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Beijing Wangfujing Street – Largest Pedestrian Street in Beijing

Besides lots of historical attractions located in Beijing which famous all over the world, come to the capital, visitors also should taste how people life and its entertainment. One of the leisure areas in Beijing called Wangfujing has become famous for a long time. And now, we want to recommend you to visit this street on your vacation.

Have Abundance Shopping Experience
Beijing Wangfujing Commercial Street

Come to Wangfujing, there are a lot of things to do around. For example, visitors could try Beijing traditional authentic foods in Wangfujing Snack Street, get abundance shopping experience around the area as well as just roam around enjoy the atmosphere day or night in this largest pedestrian street in Beijing. More than lots of interesting activities, Wangfujing Street is also offers kind of beauty perfectly combining tradition, modernity, culture and commerce.

Located a short distance East of Tiananmen, visitors could reach Wangfujing conveniently by subway. There are two main shopping malls on Wangfujing, the Oriental Plaza (on the corner with Chang’an Jie) and Sun Dong An Plaza (138 Wangfujing Dajie). Both of them filled with the latest foreign brands mostly become a favorite among young visitors. They all sell mostly designer's clothes but you will also find jewellery, make up, wines and spirits, tea shops, cafés and a whole bunch of Chinese and Western fast food restaurants. The Oriental Plaza is even has known as one of the largest markets in Asia.

Seek for Beijing Traditional Souvenirs and Snacks
Beijing Wangfujing Snack Street

Around the complex of Wangfujing, visitors could see lots of big and modern shopping malls. Apart from the activity to have a luxury shopping experience, you also could enjoy and look around about unique and interesting souvenirs on both sides of the street. Enter to the hutong or small alley, you also can meet one of the traditional street where you will see lots of Beijing snacks or just simple souvenirs. All souvenirs you want you can get with local reasonable price. One thing everyone always should do is just the bargain.

Near Wangfujing Street, visitors could find two famous snack street including Wangfujing Snack Street and Donghuamen Night Market. There, you can taste octopus, scorpion and other mysterious food, but also safer stuff like dumplings, exotic fruits and fried banana, lamb kebabs, noodles, stir fries and cold beer etc are also available.

As one of the busiest shopping streets in Beijing, Wangfujing offers lots of things to do for every travelers come to Beijing. A place for travelers should never miss.

Shopping in Beijing - Modern Shopping Landmarks (2)

No matter living in Beijing or tour in Beijing, these discount stores always become the destinations for people. Careful about the ads on websites and newspapers, you will find information about these discount stores. Gazing the good chances, you will have satisfied harvest, including some famous brands if you are lucky enough.

LCX International Boutique Discount Store
Capital Times Plaza

LCX Boutique Discount Store, located at Capital Times Plaza, carry out the optional type shopping, gathered the international famous brands such as BOSS, GIVEENCHY, DULHILL, CHRISTIANLACOIX, etc. LCX International Boutique Discount Store is ideal place for go shopping the international famous things with high grade and popularity. Most of the goods are only in Beijing, cannot same as others. Because there are many strange brands for Chinese people, you have rare chance to find it in other places. Ordered distributed goods let you have different feelings with traditional discount store. When you enjoy these beautiful and attractive shoes displayed in the goods shelf brought from Germany, you would not control yourself. All of these goods are 50%~90% off.

365 Discount Plaza
Fenglian Plaza in Beijing

365 Discount Plaza, located at Fenglian Plaza in Chaoyangmen, adopts the rule of lowliest place elimination in every end of month, the new brought brands will instead of these brands were eliminated. This way can not only insure the refreshment, but also promote the suppliers offer high-quality goods. At same time, it is good for promoting the brand image. Nowadays, the signed brands include ONLY, GUESS, BOSS, SODA, NIKE, etc. Generally, the shoes would have 50% off, but if you present forwardly, some salesmen are entitle to give 40% off. Although you cannot find any international brands, you always have chance to find some things fit for you. Leave from here, you must be harvest. The most characteristic here is the women dress. Most of these clothes are suited for office ladies. Different with the LCX, 365 Discount Plaza has lower price, fit for the salariat.

Besides above, still there are Yansha Outlets Shopping Center, Wangfujing Shangpin Discount Store, etc. In Beijing, you have good chance to find various discount stores for your shopping, just you are careful!

Shopping in Beijing - Modern Shopping Landmarks (1)

Shopping in Beijing, you will lose yourself in this colorful world. Dazzling brands and shopping malls, always puzzle us and do not what to do. Today, I will introduce you some shopping landmarks, promise you have rich results without any run around here and there.

Shin Kong Place
Night View of Shin Kong Place

Covering an area of 180,000, Shin Kong Place is the largest single shopping store in China. Spacious shopping area, variety service industries and comfortable consumer experience, Shin Kong Place manages the top luxurious brands from Europe and America, and various characteristics consumer goods. Still there is a fashion food market, sales the delicious snacks and foods.

Shin Kong Place has absorbed many international brands of clothes and cosmetic such as Prada, Kenzo, Chanel, etc. Adds some Chinese brands, the entered brands has reached 700. Among these shops, many entered Beijing even China not firstly such as the French Fauchon. According to introduction, Fauchon has 100 years history. Only one shop in Asia nowadays. As the second shop in Asia and first shop in China. The Fauchon Shin Kong Place offers 400 import foods to Beijing consumers. Close to Fauchon, there is a Supermarket in 3,000 square meters offers various things.

Night View of Solana

Solana seems like a town air transported from Europe, combined with industry civilization and natural view perfectly. Everywhere is full of the innovation and pleasant surprise. In this international city absent water, Solana Blue Harbor owns advantage environment with three-side water. If you are there personally, you cannot believe such beautiful environment in this city center.

Compared with traditional shopping center, Solana Blue Harbor uses the blue sky and white cloud instead of the ceiling, natural wind instead of air-conditioning. Original European constructions, fitful street and less crowded people make a comfortable and charming opened shopping environment in Solana Blue Harbor for consumers. In several minutes, you will get the romantic Europe from crowded Beijing. Solana Blue Harbor has abundant functions such as catering, wine bar, entertainment, etc. This has become a tag of this area. With the development of surroundings, Solana Blue Harbor becomes the representation more and more obviously. So, Solana Blue Harbor will enhance its charming in these sides.

If you want to find a comfortable and modern shopping area, you could refer to these shopping malls.

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