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Leisure in Fragrant Hills Park

Autumn is becoming, more and more tourists started to plan for the leisurely autumn holiday. Having a special enjoy for the coming autumn season will be a terrific thing. Today, things to do in Beijing will take you to enjoy the typical charming sceneries in Beijing Fragrant Hills Park.

Fragrant Hills Park

Unbeatable Glorious History
Just located in the east of western hills, the Fragrant Hills Park is a very large garden with large scale and luxuriant hills. It not only boasts of the natural sceneries but also the cultural relics. For the building history of this park, it underwent painstaking years. First built in the Jin Dynasty, it was extended to a large scale area in the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Until, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, he ordered to the addition of many new hills, pavilions and gardens. That time, it got the name called Jingyi Garden. Unfortunately, after the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace were set on fire, loads of relics in this park were heavily damaged. Since the year of 1949, with long-time restoration and reconstruction, this park got a high fame as one of the ten most famous parks in Beijing.

Special Scenery in Fragrant Hills Park
For the brightest spot of this park, it will endow to the red leaves over the mountains. When the autumn comes, fiery red leaves blankets the entire mountain. Each year, there will be thousands of tourists coming for enjoying the special atmosphere. During the appreciation journey, the cable car will be an ideal choice. For the tourists, there are two routes for appreciating the red leaves. The first one is to go along the north rout. Here, tourists could see Spectacles Lake, Study of Reading Heart, Bright Temple, etc. Spectacles Lake is a charming lake divided half by a bridge. Study of Reading Heart was built in the Ming Dynasty. The other route leads to the south area of it. Main attractions along the route include Tranquility Green Lake, Shuangqing Villa and Fragrant Temple, etc. On the route, one place needs special attention - Shuangqing Villa. It is not only famous for the natural landscapes inside but also for its place in Chinese history. It was once the residence of Chairman Mao Zedong and an early sight for the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

If you are enjoying Beijing tour, added Fragrant Hills Park into your order!

Celebrate Christmas in Beijing

As the capital city of China and a time-honored historic city, Beijing is full of ancient sights, sprawling parks and museums. You can easily find a lot of things to do besides sightseeing. Here is a little info about Christmas in Beijing.

Christmas in Beijing

How the Christmas is celebrated in Beijing
According to estimates, not much of the 1.3 billion Chinese people is Christian, yet the Christmas is still widely celebrated in China, especially in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The real meaning of the Christmas may not strike any cord in the mind of the Chinese people, it is, however, becoming a phenomenally popular as a sort of commercial holiday. During Christmas, the major streets and the local barbershops in Beijing will be decorated with different color and stature of Christmas decoration and tree. Giant trees can be easily seen in shopping plazas and hotel and restaurant staff usually wears Santa hats to enhance the atmosphere. With a walk down the street, you will find yourself being surrounded by so much of the decorations of Christmas though there is not much religious beliefs associated. So, if you happen to be in Beijing during Christmas, you will be in for a big surprise. It is still a good time to celebrate a little Christmas and there are many fun things to do in Beijing.

What to do in Beijing during Christmas
While traveling to Beijing during Christmas, you can easily find a lot to do that will help you find a little piece of home. Either you go join a party or enjoy a dinner - it is all about fun and celebration in Beijing. From high-end hotel dinners to enjoy turkey, go to a Christmas themed concert, have a drink, it is easy to find a piece of Christmas in Beijing. As for dining experience in Beijing for Christmas, most of the international hotels serve Christmas Eve and Day buffets offering anything from turkey, roasts to hot rolls and veggie sides. It is best to make reservations in advance in Christmas. You can still get an authentic taste of their Christmas meals. If you want to sample Christmas snacks, there are cookies or peppermint drops on offer. You can head to any larger department store or supermarket to get some. In there you can easily find plenty of Christmas cookies and other traditional snacks imported from all over the world. In larger hotels a wide variety of traditional Christmas food is also available.

Overall, a Christmas in Beijing will be fun and a whole new experience for you!

Soak up Art in 798 Art Zone

Beijing has not only a wide variety of historic sites to offer but also countless art-concentrated areas scattered around. One of the must-visit and most popular destination for art lovers in Beijing is the 798 Art Zone. It is a great place to soak up art while visiting Beijing.

798 Art Zone

Why Called 798 Art Zone
Beijing 798 Art Zone was once famous as concentration area for military, covering a construction area of 230,000 square meters. Now it is home to a large number of cultural establishments such as galleries, design studios, art exhibition spaces, artists studios, fashion shops, restaurants etc. According to records, 798 Art Zone houses nearly 400 art-related venues like galleries, artists private studios, cultural companies like animated cartoon, television media, publishing, design and consultation. These organizations come from China, France, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Ever since then, 798 Art Zone has become a window into Chinese culture and art, and a famous cultural creative concentration area at home and abroad. This is the reason why it got its name in the first place.

What to Explore in 798 Art Zone
Beijing 798 Art Zone has a wide variety of art sights to offer, like art institutions and enterprises in fashion. With a visit to 798 Art Zone, you will get to see plenty of international art exhibitions, art activities and fashion shows. There are also many worldwide political leaders, movie stars and social celebrities who visited the art zone before. They include Prime Ministers from Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria, ex-prime minister from German (Schroeder), the president of European Union(Barroso), the Queen of Belgium, the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annans wife, French ex-president Chiracs wife, Norway Prime Ministers wife and Belgium Crown Prince. Moreover, you can also see countless international enterprises such as Sony, Motorola, West Wasted, Dior, Omega, BMW and Chinese Yahoo. Beijing 798 Art Zone is a great place to soak up art in Beijing as one of the first concentrations of cultural creative industry rated by Beijing Civic and Chaoyang District Government. A visit to the 798 Art Zone is all about art, culture and delightful sights as well as relaxation.

Overall, 798 Art Zone is a fun place to go while visiting Beijing!

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