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No Need to Overpack Stuff

While traveling internationally, you might want to bring along your complete wardrobe with you all the time, but it is really not necessary to drag your stuff everywhere. It surely will slow you down and bring you a lot of trouble. There are so many clothes or belongings that you might not need while traveling, just ditch them at home! By the way, you definitely will return from a trip with at least six unworn outfits as well as many curios you bought along the way. There is really no need to bring a new set of anything for each day of a trip. Nothing beats traveling light and a good mood!

Tips for Beijing Summer Travel

Traveling to Beijing during summer days may not seem like such a good idea, but if you happen to be in the city and still want to do some sightseeing, there are some tips you really should keep in mind.

If you really want to beat the summer heat and crowds and city noises, you really should head a little bit further outside the city proper and find some off the beaten path destinations in Beijing, like the Great Wall and some mountain areas. Those destinations will be less packed with crowds and the weather pleasant too, perfect for a summer vacation. Moreover, traveling around the city during summer days, you really should pay more attention to the weather and take some measures to protect yourself from the summer heat and everything. Anyway, be more careful, you will enjoy a fun summer in Beijing!

Weather in Beijing is Important for Travel

It will be fun and once in a lifetime experience while traveling in Beijing. However, there is something you really should pay attention to - the weather. No matter when you visit Beijing, the city is amazing and has something for everyone! The weather in Beijing may not vary as greatly as it does in Lhasa, but the temperature within a day is kind of steep, especially during spring and autumn days. So it is highly recommended to prepare more layers of clothes or other gears. It is very easy to get a cold or flu when you are less careful while traveling around the city. Anyway, you would not want a cold or flu to ruin your travel. So it is better to be careful than to be sorry!

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