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Enjoy Best Day-trip plus Night Show in Beijing

Beijing is a really fun place to explore and there are diverse options for travel in Beijing. Aside sightseeing, Beijing is also a great place for gourmet food, history, shopping and more. For those who want to make the most out of first-time trip to Beijing, here is an option for your reference.

Explore outside Beijing on a Day-trip
Graet Wall Day Tour

If you have made up your mind paying a visit to outside Beijing, then have your guide pick you up from your hotel and take you on a Beijing day trip to Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall first. During this day trip in Beijing, you will get a glimpse of the largest old tomb group in China, the Ming Tombs. Ming Tombs houses a large group of Chinese emperors and enjoys a high prestige in the world. While touring around Ming Tombs, you will also come across a large number of splendid ancient structures. After Ming Tombs tour, move on to see the world renowned Badaling Great Wall. Nowadays, Badaling Great Wall has become one of the most popular destinations among the tourists in Beijing. During this trip, you can climb up the Great Wall and enjoy a breathtaking view while standing on it. The trek on the wall is part of the fun while exploring the Great Wall of China. It will be fun and full of blood-pumping experiences.

Enjoy Marvelous Kung Fu Show
Kung Fu Show

When the day trip comes to an end, have tour guide take you to see Chinese Kung Fu show. During this show, you will see a large number of Chinese Kung Fu performances performed by those monks from Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple has long been deemed as the home of Chinese Kung Fu. In the eyes of the monks, to practice martial arts is nothing like performing for the audience. Off the stage they got to practice the martial arts a thousand times to perform once for the audience. For them, Chinese Kung Fu is not all about martial arts. Martial arts are nothing but some external bodily motions whereas Chinese Kung Fu lays particular stress on cultivating the mind and heart. There exist various contents and techniques as far as Chinese Kung Fu is concerned, including fist techniques, sword techniques, stick techniques and spear techniques and so on.

Overall, you will have a fabulous time with this day-trip!

Walk into Beijing Teahouses for Nightlife

When talking about Beijing nightlife, what appeared first among the tourists will be drinking, shopping and eating. Beijing is a large and commercial city housing multi-essences of life. Nowadays, under the pressure of the daily life, most of people choose to go to teahouse at night for leisure.

Laoshe Teahouse

Layout of Teahouses
China is a country with deep culture relating to tea. Chinese tea has got a high reputation in the world. Until now, there are over 170 teahouses in Beijing including traditional teahouses, modern teahouses and special teahouses. For the tourists who are very interested in the deep culture, the traditional teahouse is better choice. For the local people in Beijing, these traditional teahouses are not only the great places to taste tea but also for enjoying traditional performance - Peking Opera Show. Once entry into the teahouses, you will be influenced by a kind of traditional atmosphere deeply. Tranquil environment, delicate designing and graceful atmosphere, it is extremely fabulous to chat and communicate with intimates.

Laoshe Teahouse
Among these teahouses in Beijing, the most famous one is Laoshe Teahouse. Relating to its history, it also can be traced back to the 1988. About the name, it is named after a famous writer - Laoshe. Since establishment, it received high fame in Beijing. Decorated with and elegant and unspoiled style, it can take the customers back to the old Beijing of the 1930s. Every day, this teahouse not only offers the flavor tea but also colorful performances, Peking Opera Show, Acrobatic Show and Kunfu Performance. In addition, Tea Ceremony is also held here with delicious and sweet Beijing desserts.

Tips to Visit Laoshe Teahouse
The comprehensive performances offered by the Teahouse include Folk Music Play, Beijing Opera, Danxian, Hand Shadow Play, Folk Dance and Chinese Martial Art, etc. The Teahouse will be popular and crowded with customers every night. If you want to have a visit, you can have a reservation in advance. For the night performances, you should arrive at Laoshe Teahouse before 19:35 or the reservation will be cancelled.

Just enjoy a terrific nightlife, tranquil environment, tasting the traditional culture. Besides Laoshe Teahouse, you also can choose the modern teahouses to appreciate. Just relax you in Beijing!

Watch an Acrobatic Show in Beijing

There are plenty of fun things to see, do and experience while in Beijing. Watching an acrobatic show is no doubt one of the most enjoyable and intoxicating experiences for first time visitors to Beijing. Here is the best theater recommended to you to catch a fantastic acrobatic show.

Theaters to Enjoy Acrobatic Show
Beijing Tianqiao Theater

During day time, tourists can enjoy those places of interest. When night falls, watching Chinese acrobatic show would be an excellent choice for most of the tourists. And one of the most popular destinations is no other than Tianqiao Theater. Over the years, here has become a breeding place for Chinese acrobatic show. There used to be lots of celebrities who have paid their visit to this place. They all thought highly of the show performed in the theater. As the most famous city of acrobatics, Tianqiao enjoyed a high prestige among the people in Beijing for its rich collection of acrobatic performers and artists. There is a large amount of Chinese acrobatic shows in this theater. Some of these performances have been honored for many times in the world. Overall, the Tianqiao Theater is a must-visit place if you want to see best acrobatic show in Beijing.

Wansheng Theater has been equipped with lots of modern facilities and equipments. This ensures that all the audiences will enjoy a pleasant Chinese acrobatic show. Moreover, this theater has been exclusively launched a series of programs for the tourists. Many world renowned acrobatic performing groups will be performing for the tourists as well. And Beijing Acrobatic Troupe is one of them. This theater is dedicated to provide the best for the audiences.

Feature of Acrobatic Show
Acrobatic Show

As an old traditional art form, Chinese acrobatic show features a wide variety of arts and cultures. To this day, a great many other art forms have been added into acrobatic performances. And more and more acrobatic performers are dedicated to create more and newer programs to perform for the tourists. Chinese acrobatic show has long played a key role in spreading Chinese cultures and in promoting Beijing tours. Behind all these incredible performances, those performers have put much of their heart blood and efforts into the acrobatic shows.

Overall, an acrobatic show is an essential Chinese experience while visiting Beijing!

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