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Tips for Relaxing while Visiting Beijing

While in Beijing, chances are you will go to visit the Great Wall where you can enjoy an incredible hike on the wall. However, it can be quite energy-consuming to walk the wall for hours, so to enjoy a hot spring spa or foot massage on the way back to Beijing from Great Wall is a great way to unwind and relax. Here are some tips for you to get a full relaxing experience while visiting Beijing.

Spa in Beijing

Tip 1: Top spa treatment destination to go in Beijing
Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring is a very nice hot spring spa resort, clean and beautiful furnishing inside, with meals offered there. Beijing Chunhui Garden Spa Resort, located in Korea Ying Zhen Shunyi District Zhuang, covers an area of 1800000 square meters, which is a comprehensive resort combining business, travel, meeting and leisure, entertainment, as well as dining. The resort is backed by the charming scenery of the Wenyu River, offering elegant environment, fresh air, and more from 2300 meters deep underground hot spring rich in minerals. The unique hot springs provide a comfortable spa treatment for the busy modern people. In the resort, you can enjoy the public hot spring pool or the flower petal bath, milk bath, vinegar bath, with luxurious and comfortable rooms carefully prepared for you. Enjoying spa by the hot springs pool, while listening to the music you will get a chance to unwind and relax as long as you like!

Tip 2: Learn more about Chinese spas
It is customary to arrive at the spa centers at least fifteen minutes early for your treatment in China, to give yourself time to check in and get into your robe. Aside from the spa, there are other special facilities available like steam or sauna or whirlpool baths. It is okay to undress completely for massage and body treatments, as your therapist will cover your body with robes before they start the treatments. Some spa centers offer wet treatments like body scrubs, while others do not. You can give instructions to your therapist to work more on your special troubled areas. Understand that you are getting therapeutic massage, which is not a sensual experience. It is best not to stand up right away after the spa treatment or you will feel dizzy.

Overall, a spa experience in Beijing is to die for, especially after a hike outside the city!