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Tasting Beijing Life in Teahouse

Housing so many treasures to show off, Beijing has been regarded as a large scale stage where the tourists could research whatever they want. However, in order to enrich tourists' experience, many teahouses opened to greet all the Beijing-life fans. To be inner heart, tasting Beijing life is truly an amusing enjoyment.

Dazzling Layout of Beijing Teahouses
Beijing Teahouse

Covering not a large scale area but decorated with traditional building style, Beijing Teahouses conveyed typical culture and tastes to the tourists sitting there. Some of them offer you tranquil environment to lead you release your boring. Some of them are full of multi-culture to lead you soak in the old Beijing life. In the modern days, Beijing Teahouses have become a very important place for the businessmen, young couples and the tourists. Once the dusk falls, these teahouses would full of drinkers. Sipping a cup of tea, appreciating the busy Beijing bustle life, enjoying cozy environment, it will be extremely great enjoyment.

Delicate Teahouses in Beijing
Laoshe Teahouse

When relating the most popular teahouse, it will be the Lao She Teahouse which has underwent a long time serving genuine Chinese tea. Decorated with old Beijing building style, Laoshe Tea house always reflected the old Beijing appearance to tourists. Sitting here, apart from tasting Beijing life, people could also taste Beijing flavor dishes. Most attractive is the performance arranged inside. The people who could taste life must enjoy the performance here. Another Teahouse will be the Minghui Teahouse. Located in the Temple of Great Awakening, this teahouse not only offered all kinds of tea but also various vegetarian foods. After taking leisurely walking in the temple, enjoying your favorite tea here, your mind and body would be purified quickly! If you want to mix into the ancient times, the Three Kingdom Teahouse is an ideal choice. Being newly opened in the year of 2010, this teahouse is decorated with the ancient building style of Three Kingdoms Period. Customers coming here could enjoy classical and quiet environment. Each single decoration reflected profound culture and stories of the Three Kingdoms period. You could not only enjoy the aroma of the tea but also play games with your friends. Most interesting is the free WIFI. Designed with many rooms, it could offer you enough private time and space to accompany your friends.

Beijing Teahouse is terrific and fantastic where you could sip the historical culture leisurely!

Listening to Heartbeat of Old Beijing

Nowadays, it is kind of hard to find some traces of old Beijing as numerous old remains are giving way to high-rises and office buildings. So it is really worthwhile to capture the remaining glory of some old neighborhood in Beijing. Gulou Dajie is highly recommended.

Long-last History of Gulou Dajie
Gulou Dajie

Hailed as the heart of the old Beijing, Goulou Dajie still beats vigorously in the bustle and hustle of the metropolis in its own way. The neighborhood stands right next to the bustling Houhai and Drum Tower and Bell Tower, surrounded by traditional courtyards centering around the Drum Tower. Once the old street of Yuan Dynasty, Gulou Dajie boasts as the oldest Hutong neighborhood in Beijing, which has witnessed a series of street widening project. The street is lined with several very stylish bars and restaurants. Around the centuries-old Drum and Bell towers, there are a large number of hidden courtyard homes, fruit shops, kebab stands and trendy cafes and bars. The old street has long been hailed as a window into the glorious past of old Beijing. With a long-last history and wide-spread reputation in Beijing, Gulou Dajie is well worth a visit! With a leisurely wander down the street, you will get a sense of the old Beijing.

Features of the old Gulou Dajie
Gulou Dajie

Wandering along the street, you will see many old locals in red armbands volunteering to monitor the neighborhood; a couple of men having lunch while drinking Baijiu (white liquor) and a woman touting for selling souvenirs. This narrow alleyways filled Gulou stretches a wide 12.94 hectares in the middle of the metropolis of China, hailed as one of the oldest neighborhoods, offering a glimpse into the glorious past of old Beijing. Though poorly facilitated, as many of the courtyard homes are not adequately plumbed and heated, Gulou Dajie struggles with the threat of the urgent demands of the modern development. With the historical value of this neighborhood, Gulou Dajie has been regarded as Beijing Time Cultural City. As the heart of Old Beijing, Gulou Dajie survives in the process of rapid development of the city. But for how long? Over the recent years, many Hutongs have been torn down by the wrecking ball for renovation. There goes a famous saying - Beijing can be transformed into New York in five decades, but it would take New York 5,000 years to become a city like Beijing.

Anyway, you really should put Gulou on your bucket list while traveling the world!

Roaming in Beijing Panjiayuan Flea Market

Housed so many treasures, Beijing plays a very important role in the tourism, cuisine and art, etc. If you are a regular Beijing visitor, leisurely roaming in the art world will be another kind of enjoyment. As the landmark of Beijing markets, Panjiayuan Flea Market will rank the first.

Panjiayuan Flea Market

Spectacular of Panjiayuan Flea Market
Located in the south corner of Beijing, with the coverage area of about 48,500 square meters, Panjiayuan Flea Market is regarded as the largest, most complete, cheapest and most popular market mainly selling the second-hand goods and curios in China. Wandering this street, you would be impressed by various types of goods. It is just like a large scale museum you could see what you want. It is truly a spirit enjoyment for buying and appreciating antiques, crafts, collectibles and decorations. It not only housed calligraphy, Chinese painting, brushes, ivory carving but also traditional Chinese musical instruments, porcelain and ancient furniture. Most attractive you could find many peddlers from ethnic minorities selling their national handicrafts. So, for this fairy land, it has been regarded as one of the must-explore place in the tourists from home and abroad.

Delicate Treasures Displayed in Panjiayuan Flea Market
When relating the porcelains and the craftworks, tourists would run to this market for appreciation. As the most typical of Chinese craftworks, Porcelain shows eastern cultural features. For the foreign tourists, Porcelain wares are receiving highly prized for the typical design and special styles. In addition to this, the jewels and jades also draw large crowds. Here, you would find there are many shops selling jewels and jades with different kinds and characters. No matter which kind, your vision would be attracted for a long time. Last, what make you unexpected will be the carved furniture here. Carved with lifelike butterflies, flowers and animals, etc, each kind of furniture could arouse your interests to take them home.

Tips for Shopping in Panjiayuan
Before coming to this market, if you are the professional customer, taking magnifying glasses would be a must. So that, you could have a careful look at their authenticity and at last the bargaining is a must. According to your need and the products, say out your price!

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