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Useful Tips for Fully Enjoy Forbidden City

For the most of independent tourists first time coming to Beijing Forbidden City, they just wandered in this large scale square for slight appreciating without any understanding. It will be unsuccessful visit. However, how to hold a fabulous Forbidden City tour? I will list you several must seize tips.

Forbidden City

Seize the Golden Time
For most tourists, especially the foreigners, you do not know when is the best time to visit Forbidden City. Casually choose one day facing the hot and crowds. During this period, seizing the golden time will be a must. The best time to visit Forbidden City is from the late March to early June and from the late August and late November. During these periods, temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. Most crucial point is that getting rid of the weekends and the National Holidays. Just doing this, you could either get rid of the heat summer or the crowded tourists. Leisurely wandering in this large scale castle, calm down and go on your fabulous appreciation.

Seize the Best Routes
Roaming in this large scale imperial palace, tourists will be disturbed by the numerous palaces and complex buildings. You do not know where should be started and which place should be ended. So, fully exciting visiting will be hard for you. The golden routes for sightseeing in Forbidden City will spend you about 2 hours. Step in from the Meridian Gate passing through the Inner Golden water Bridge, Gate of Harmony, Gate of Prosperous Harmony, Hall of Literary Glory and reach the Gate of Supreme Harmony. Stopping here, you could have a carefully appreciation. Detail explanation could be seen from the landmark. Then go to visit the Pavilion of Embodying Benevolence, Hall of Spreading Righteousness, Hall of Supreme Harmony Central Harmony and Hal of Preserved Barmony. They are all the main big palaces in Forbidden City. Last route is going on from the Gate of Heavenly Purity, Palace of Heavenly Purity, Hall of Celestial and terrestrial Union, Palaces of Earthly Tranquility, Imperial Garden. The Gate of Divine Prowess will end your tour.

Seize the Audio Guide Service
Getting the wonderful routes, detail translator will be more perfect. This time, you should rent the Audio Guide Device which could help you to have a detail understanding about each palace you visited and show you the most features and histories.

After grasping upper tips, just start your exciting enjoyment!

Make Sure Your Phone Plan Works Abroad

While traveling internationally, phone is a must-carry for travelers. But it happens all the time to travelers who forgot to check their phone plans before traveling overseas. As a result, their trips end up being charged with sizeable fees paid for phone plan. The phone plan varies greatly from country to country, so your phone plan may not work in your destination country or charge you a whole lot more than at your home country. So it is highly recommended to check out if your phone plan works in your destination country. If it does not work, you better change it before you depart.

Take It or Leave It with No Regrets

While traveling in Beijing, chances are you will be heading to one of the shopping spaces to do some shopping. With a wide variety of souvenirs, craftworks and other kinds of artifacts available at every turn of the city, you will be dazzled by the variations of the curios you will find while visiting Beijing. There is nothing like not buying something you like as soon as you see it. Dazzling as it is, do not be too confident that you will head back to that shop or stall to close the deal for your favorite stuff. The truth is you will always end up seeing a cheaper, better version somewhere else. So when you come across something you like, just take it and leave it without regret.

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