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Enjoy Best Spa Treatment in Beijing

There are a lot of fun things to do in Beijing. And it is inevitable that your day trips in Beijing will involve a lot of walking and hiking. So the spa treatment is a great way to relax and recharge your body. At the mention of Beijing Spa, I Spa Center is second to none and is a great place to relax.

I Spa Center

Brief Introduction to I Spa Center
Different from other Beijing Spa centers, I Spa is a genuine Thailand style Spa center. It offers a series of Thailand spa services to the tourists. It has been highly recommended by many institutions, newspapers and Medias in Beijing. It not only can you experience the genuine Thailand customs but also enjoy a series of Thailand style spa programs. I Spa staff have all gone through a series of professional aromatherapy trainings and are dedicated to offer a variety of aromatherapy services. They will make a series of individual essential oil formulas and offer the most effective spa programs for the tourists. These ensure the tourists an incredible and pleasant Beijing Spa experience.

Highlight of I Spa Center
The design of I Spa has been paid a lot of attention and gives an artistic feel. The decorations and furnishings are all exquisitely selected and even the product packaging comes from natural materials. These all combine to create a genuine Thailand atmosphere. The products in I Spa all come from high-end brands, like Sothys from France, Jurlique from Australia and Comfort Zone from Mediterranean Sea. These products ensure that you will enjoy a Beijing Spa to its fullest. All the programs are fully in line with medicine and health-care and provide the tourists with bodily relaxation and ease. Moreover, Phuket Package makes you experience the genuine Thailand styles and customs. This type of Beijing Spa is both exotic and beneficial for the tourists. Furthermore, I Spa offers a gentleman package for those businessmen as well as pays lots of attention to the culture-building. In this center, culture penetrates everywhere, from the design of the room to the spa programs and brand-building.

Overall, the spa center is worth adding to your travel list while in Beijing!

Taste of Chinese Ethnic Culture

As well known, China is a large country housing 56 nationalities with different cultures and lifestyles as well as different languages. After visiting the world famous attractions of Beijing, one place should be added in your tour - Chinese Ethnic Culture Park.

Chinese Ethinc Culture Park

Layout of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
China's vibrant culture is composed by various ethnic groups, different customs and different kinds of living styles. Located in Beijing, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park has a large ethnic culture base combining an introduction to culture, singing and dancing performances, traditional housing and art and craft. At the same time, this park provides the opportunity to experience ethnic flavored cooking of 56 ethnic groups. Just roaming in one park, you can taste 56 ethnic cultures without going far journey. It is really a kind of enjoyment in the vision.

Inner Delicate Design
Once stepped into this park, you will be impressed by the delicate buildings of each ethnic group. More than 40 ethnic groups can stop your feet and attract your vision. In addition, a large number of ethnic culture relics and articles from daily use are exhibited in order to reflect authentic living conditions of each ethnic group. Just like the building of Han people. Han ethnic group is the largest ethnic group at home and abroad. The building of Han people is a cave-house composed of three courtyards. Roaming in these different-style houses, you not only can widen vision but also get deep understanding about these different style buildings and their cultures.

Attractive Scenic Spots
Last treasure of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park will endow to the attractive scenic spots inside. First, the big Banyan Tree must attract tourists' vision. In fact, this tree represents 56 ethnic groups banding together. Ethnic Bridge connecting the north and South Park adopted architectural styles of Bai, Dong and Tibetan. The charming waterfall impresses the tourists with typical design. Hundreds of young men from a range of ethnic groups gather together and proudly be the guide to introduce their own culture. This park also holds ethnic group festivals to invite tourists to join in. With the plants reaching the utmost blossoming, tourists wandered in this park can get a fully relaxed in mind and body.

Strolling in this park, it is easy to feel the strong flavor of Chinese ethnic groups.

Traces Past Glory of Beijing in Hutong

If you are planning a trip to Beijing, then you really should go on a Beijing Hutong tour. On this tour, not only can you get to know a little about Beijing culture but also enjoy an intoxicating journey. Nowadays, Beijing Hutong has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors to Beijing.

Beijing Hutong

What to Explore in Hutong
On this Beijing Hutong tour, you will get a chance to walk into the very heart of Beijing city and listen to its silent beatings. Every Hutong seems to have loads of stories to tell. Walking among those winding Hutongs is no less than passing a labyrinth. Whenever you feel like you have found your way out, actually you just stepped into another one. Trust me this will bring you loads of fun during your Beijing Hutong tour. Nowadays, these Hutongs still serve as an important part of transport system. At the mention of Hutong, Sihe Courtyard is not to be ignored. During your Beijing Hutong tour, you can pay a visit to some of the Sihe Courtyards and talk to the local fellows and get to know a bit about their daily lives. Sihe Courtyard is filled with a rich collection of cultures and customs. Hutong and Sihe Courtyard are no less than a window to the cultures and histories of Beijing city. Also you can go on a tour to the famous Mansion of Prince Gong and get a glimpse of it during your Hutong tour around Houhai.

Other Highlights not-to-miss in Hutong
During Beijing Hutong tour, you can also pay a visit to the famous Hou Hai Bar Street and enjoy its unique flavors and vibes. Also you will come across a famous bridge, Yindian Bridge. Nowadays, some of the Hutongs are pulsing with new blood while a group of skyscrapers are erected from the ground. Furthermore, a great many snack food are also available for you. Some of them are kind of hidden among Hutongs and can be found only here. The snack food is no less than the highlight of your tour in Beijing. In addition, if you are lucky, you may come across a few cultural activities organized by local people in Hutong.

In a word, you can find a lot of fun things to do while exploring Beijing Hutong.

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