a budget travel. Most of the subways stops are equipped with signs written in English. And if you still cannot figure out which way to go, there is always some personnel around in the subway that you can ask for help.

Where to Unwind at Night in Beijing

Most visitors may like to explore Beijing at daytime, but the night of Beijing is also worth exploring, especially during hot summer days. There are plenty of night-out options on offer while visiting Beijing. If you are a club-goer, head to one of the many bar streets Beijing has to offer. Highly recommended are Sanlitun and Houhai as well as Nanluoguxiang. If you want to enjoy a night show, stop in one of the many theaters in Beijing. There are dozens of up-scale theaters located downtown Beijing. Moreover, head to one of the teahouses for some quiet time while sipping Chinese tea. Overall, there are plenty of options on offer in Beijing to unwind at night.

Top Restrictions for 72 Hours Visa Free Tour

Nowadays, with Visa Free Policy in the tourism field, more and more rules appeared. For the fresh Visa Free users, you should get the top restrictions to fully enjoy holiday.

Round Trip Flights are forbidden: the 72 hours visa free tour does not apply to passengers who travel on round trip flights just like Hong Kong - Beijing - Hong Kong. It means that the arrival point and the departure place cannot be the same.

Only applies to transit visa airport: the 72 hours free stay only applies to transit visa Airports. The tourists by train or any other vehicles should still apply for a transit G visa in advance.

Not allowed to leave the transit city to other cities during the limited time: During the 72 hours, the tourists are not allowed to leave the transit city to other cities. You can only depart from the same airport where you get their permit issued.

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