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Half Day Hiking Journey in Beijing

Last Saturday, I explored Mutianyu Great Wall with my father. We all liked the Great Wall section very much. Its unique beauty and charming all left us deep impression. During the whole journey, tour guide - Linda gave us a big encouragement. Although, it is only the half day, we enjoyed very happy and leisurely.

Mutianyu Great Wall

In the early morning, my father got up and did the preparation. He told me we should dress the loosen clothes and the water is a must to take. He is very considerate preparing everything for me. I just enjoyed the breakfast offered by the hotel. For short minutes, tour guide called us. After getting the entrance of the hotel, we saw our car, very clean and in good-condition. Driver offered us a best environment with experienced driving skill. About one hour, we got to the destination. Wow, so terrific. Mutianyu Great Wall is surrounded by the luxuriant trees, green and clear. I can't see the whole layout of Great Wall but the breathtaking sceneries. After selecting the preparations, we started our hiking journey.

The environment here is tranquil and charming. Tourists are less with sincere greetings. I saw several children jumping on the wall building very naughty. I took the pictures with the surroundings while talking with my father about the background of this sophisticated Great Wall. The beginning journey is very easy to pass that we don't need any relax. After seeing the cannon model located on the ground, we become exciting. Yes, it reflected Chinese ancient war period. We sited down appreciating the surrounded sceneries and landscapes. Not far away, there is typical watch tower, magnificent and vigorous. It is best preserved building with lots of carvings and marks. So many children are playing inside, climbing the window, jumping up and down. After appreciating this, we all felt very sad. I just wanted to say, many behaviors should be forbidden in the world wonder. We should protect it but destroy. We went on hiking. I really could not imagine how these vendors climb on the Great Wall so high with their stores. When we would soon arrived at the top of the Great Wall, my father started to be tired. He climbed with hard breath saying nothing. I helped him passing through the dangerous steps. I just loved the feeling that doing our best to conquer.

Marvelous scenery standing on the top! Half day journey is so terrific that I would store this memory forever!

Exciting Great Wall Tour Hiking

I dare to say, the two days Great Wall hiking tour is the most terrific tor that I have never explored in the past years. Much thanks to my friend. We two really enjoy high on the whole journey. We all held many interests to Chinese history and culture. Traffic in Beijing downtown area is so bad that we delay about half an hour.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The bright weather gave me a big encouragement. Driver is very responsible offering us safe and cozy environment. Once arrival at Mutianyu Great Wall, we all go very exciting. Under the soft breeze, the green color in this area sends out dazzling features. There are many tourists lingering here, praising and signing for the magnificent buildings and the best preserved appearance. After stepped on the building, I can see the essence beauty of this world wonder. It is really deserved the high fame as the essence of Chinese Great Wall buildings. We went on our climbing. Sometimes, we sited down for a while; sometimes, we drank water for long-time appreciating. Weather is too terrific that we really want to cherish every minute staying here. There are many vendors along the wall selling all kinds of souvenirs, food and drinks. What I was interests is the watchtowers and the holes appeared in the wall buildings. They are just the witness of Chinese war time and profound history. Every certain distance, there will be mark established for warning us being careful for the long climbing journey.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Compared to Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling showed very wild. On the second day, after enjoying the breakfast, we came to Jinshanling Great Wall. It is very hard to find the best preserved sections in the wall building. Earth and grasses paved along the whole journey created very harmonious environment. Most important is that we can find the prints of Chinese history. Most of all the bricks have been ruined full of red brick powder. It is the late summer, breeze showed little cool blowing through our skin. I really tasted Chinese original culture standing in this original building. Tourists here are less than Mutianyu Great Wall. We gained the free time leisurely climbing. Standing on the high point, we can see the residence houses far distance. I liked this kind of atmosphere very much. We started from the east section for the west section of Simatai Great Wall. Just entered into Simatai Great Wall, it gave me the steepy features, very wild and trick. We helped each other passing through each dangerous step. At last, we successfully conquered it. Unthinkable exciting!

Tour guide Tina did give us the best help on the whole journey. Highly recommended the tour!

Really Leisurely Hiking Tour in Beijing

I really can't believe my Mutianyu Great Wall hiking tour experienced so perfect. I fully read the Chinese ancient buildings within one day together with my father. This tour is the most fabulous tour I have never explored in the past years. Tour guide is young but informative in the background and history. Most important is that this tour operator is really different with others. There is really no shopping stops.

Mutianyu Great Wall

I clearly remembered, we got up earlier and enjoyed delicious breakfast. After that, we came to the gate of the hotel. Oh, the bus is stopped there. Tour guide greeted to us with mild appearance. We got on the bus to see few tourists. We opened our telephone and checked the bags we forgot. A few minutes later, this bus is full of tourists. We all threw the polite appearance to each other, very harmonious atmosphere.

On the who journey, we chatted with the tourists sitting right side of us, taking about the feeling staying in Beijing, weather and the exciting feeling of hiking Mutianyu Great Wall. The traffic is not crowded as we expected. About 1.5 hours, we came to the foot of this marvelous section. Oh, my god, so many luxuriant trees surrounded this Great Wall building offering a big umbrella for the tourists coming here. No far away, we saw many vendors ranking along selling all kinds of souvenirs and goods. We approached them, very delicate pandas and Qing Dynasty clothes, etc. Perhaps, because of the luxuriant trees, we could not see the Great Wall clearly. After some preparations, we stepped on this marvelous building.

The beginning steps are very simple with some wooden materials. Tourists coming here are fewer than we expected. We just leisurely enjoyed this Great Wall building with our own pace appreciating the traditional atmosphere. The ground is well paved by the stones with best preserved appearance. Every certain distance, there will be the watch tower situated. I finally saw the watchtower building. It presented more grave and delicate than the book said. There are many tourists coming here taking pictures. My father took a lot of pictures from different views with me. After entering into, I saw the dim inner environment. Through the windows, I can see the flourishing sceneries far distance full of vigorous life. We saw the elegant mountains, the layout of the magnificent dragon-style building and the local residence houses far distance. They harmoniously combined with each other.

I liked this tour very much. Now, I scanned the pictures taken in the Great Wall, all my minds flew to China, impressive experience, terrific tour!

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