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How to Enjoy Night out in Beijing

To take in the night of Beijing, Houhai is a good bet. Lines of high-grade bar featuring European and the United States style are scattered around here, with menus written in English, wine and Western style meals, the price not steep. If you need, the bars also can make authentic Beijing dishes. Chinese style pub set a long row of tables near the lake, offering fried seafood, snack and drinks like Beijing Erguotou and Yanjing, Qingdao, Budweiser brands of beer, affordable. The tavern is very clean, service is enthusiastic, making you feel relaxed with a feeling of home. To maintain the atmosphere, bars and restaurants here have no live band performance.

To enjoy a night out in Beijing, Houhai is not to be missed!

Book Tickets in Advance

While traveling abroad is fun and eye-opening, but to make the journey smooth and pleasant, holiday makers need some well prepared plans to back up the journey. While visiting a strange country like Beijing, there are various tourist destinations worth exploring. To make your visit there a fun and essential Chinese experience, you should always keep in mind to get the entrance ticket in advance if you travel solo and not with a tour. As sometimes some of the popular place of interest in Beijing may get very hard to get a ticket. So you should really consider booking a ticket in advance as a priority. You would not want your visit get ruined just because you did not get the ticket.

No Need to Stress yourself Chisel out A Bargain

It goes without saying that shopping is one of the essential Chinese experiences you can get while visiting Beijing. However, there is no need to get toe-to-toe with a market full of hungry sales people and shopkeepers just to save a few bucks. It is okay to close a deal with a lower price if you do know how to bargain with Chinese stall owners or shopkeepers. If you try too hard to chisel out a bargain while picking up your favorite item, chances are you may end up in disappoint. Just buy what you set your eyes on with an attempt to lower the price or just leave it.

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