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Temple of Heaven - A must see in Beijing

I am very interested in the traditional culture of China. Temple of Heaven is the symbol of Beijing but with limit time, I only traveled to the main attractions of it. Although less than half day, the tour did impressive to me.

Temple of Heaven

Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest are three main buildings on the central axis of the Temple of Heaven. These three main buildings are connected by a long north-south platform road, called the Danbi Bridge, which is the road for the emperor and the courtiers walk during the ceremony of prayer. It a wide road with the north higher than the south, symbolizing this road is the step to heaven. About this road it is very particular. We must believe the middle of the widest Road is for the emperor to go, in fact, the middle is the Sacred Road, the left is Okimichi and the right is for the ministers. The emperor went through the Okimichi, and the officials and ministers through the Benevolent. Under the bridge there is something to the tunnel, where is the sacrificial cattle sent to slaughter.

Circular Mound Altar

The Circular Mound Altar is the place for emperor to worship the heaven founded in 9th year of Jiajing reign (1530). The altar plane was circular, divided into three levels, located to white marble fence. The railings head on each engraved with cloud dragon and dragons head protruding from a stone in each railing for the drainage. The Circular Mound Altar has inner and outer double circle low walls, symbolizing the hemispherical dome. On the center of it there is a boulder and standing on it speaking, the sound extremely louder. This is because the altar surface is smooth, the sound waves to quickly spread in all directions, met around the stone fence, reflected back confluence, the sound doubling. Travelers scrambling to stand on the heart of stone on the center dome, posed for pictures.

Imperial Vault of Heaven

Imperial Vault of Heaven located in the north of the Circular Mound Altar is dedicated to the place of the sacrificial tablets of the emperors, founded in the 9th year of Jiajing region (1530). The main hall and the veranda around a smooth circular wall, people speak at different locations of the wall, standing on the other side you can hear it very clearly, so this is called the Whispering Gallery. Under the steps of Imperial Vault of Heaven there have three stones called echo stone. Standing on the first stone of the stairs, clapping, you will hear a loud echo; standing on the second stone clapping, you will hear two echoes and standing on the third one, you can hear three acoustic echoes. Don't believe it? Just try!

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest

The most famous hall in the Temple of Heaven will be the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. Very ambitious and it has been hailed as a symbol building of Beijing. With a distant view, it looks beautiful with blue roof, while having a close look at, it is so huge and magnificent. The hall is supported by 28 large supporting pillars. The middle four Longjing columns support the upper roof; the middle of 12 golden columns support the second eaves; the other 12 support the external layer of the roof. The white marble in the center of the hall carved with dragon and phoenix, symbolizing good luck. However not allowed to enter the hall, all the visitors cannot have a closer look at the luxurious decoration of the internal, only to take some pictures outside.

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