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Hang out in Coolest Pubs in Beijing

As an international metropolis, Beijing has endless delights to explore. Personally, for those party animals or pub goers, Beijing is best enjoyed at night when it looks and tastes at it s best! Here are some of the best Beijing has to offer!

Free Bird Bar
Beijing Nightlife

Free Bird Bar is located in the middle of the Lidu Garden. Located in the spacious garden, the lovely bar is all about fun. Winding paths lead the guests into the warm room, through the glass porch is the bar, clean and tidy. In the light of the mapping under the bright light, as if it is a kind of silent temptation. The overall feeling of the bar is a European style, more open space, can accommodate about 150 people. Here houses European low back train seats, with small tables and chairs. The open space is a simple rustic style construction, bursting out with leisure and casual atmosphere. The bar uses comprehensive performing arts as the theme, the stage, sound, lighting equipment are very professional, live art every night for the guests offering performances for two hours, including song and dance performances. In addition to a variety of tastes of wine and beer, the bar also provides salad, Italian agave fried salmon and French Western-style food, and the price is very reasonable.

Beijing Nightlife

Kai Club is a music themed club and its owner named the club with intention to make it simple, fun and open. Kai Club is located in the most expensive street, but the price is very reasonable and affordable, the cheapest drinks only cost 10 yuan. Moreover, the pizza and simple Western-style food is also very delicious, not expensive. In addition, the boss also promised, on weekdays or at party, the club does not sell tickets, so everyone is free to come here for fun. The club is divided into two floors, the layout is long and narrow, can accommodate about one hundred and twenty people. The counter table and DJ station are located at the opposite ends, and the middle area is reserved for dance floor. Because a lot of people dance on the dance floor, so there are little seats arranged. Second floor houses a lot of comfortable sofas, but because of open space, it does not affect the sound effect of music, you can listen to music while relax.

Overall, you will have fun while hopping between the lovely pubs in Beijing!

Walking into Mysterious Imperial Tomb Groups

Most of tourists during the holidays would be willing to research the mysteries of imperial families, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven, etc. Among these imperial buildings, the Ming Tombs attracted large crowds. Every year, there will be millions of tourists come to this tomb area to appreciate the profound history and palatial architecture.

Overview of Ming Tombs
Ming Tombs

Located northwest of Beijing city, Ming Tombs is built at the foot of Tianshou Mountain. There are 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty buried inside, so it is also called Thirteen Tombs. With the coverage area of 120 square kilometers, Ming Tomb group is the best preserved tomb area with most emperors buried. The arrangements, building architecture and the background all housed deep influence. Walking into this scenic area, you would find each tomb site stored its own features and independent unit. The layout and arrangement of each tomb unit are very similar. What the different is that they varied from the size and the inner structures. Someone said the scenic area is just like a history book storing too much knowledge and history. Someone said that it is just like a mystery waiting for researching and exploring.

Wandering in Sacred Road
Ming Tombs

For the tourists coming here, the Scared Road has become a must-visit place for them. In the traditional meaning, the Sacred Road stored a deep meaning that a road leading to heaven. In the ancient times, the emperors are regarded as the son of the heaven. So, when they came from Heaven, they would pass through this road. Certainly, after they died, they would return to Heaven through this road. Most attractive is that this road is lined with stone status. These statues are important decorations of the whole tomb area. What you appreciated will be 12 human figures and 24 animals including lion, camel, elephant and dragons, etc. Each of them represented different features and characters. They were established like this to protect the imperial emperors. Walking along this road, what impress you will be unique solemn and deep memory. Sets of tomb sections will carve different memories and appearance to your holiday. Ranging from different shapes and unique architectures, each of them would give you a shock!

Yes, Ming Tombs is truly a wonder deserved your reading and visiting.

Purity Mind in Beijing Churches

For every one, apart from exploring the scenic spots and cultivate sentiment and mood, exploring some holy lands also offer an ideal chance to inspire. If you are a regular Beijing visitor, if you want to have a tranquil relaxed, if you want to have a completely purity for your mind and body, Beijing churches could satisfy your desire. Now, let us walk closer to them!

Dazzling South Church
South Church

Coming to Beijing, what appeared in the mind will be the Beijing Great Wall, Forbidden City and many other imperial buildings. However in this metropolis city, it housed many dazzling churches. The most famous one will be the South Church – Xuanwumen Catholic Church. Located at the Xuanwumen Avenue, this church faced to the north. It is also called Cathedral Immaculate Conception, because behind the pulpit, there is a huge painting of the Immaculate Conception hanging on the wall. For Beijing dioceses and Patriotic Catholic Association, it is the main seat. If you are very interested in this church, you could choose the weekdays. The opening time is between 6:00am to 9:00am. Seating in the quiet environment, listening to the purity words, your mind and body all could get a fully relaxed.

Typical East Church - Wangfujing Catholic Church
Wangfujing Catholic Church

When relating to the most conspicuous cathedral in Beijing, it will endow to the Eastern Church. Located in the prosperous Wangfujing Street and facing to the west, it sent out typical tastes and conduct different influence. It is originally named after Joseph. Walking into this mysterious land, you will find there are many precious religious paintings drawn by Giuseppe Castiglione are best preserved. After several restorations in recent years, it has become a cultural site with unique features in Wangfujing Area. Most interesting is that this church open every morning. Because located in the prosperous Wangfujing Street, it will send out some modern and fashionable tastes.

Other Churches
Apart from these two large churches, there are many other churches to be visited, Zhuishikou Church, Dongjiaominxiang Church, Kuanjie Church and the North Church - Xishiku Church, etc. Each church stored their unique features and tastes. There are some village churches where you could find the village features and the holy atmosphere in the church.

I believe no matter whichever you choose, it would satisfy your desire seeking the tranquility and purity!

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