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Explore Top Ranch in Beijing

Aside from the history, culture and museums, Beijing also has a beautiful patch of grassland to offer its visitors. You can easily spend a weekend here to relax or kick back or spend some quality time with kids.

Ranch in Beijing

Overview of the Grassland
Blue Sky Grassland is located in Huairou District, 7km north of Huai Feng Road, south of Hongluo Temple, north of Yanqi Lake. It is the center of Huairou numerous scenic areas, home to the mountains and rivers, forest, grassland, farmland and orchard, offering catering, accommodation, training, tourism, leisure entertainment. The Blue Sky Grassland takes you to enjoy vegetation, fresh air, runway horse ride, CS simulated battlefield, kart, off-road motorcycle, sightseeing area, orchard and colorful holiday resort. Entertainment area and horse racing field cover an area of over a hundred acres. The dash on a horseback will enable you to display the knight demeanor and driving off-road fun. In addition, the colorful entertainments will bring more fun to your vacation.

Tourist scenic areas: Agricultural Science sightseeing area and Fulongshan sightseeing area. Wangye Ranch stretches as far as eye can see, so you can enjoy the beautiful and grand prairie. Popular agricultural sightseeing area is home to a variety of crops, which can carry out the agricultural science education for middle and primary school students, but also allow visitors to pick their own, experience the joy of harvest, offering a variety of apple, pear, peanut, sweet potato.

What to Explore
With a visit to the grassland, it is not all about sightseeing, you can also get the opportunity to enjoy other fun things here. Climbing up Fulongshan Scenic Mountain, cruise along Yanqi Lake, explore the beautiful city of Huairou, through the vast North China Plain to get a panoramic view - all will blow your mind. Colorful holiday resort is located at the convergence of two rivers, which can accommodate 120 people. Gaze a starry night on the soft grass, enjoy bonfires, barbecue, playing games, drink wine, accompanied by the song or music and dance in a happy mood. Also go to the firecracker field setting off fireworks to enjoy the fun. The Blue Sky Ranch boasts superior natural conditions, activities rich in content. You can view a landscape peach garden, Yanqi River, Wangye Ranch, Jingmi diversion engineering and so on. The Blue Sky Ranch restaurant also prepares for you a variety of delicious farm dishes and excellent Roasted Whole Lamb, rainbow trout and other mountain dishes.

Overall, Blue Sky Grassland is well worth a visit while traveling in Beijing!

Shopping in Beijing Hongqiao Market

Besides visit top tourist destinations in Beijing, shopping is another enjoyment for the tourists. As a large scale metropolis city, Beijing stored a variety of dazzling commodities, local products, craftworks and other attractive things. Among them, the most famous and popular will be the sparkling pearls. Today, I will lead you walk into the pearl market - Beijing Hongqiao Market.

Incomparable Influence of Hongqiao Market
Beijing Hongqiao Market

Just located opposite Temple of Heaven, Hongqiao Market has become a must-explore place among tourists from home and abroad. As a famous market dealing with pearls around the world, this market has gained a high fame in the world. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists come to purchase the pearls. Even the famous former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been to this market and she was deeply impressed by the beautiful pearls, different colors and sizes. With economy developing faster and faster, more and more commodities were poured into this market adding some modern and grace atmosphere.

Delicate Inner Arrangement
For special visit in Beijing Hongqiap Market, you must be satisfied by the inner arrangement. Covering a large scale area and divided into different parts, each part could leave you different impression with different decorations and functions. From the underground first floor to the third floor offered various seafood products which play a very important role since the market established. Covering from the common fish, shrimp to the sea pumpkin and abalone, each of them will stop you for the freshness. On the first floor, there are various internationally famous digital products. These products make this market equal standing with Zhongguancun. What the most attractive will be various watches which certainly dazzle your eyes.

Dazzling Pearl
Beijing Hongqiao Market

The main theme products - pearls are just located on the third floor to the fifth floor. As the largest distribution center in China, the pearl floors are just the center of this market. There are many varieties of pearls located in this market with different colors, sizes or smoothness. The pearls ranging from the seawater pearl, freshwater peals and the gem, etc, each of them could attract a large number of tourists for appreciating. For most of the female, they always easily attracted by the fashionable pearl necklace.

If you are considering pearl shopping, just come to Hongqiao Market where you could roam in the pearl ocean!

Sincere Visit to Confucius Temple

It is amazing to have a visit of Beijing traditional buildings to get better Beijing history and deep traditional cultural connotation. For the tourists who are very interested in Beijing traditional education, Confucius Temple will be the ideal place. There, tourists could not only get the better understanding about Chinese traditional education celebrity but also Chinese education history and traditional building architecture.

Beijing Confucius Temple

Solemn Layout of Confucius Temple
Just located on Guozijian Street, Confucius Temple was built for the person to pay homage to the great educationalist - Confucius. Being adjacent to the famous Imperial Academy, the temple receives loads of tourists every day. First built in the year of 1302, this temple underwent numerous changing and expanding. Covering a large scale area of 22,000 square meters, it is ranking the second largest temple built for Confucius. Walking into this temple, unique tranquility and deep history tastes will pour into your mind. First impressed your vision will be the sculpture of Confucius from which you could feel deep Chinese education atmosphere. Especially during the ceremony, having a sincere pray will be the most meaningful action.

Roaming in Delicate Inner Structure
Housed four courtyards, Confucius Temple looked more elegant and solemn. The main structures established inside are Xianshi Gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall and the Chongshengci. As the main building in this temple, Dacheng Hall is always holding the memorial ceremony for Confucius. Walking into this hall, tourists can see 198 stone tablets positioned on either side of the front courtyard. Besides, there are about 14 stone stele pavilions of Ming and Qing dynasties holding the precious historical information of ancient China. One important point deserving attention is the Chujian Bai which has been 700 years history. About the name, it is related to ancient legend. It is said that the tree could understand who is the good person or the evil. When the people coming here for paying, it could give certain hint. Roaming in this temple, you also could find remarkable pictures like two flying vigorous dragons. It is said this kind of scene only could be used in the imperial palace because the dragon stands for emperor in ancient China.

Confucius Temple is another meaningful temple for commemorating traditional education field. It will supersize Chinese education for a big step in the future!

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