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Learn to Make Chinese Artwork in Beijing

Beijing has long been hailed as the cultural Mecca of China. With a visit to Beijing, you will not only get a chance to enjoy amazing historical sites and scenery but also learn how to make some fine artworks that China has to offer! Here are two art forms that are very popular and easy to learn for you.

Dazzling Paper Cutting
Paper Cutting

Folk paper-cutting comes from life, focusing on life with the understanding of nature, sentiment expressed by cutting the special form of art. As an expression of their emotions, therefore, the expression of this art focuses on the performance of the spirit, rather than the performance of the shape. At the same time, limited not by cutting completely according to realistic approach, the paper cut also involves the use of deformation, exaggeration, to highlight the characteristics of the object. Therefore, exaggeration and deformation become the common form of the folk paper-cutting. Exaggeration is a crystallization of human creative work and wisdom, by displaying its eternal artistic charm to exaggerate the beauty of art. The Chinese folk paper-cutting mostly comes from real life, and most of them reflect the lives of working people, but it is not just the simple simulation of things, through using objective exaggeration and deformation to change object form of the nature. The artists of folk paper-cutting see the paper cutting as a part of life, a longing for a better life and worship of ancient totem, folk paper cutting is the main contents of expression.

Interesting Chinese Kites

The kite is a kind of toy by pasting paper or silk in bamboo, with the wind it can fly way up in the sky, and it is seen as the oldest air powered vehicle. The Chinese kite dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period, enjoying a history of more than 2000 years. In the southern and Northern Dynasties, the kite had become a tool of information transmission; from Tang Dynasty, as the industry developed, paper was used to make the kite; in Song Dynasty, flying kite had become a favorite outdoor activity. Two Northern Song Dynasty paintings have vivid scene of kite flying. Today, China kite flying also plays an important role in the development of economy and tourism. The kite is the first air powered vehicle even earlier than air aircraft. According to historical records, Chinese kite was introduced into Europe in the fourteenth Century.

Overall, it will be fun and an essential Chinese experience to learn to make paper cutting and kite!

Mind-purity in Beijing Badachu Park

For regular Beijing visitors, apart from the top highlights, there are many tranquil scenic spots deserved your visit. Today, I will lead you to purity mind by roaming in the Beijing Badachu Park.

Beijing Badachu Park

Overview of Badachu Park
From the name of this park, you could get it means Badachu housing eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattering a large scale area. Located in the suburb area of Beijing, Badachu Park underwent changes. The most dazzling feature of this park is the eight former Buddhist temples and monasteries. Each of them housed certain features and appearance. From them, tourists always get information about history and culture. Once stepped into these temples, tourists will full the unique tranquility, sacred and fresh feeling.

Tasting Marvelous Inner Arrangements
As an attractive place to visit all year round, Badachu Park housed pleasant temperature showing cool in summer and warm in winter. Tourists come here roam from one temple to another. During the sightseeing, tourists could not only enjoy the marvelous sceneries, ancient trees and solemn tastes but also cultivate sentiment and mood. The most attractive part is that some of the trees here have reached over 6 centuries. Although they have undergone numerous painstaking, their roots and branches are still strong with good shape. The most colorful season is the autumn when the leaves turned red, group of tourist will flood here to climb the mountains. Another interesting challenge is that tourists could take the cable car to the top of the hill having a bird view. Marvelous layout of the whole park will pour into your vision.

Treasure Attractions in Badachu Park
In this charming park, there are three sites deserved special visit including the Lingguang Temple, Dabei Temple and the Xiangjie Temple. The Lingguang Temple is very famous for the stupa which represented majestically. Here, there is the golden fish pond where tourists could appreciate the colorful fishes swimming freely. The Dabei Temple is famous for the lifelike eighteen arhats. Xiangjie Temple is famous for typical pure atmosphere.

If you want to feel the mysterious tranquility and typical Buddhist culture, Badachu Park will be an ideal choice.

Feel Modern Tastes in Beijing Olympic Park

As a prosperous capital city, Beijing housed numerous time-honored buildings and deep culture to show its profound history. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more modern buildings are stood up. And the most representative will be the Olympic Park.

Buildings Ideas of National Stadium
In order to greet the important event of 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing contributed much in the project. From the appearance, inner structure, materials to the builders and designers, all experienced delicate building. Their appearance housed certain theme to encourage the athlete. Being divided into two stadiums, Bird's Nest and Water Cube, both of them stored typical function and ideas. Besides the stadium, the surroundings are also deserved enjoy and entertaining. Olympic Park and some plazas all lured the tourists praised for the new modern atmosphere.

Delicate Bird's Nest
Bird's Nest

Located in the Olympic Green Village, Bird's Nest was regarded as the main stadium during the 2008 Olympic Games. The Olympic events of track and field, football finals and the opening and closing ceremonies are all held here. The design of this stadium is made into a bird nest appearance which represented hope and dream to encourage the athlete to do their best. With a large scale area about 258,000 square meters, the stadium houses 80,000 fixed seats and 11,000 temporary seats. The inner structure also deserved to praise. The rows of the stands distribute scientifically. Sitting inside, no matter where you are, the whole game could be seen clearly. After finishing the Olympic Games, here becomes one of the popular modern tourist attractions among both domestic and foreign visitors. Some popular music concerts are always held here.

Dazzling Water Cube
Water Cube

In the opposite of Bird's Nest, it is just the dazzling Water Cube. Standing outside, you will feel it like a group of blue water flowing and dancing. It contained the official 2008 Olympic Swimming facility. With the coverage area of 62,960 square meters, this stadium is designed into four floors. Designed by Chinese and Australian, Water Cube is the first building in the world built upon the soap theory and spots a polyhedral steel-framed structure. Now, it has become a popular pace for water entertaining. There are many paradise places have been opened up. Especially during summer holiday, this water cube will full of tourists for entertaining and playing. Forget to say, the most charming view here is in the evening with all blue color.

Representing the developed metropolis city, they are truly a wonderful modern art!

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