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Spelunking in Beijing

Nothing beats a spelunking experience while visiting Beijing during summer days! Get a little bit off the beaten path and go underground – it is the best way to escape from the city noises and crowds. Here is one of the most sought-after caves in Beijing!

Overview of Tianhua Cavern
Tianhua Cavern

With a total length of 2000 meters, Tinahua Cavern is permeated by a stream, the stream flowing all the year round, the water is very clear. The area is dominated by semi humid continental monsoon climate, the average summer temperature is 22 ℃, hailed as top summer resort in Beijing. The area features more than 96% of vegetation. The mountain peach, wild chrysanthemum, Rhododendron simsii and dozens of other wild flowers can be found all over the area. The area also is home to a wide variety of fruits, like walnut, chestnut, jujube, haw fruit trees – every year more than 1000 visitors come here for autumn fruit picking. The mountain hare, pheasant, the squirrels, badgers, roe deer, Fox and so on also call this area home. Mountain spring water flows continuously, which meets the national drinking water standards. With the rocks inlaid in the 3 meter high stone wall, the cavern covers a total area of 2000 square meters. In the cavern covering more than 30 meters, on the right side there is one hole, about 7 meters high, 1 meters wide, and 20 meters deep, there are many stone buildings, some like columns, some like turtles, some like snail, some like various appliances.

What to Explore in the Cavern
Tianhua Cavern

Along the cavern, it is more complex with path leads to many parts of the underground world. Chalcedonic drip condensation played a key role in forming the odd shapes sights. Go on for about 20 meters, the darker light, but more odd stone shapes. Listed in the straight or curved or inclined, some like monkeys stealing peach, some groups such as the boy climbing, as some old men ploughing, and some like the old monk meditation or playing Boy Scout. Some, like some sheep run, like some dogs lie, as some suddenly and swiftly, and some such as lion head of deer...... Extraordinary sights all over the cavern as if done by the spirits, true to life likeness and dizzying. With another step, the light is dark, while talking to each other cannot be identified.

Overall, Tianhua cavern is well worth exploring while visiting Beijing!

Leisurely Relaxed in Beihai Park

Summer is around the corner, now more and more tourists want to appreciate charming lake scenery. Today, I would lead you to enjoy your leisurely relaxed in the famous Beihai Park.

Beihai Park

Highest Prestige of Beihai Park
Situated in the advanced location with the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park adjacent, Beihai Park has become the representative of Beijing. Among all the tourists, it has become a must enjoy place, especially for the foreigners. Located in the center of Beijing City, Beihi Park is regarded as one of the oldest, largest and best preserved ancient imperial gardens. With profound history and deep traditional Chinese cultures, Beihai Park is not only a classic combination of the grandiosity of the northern gardens and the refinement of the southern gardens in China, but also a perfect integration of magnificent imperial places and solemn religious constructions. With a large scale of water area, it is an ideal place for appreciating the modern Beijing appearance and the recalling Chinese past years.

Representative Building - White Dagoba
Wandering in Beijing city center, what appeared in your eyes are not only the elegant Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the Tibetan-style White Dagoba will be a terrific building marked in your eyes. Located on the top of the Jade Flowery Islet, the White Dagoba was built according to the famous Tibetan Lama. The emperor Shunzhi ordered to build this pagoda to show his belief in Buddhism and desire for the unification among various Chinese ethnic groups. Because of the earthquake, this White Dagoba was rebuilt for two times. Waking inside, you would be impressed by the Buddhist Scriptures. Because of its highest point, it offered as a vantage point with a beautiful view of the whole scenic spot.

Enjoying Other Scenic Spots
Apart from this white building, other scenic spots would enough make you have a terrific enjoyment. Charming Hao Pu Creek Garden enjoyed a high fame as one of the best gardens-within-gardens of the existing imperial gardens in China. Located in the northwest, the most famous Nine-dragon Screen also enjoyed a high fame. Sitting on the Five-dragon Pavilions, deep traditional culture would impress you deeply. Besides these places of interest, there are plenty of exhibitions to see.

Seize the opportunity to enjoy and an ancient but modern park is waiting for you!

Deep Breath in Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

Are you interested in Chinese ethnic culture? Are you interested in Chinese ethnic groups? Do you want to have a fully relaxed? Things to do in Beijing housed a lot of terrific enjoyment. However, the most meaningful thing will search the Chinese ethnic culture without going far away. Chinese Ethnic Culture Park is just the right place.

Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

Amazing Layout of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
As we all know, China housed about 56 ethnic groups and each of them has unique life style, dressing style, language and typical local culture. Their colorful custom and living styles contributed Chinese vibrant culture. Located near Beichen Road, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park is established for spreading ethnic culture, singing and dancing performances, traditional housing and art, as well as their traditional art and craft. At the same time, tourists could get a chance to experience ethnic flavored cooking and some other interesting things. Now, this park has been regarded as a culture lesson where different ethnic groups could study more culture and history about other ethnic groups.

Prosperous Modern Appearance
Nowadays, coming to this park, you would find this park has already finished the exhibition of over 40 ethnic groups. In order to reflect their authentic living conditions, this park displayed a large number of ethnic cultural relics and articles from their daily use. For instance, the Han people which is the largest ethnic group in all over the world, showed a cave-house with three courtyards. This typical Han house is found in the Qing Dynasty. There are also some other ethnic houses exhibited here. For the tourists who are very interested in Tibetan performance and dancing, here will be an ideal place.

Attractive Spots in Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
Apart from the ethnic traditional relics, the attractive scenic spots here would also enough lead you a perfect holiday. Lingering in this park, the big banyan tree will impress you. It represented 56 ethnic groups banding together. Another interesting attraction will be the Ethnic Bridge connecting the north and south park. It adopted the architectural styles of Bai, Dong and Zang people. If you are lucky, you may meet the ethnic festivals held here, very interesting!

Chinese Ethnic Culture Park will surprise you with typical culture!

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