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Adventure Travel to Simatai Great Wall

As one of the most sought-after sights and world heritage sites in China, the Great Wall is well worth adding to your travel list while visiting Beijing. For those who want to experience the ultimate adventure travel in Beijing, the Great Wall at Simatai section is definitely for you!

Simatai Great Wall
Brief Introduction to Simatai
As a most representative part of Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall has long enjoyed a high prestige all over the world. Simatai Great Wall is cut off into two parts by Yuanyang Lake. This lake came into being as a result of two springs, one freezing cold, the other extremely warm. Therefore, when winter comes, the mist will float over the lake which is not frozen at all. The eastern part of Simatai Great Wall zigzags upon knife-cut mountain ridge and within 2.4 miles it climbs up from 295 meters up to 986 meters. Looking from afar, Simatai Great Wall is no less than a giant dragon flying from the lake way up into the sky. Standing upon the Great Wall, looking far into the distance, a wide open view of north China will immediately come into your eyes, the mountains, rivers and the clouds varying in different shapes and sizes.

What to Explore at Simatai
Along this tourist line of Simatai Great Wall, you can also get a glimpse of a series of famous scenic spots, like the legendary Wangjing Tower, Maoyan Tower and Xiannv Tower, as well as the splendid Shoulv Ridge, Ladder of Heaven, Great Wall in the air and various Watch Towers, Block Wall, One-side Wall, Spring of Heaven, Giant Turtle Stone and so on. These splendid and marvelous views are only available at Simatai Great Wall. Climbing up the gentle western part of Simatai Great Wall, you will be filled with lots of fun and shock. While touring around on the wall, you can also get a glimpse of a large amount of ancient structures and decorations. You definitely will be marveled by their delicacy and splendor. These countless incomparable attractions owe a great deal of credits to the unique landforms of Yanshan Range, unrivaled location and the joined efforts of the people from Ming dynasty.

Overall, the adventure experience at Simatai is one of the must-do things for visitors to Beijing!

Mysterious Exploration of Beijing Great Wall

I dare to say, each member of our family is the fan of Chinese Great Wall buildings. When I was a child, my parents have taken me to explore Chinese Badaling Great Wall. At that time, we only got the famous Badaling Great Wall. By the chance that my mother on business in China, we booked this 2 days Great Wall hiking tour. This time, we challenge three Great Wall sections, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall.

Simatai Great Wall

On the first day, we climbed the Mutianyu Great Wall. It is the most charming and gorgeous section I have ever appreciated. During the early summer season, it showed more vigorous and dazzling. With the luxuriant trees and plants surrounded, we enjoyed relaxed hiking journey. To my unforgettable experience is on the second day. We explored Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. I liked Jinshanling Great Wall very much. Its original appearance and wild features carved my mind deeply. The roads on the wall are very easy to pass. Tourists here are less. On the whole journey, we felt very happy and light. However, my mother liked Simatai Great Wall more. She is very interested in the 16 watch towers located in the east section. We counted and finished them.

On the hiking journey, we appreciated the breathtaking sceneries, blue sky and charming plats paved, listening to the birds singing. The peculiar, unique and risk features aroused my mother's shouting and constant praise. Sometimes, we saw the local famers passing by. They gave us the warmest greeting. I believed this area has cultivated their unique culture. Every time stopping the watch tower, we would take pictures as many as we could. Some watch towers have destroyed and some of them are best preserved. The grasses growing in the gaps offered us the hope. Through the watch towers, the landscapes far distance are just like the picture, original and natural. Last, we were reluctant to leave this section. Standing at the foot, it is just like an elegant dragon, zigzagging, winding to the far distance and disappeared in the mountains. On the way back, my mind is full of their appearance and fresh feelings!

They stored mysterious stories and cultures. We need pay much attention to appreciate and enjoy!

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