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Impressive Section of Mutianyu Great Wall!

Thank you to arrange the trip for us! It was my first time visit Beijing and also was our first time to climb the Great Wall. Because we came to Beijing with my family then I booked this private tour, prepared the tour well far before the day of our vacation. Private tour was very worth it and ideal for us who travelled with large numbers of family or friends. The time of the trip could organize by us and only for us. The tour becomes comfortable too of course.

Mutianyu Great Wall in Sunshine

The trip with my family began at the time when our guide picked us up right in front of our hotel. First we had visited Mutianyu Great Wall which located in the suburbs out of Beijing. For about one and half hour drove to the Wall, we could continue our sleep on the way. Tour guide was very informative but she was also talked only when she need to talk. She also answered all the questions that we asked to her on the way to the destinations or when we were explored the attractions.

Of course, besides Mutianyu Great Wall, other attractions such as, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square were so impressive and must visit! But the highlight is Mutianyu. Because located little bit far from the downtown, Mutianyu Great Wall relatively less crowded and offers peaceful environment. On that day, it was hot in Beijing, very suitable for hiking activities and the sky was also clear when were in Mutianyu Great Wall. We did see stunning scenery of mountainous area covered by large number of wild trees as well as discover others part of Great Wall in the far distance. Magnificent views that would be so pity if we did not take the chance memorized the moments.

Cable Car on Mutianyu Great Wall

Oh, the most important tips for you. Take the cable car! If you have only limited time and want to explore the Wall more, then cable car is the ideal option! Pay extra to the ticket because it is not included. My experience on the Wall was more than our expectation. Wished we had more time to explore more. I will back to the Wall again in the near future once I get the chance.

Half Day Mutianyu Great Wall Tour with Airport Transfer

Just because of the long distance, I always missed the Great Wall tour before in Beijing. This business free time, I joined a half day Mutianyu Great Wall tour with airport transfer. Since limit time in Beijing, so I must visit the Mutianyu Great Wall when I deplane directly.

Arrived at Beijing in the early morning, I met the people who picked me up and transferred to Mutianyu Great Wall. May be you will ask me why I choose this section of the Great Wall rather than the famous Badaling Great Wall. Tours in Beijing before, the tour guide had told me that the Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful section, especially from spring to autumn, so I decided to visit the summer view of Mutianyu Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall covers with Green

When we saw the Great Wall, I was addicted into its grand scenery. The whole mountain is dressed in green clothes. Under the green leaves, the mountain seemed like a Chinese girl get married. It is said that the Mutianyu section is steeper than Badaling section, and climb it is more difficult. So I took cable car to enjoy the beautiful girl. Lies as a dragon, the Great Wall is so long that I cannot see its head. The guide said the most beautiful scenery at NO. 20 watch tower, of course, I must see it. It is said that Mutianyu is the best section that combines the hiking level with beautiful mountain scenery. From it, I was right there luckily. Boundless green leaves let me want to stay there and forget the meeting time.

After all, I have visited the Great Wall. It was the most important thing in my life journey. Finally, I must say thanks to the tour operator which offers me best airport transfer service and well English speaking tour guide.

International Cultural Village at the Foot of Mutianyu Great Wall

Lately, many foreigners stay in the villages, located at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall. Some of them settle down there and manage restaurant or hotel. In fact, these villages, at foot of Mutianyu Great Wall, are all named as the Great Wall International Cultural Village uniformly. These foreigners are the main productivity, which let Chinese tourists feel interesting and foreign tourists feel cordial. Entering these villages, can you smell some international feelings?

Steps to Mutianyu Great Wall

The Great Wall International Cultural Village, refers to the four villages sit at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou District, is the total name of Tianxianyu Village, Beigou Village, Xinying Village and Mutianyu Village. Driving along with the Huai-Huang Road, first arrived at Tianxianyu Village. Walking in this village, you will find the obvious marks of The Great Wall International Cultural Village. We were thinking why we did not find the foreigners, the special guide said foreigners are all gathered at Beigou Village and Mutianyu Village. Tianxianyu Village manages the feast of rainbow trout mainly. Most of foreigners prefer the feast of rainbow trout after Mutianyu Great Wall tour.

Souvenir Shops of Mutianyu Great Wall

Left Tianxianyu Village, we entered the Beigou Village, and find a noodle restaurant opened by a foreigner, but closed. The guide said if you want to taste the noodle here, you must telephone him first. Walked along the footpath, we find an independent brick houses at half way up the hill. Although without decoration in outlook, but we can feel it has been rebuilt and show the brief style of northern European. It is said that these are small villas, preferred by foreigners mostly. But it is very expensive from US$ 600. At same time, passed some cars carried many foreigners. They come here for wedding, and the ceremony is held in Mutianyu Village, the Wachang is the accommodation place.

In fact, the restaurants and hotels, managed by foreigner, are rent from the local people. They can rebuild and manage these places according to their hobbies. May be in future time, the Great Wall International Cultural Village is not only some village, but also the gathering place of polybasic culture.

In addition, you can choose the local Agricola with cheap price, and the villa opened by foreigners are very expensive, but worthy it. After Mutianyu Great Wall tour, have a free trip among these interesting villages, you would get more!

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