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Short Day Trip to Stunning Mutianyu

I heard from my friends, Mutianyu Great Wall has been called as the favorite section among tourists because less visitors. So, that time I had a chance visit Beijing and did not want missed the Great Wall. Got the trip from the online website, it was very easy and trustworthy one. Got the email from the trip advisor quickly and my family and I were going to Mutianyu in the third day we were in Beijing.

In the morning, we were picked up in front of our hotel. We did not wait too long and directly ride up to the van. First, we drove to the Ming Tombs where buried 13 emperors of Ming dynasty. Along the way, tour guide never stop welcoming us and speaking nicely so we did not feel bored. She was very polite and speaking English very well. She also told us everything about Beijing and Ming Tombs, the first place that we would visit.

Dingling-Underground Palace in Ming Tombs

Arrived at Ming Tombs, we directly entered a big complex of the tomb. In fact, I did not really feel that was the tombs. It was just like a big complex with ancient Chinese architecture and historical relics around. But after tour guide started told us about the history and where the location of the tombs it was, finally I could realized it.

After that, we were transferred to the Chinese restaurant to take lunch together with another customer in the trip. The atmosphere was very crowded and fun. Everyone was just talked with their family or friends. After that, we were going to the Mutianyu Great Wall. Like everyone has always said, Mutianyu exactly is less crowded one.

Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking

We had two hours to climb up the Wall and should get back to the place where being agreed. Climb up the Wall, we saw many tourists were riding the cable car. And for save some time, we also rode cable car to bring us to the above. When we got to the top, the view was amazing and stunning! We could not stop capture this interesting moment and fascinating sceneries as many as we could while walking around the Wall. With less people or locals, Mutianyu was a perfect destination!

We should get back to the van and transferred back to the city. Drove by the Olympic Stadium, the trip become complete! Send us home safely and the trip end!

Personal Review of 1 Day Tour in Beijing

As I visited Beijing with my husband last month, I still clearly remembered about how I spent one day visited the incredible Mutianyu Great Wall. Firstly, I did not know really well which section of the Wall I should go, but fortunately the travel agency suggested us about Mutianyu. We got the reservation of this one day trip and yes we began our journey.

Steps on Mutianyu Great Wall

The guide picked us at the time we promised and just go the first destination, Mutianyu Great Wall. We had a long way to the Wall but we were not felt bored about the journey. The guide kept making us excited and told us a lot about the city and history about China in past. She communicate in a good English and very friendly.

Arrived at the Wall, we were very impressed with the architecture and design. A long Wall was built surround by mountains and cliffs. Such a great and fabulous subject! It was like my imagination. This section was not so crowded by visitors, so we could took many photos around the journey. Tour guide give us about 2 hours time to enjoy this unimaginable creature. Could not believe how the people move the big blocks of rock in to the higher place. After two hours explore the Wall, we back to the place where we could meet up with the guide.

After that, we were transferred to the Chinese restaurant to have rest and lunch. The lunch was okay and clean, after finish our lunch then continue to visit Ming Tombs. Arrived at Ming Tombs, the guide explained all about the area and we just entered to the main area. It was the tombs of 13 emperors of Ming dynasties. They were buried there for over hundreds years ago. It looks so mysterious, sacred with quite, calm atmosphere. The area surround by some hills and mountains. After explore a small area of the tombs, we head back to the town and visited Bird Nest Stadium. It was used as an opening and closing ceremony for Beijing 2008 Olympic. The design was so unique and amazing! It is a huge stadium which located in a huge area. After the whole 1 day tour, we head back to the hotel and the tour end! Overall the tour was nice and I am very satisfied. Worth money and time! Thank you!

2 Days Great Wall Hiking Tour - Impressive

I have visited the most attractions of Beijing in past time and the Great Wall tour attracted me a lot. Taking the advantage of business trip, I explored the Great Wall deeply in three sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. Because I have deep love for the Great Wall, I booked this 2 days Great Wall tour to Badaling, Juyongguan and Mutianyu with tour guide so that I could know about the history and stories of different sections.
Great Wall Hiking

Last time to Badaling section, I took the cable car for saving time. This time, I must hike it personally and enjoy its magnificence. First day, I was picked up to Badaling Great Wall after breakfast in hotel. After 2 hours, I hiked the east section of the Badaling Great Wall. It is well-maintained for tourists to hike easily. Standing in the beautiful scenery, I lost all my troubles, just addicted into its grand views and the feeling of conquest. After lunch, I was transferred to Juyongguan Great Wall, which is one of the greatest three passes of the Great Wall in China. A little tired about the hiking of the Badaling section, but I must persist to hike the Juyongguan section without cable car. Not as Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall has few people, maybe it is a little difficult to hike. The Great Wall at Juyongguan, was the gate of ancient Beijing, showed me the real original appearance of the Great Wall. Living in the hotel at Juyongguan Great Wall, I enjoyed the closet atmosphere of the Great Wall.

Great Wall Hiking Tour

Last day to Mutianyu Great Wall, I found the difference among these sections. The Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful section built in Northern Qi Dynasty. It is said that it is the essence of ancient Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall is more difficult to hike than Badaling Great Wall because of the strategically located and difficult of access. It is the ideal choice for lovers of the Great Wall. Just appreciate the beautiful views, Mutianyu section is the best choice with less crowded.

2 days professional Great Wall tour is the forever memory in my mind. Experienced the hiking tour, I love the world wonder in Beijing. Forget your trouble and release your energy!

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