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Jingshan Park near Forbidden City

Beijing, the gather place of various beautiful things, has many famous parks. Among these parks, I will take you to visit the closest park to Forbidden City - Jingshan Park.

Pavilion in Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park sits at Jingshan West Street of Xicheng District, built in Liao & Jin Dynasties, so Jingshan Park has history almost 1,000 years. Jinshan Park is one of the longest and most complete imperial gardens, and once the important part of imperial palace. In 1928, Jingshan was built as park. Now, Jingshan Park has become the AAAA level scenic spot.

Located at center of Beijing, Jingshan Park covers an area of 230,000, and the relative height of Jingshan is 45.7 meters and the altitude is 94.2 meters, it is the highest point of Beijing city. Standing on Jingshan, you can overlook the whole city, including the resplendent and magnificent Forbidden City and modern new Beijing. Jingshan keeps the mountain of Liao Dynasty and wall and door of Jin Dynasty. The old group buildings were kept completely in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Jingshan Park is situated at north of Forbidden City, and on the middle point of axle wire. It is a beautiful imperial garden for Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in 800 years.

The middle peak of Jingshan is 44.6 meters, is the center of old Beijing city and the highest place in that time. The pavilion in middle peak is Wanchun Pavilion, is the square pavilion in three eaves. There are 5 pavilions on there, and they compose the pretty picture.

Flower Exhibition in Jingshan Park

In recent years, Jingshan Park has changed greatly. The flower exhibitions, including Peony Exhibition, Lotus Exhibition and Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition, attract home and abroad tourists every year with their beautiful colors, warm environment, full-bodied culture and bright characteristics.

Jingshan Park is also the gathering place for people who love singing. What they sing are Chinese national songs, revolutionary songs, foreign songs, Peking opera, popular songs, etc. Jingshan Choir Festival is held by the government of Xicheng District in Beijing, starts from 2004 and held once every year.

Jingshan Park is one of the best relaxing and tourist places in Beijing. The most situated tourist seasons are spring and autumn. That time, there are various flowers blossoming in park and fit for looking far into the distance.

Real Feature of Beijing - Old Hutong

What are the most characteristic and the feature of Beijing? That is the hutongs. It is the ordinary feature of Beijing, but it is also the representative of Beijing. Today, I will take you to enjoy the most famous hutong or old streets in Beijing.

Beijing Nanluoguxiang

Nanluoguxiang, one of the oldest street areas in Beijing, has the most well-preserved quadrangle courtyard, lists in the planning area. From north to south, Nanluoguxiang is 800 meters totally, and longer than Yandai Xiejie. There are 8 hutongs in east and west individually, and they are all symmetrical. Every hutong has the trace of history. Also, Nanluoguxiang is a famous bar street. The bars on this street are courtyard and single-storey house mainly. Every door is hung red lanterns, and their decorated style returns tradition and brief, and obey the atmosphere and style of quadrangle courtyard. Different with Houhai and Sanlitun, the bars in Nanluoguxiang are quiet mostly, show harmony and nature, and away from the noisy of city. Nanluoguxiang is always the hot point of magazine and news, and even the background of TV play.

Scenery along Yandaixiejie

Yandai Xiejie, located at northeast of Qianhai in Shi Cha Hai, is the oldest business in Beijing, and it is the business pedestrian has traditional cultural characteristic. Yandai Xiejie is 232 meters totally, and close to the one of the Eight sights of Yaning – Yingding Guanshan. It is named as Yandai Xiejie just because it is seemed like tobacco pipe from full view. The constructions in both sides of Yandai Xiejie are all elegant and simple, with strong style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. This style is the biggest highlight of this whole street. The resident form of shop in front and live in back shows the heavy town amorous feelings and full-bodied old Beijing characteristic. Seems like a time tunnel, when you walking in it, you will find the fashioned tourists seek various toys or accessories in different skins and languages. Suddenly, you catch the feeling that you do not know where you are and when it is. There are various courtyards sits in Yandai Xiejie. It is not only the business old street, but also the ancient cultural street.

You can find more similar streets and hutongs in Beijing. Would you like them? Just appreciate and enjoy them!

Secrets Hiding behind Summer Palace

Do you have any idea about these famous attractions of Beijing? Before, I have introduced some tourist direction to your. Now, I will continue this work and give some tips to your Beijing tour.

Today, we visit the imperial garden – Summer Palace. Maybe you have visited Summer Palace more than once, but the hided secrets among the constructions you will listen first time. From sky, the Kunming Lake turns to be a peach, Longevity Hill change to be a bat and even the Seventeen-Arch Bridge turns the neck of tortoise. This exquisite design exactly is the ancients to build or kind of coincidence.

Symbol Building in Summer Palace

It is said that the Emperor Qianlong loves the view of Jiang Nan area, especially the West Lake in Hangzhou city. So, he built many gardens imitated the scenes and garden architecture of Jiang Nan area. Do you want to know the views of Jiang Nan area in Qingyi Garden? First, we should have general information about Qingyi Garden. Qingyi Garden includes north mountain (Longevity Hill) and south lake (Kunming Lake), and the west side has several peaks of West Mountain. After the reformation of Qianlong Emperor, the Lake became wider and the mountain turned more majestic. Then, he added a West Causeway as well as Su Causeway, divided the Kunming Lake into inner lake and outer lake. Like this, the Kunming Lake has become same as the West Lake in Hangzhou. This statement of Qingyi Garden is right, but it seems like the Emperor Qianlong was more superficial. There is another effect of dividing the lake into two lakes, that is present the water to the sides and back of mountain and shaped the pattern of surrounded by mountains and girdled by a river.

Scenery along Causeway in Summer Palace

The three islands in Kunming Lake symbolize the three immortal mountains, including Penglai Mountain, Fangzhang Mountain and Yingzhou Mountain, built according to the idea of immortality in Taoism by Emperor Qianlong. If regarded the West Causeway as the necklace, the three islands seem like three gems. At same time, they sit in center of every lake divided by West Causeway. Besides the usual spots, there is a hided spot sits at back of Longevity Hill. It is a fantastic place in Qingyi Garden, and its significance is as well as the Outer Eight Temples out of Chengde Summer Resort.

As one of the must-see attractions of Beijing, Summer Palace receives large number of tourists. So plan the Summer Palace into your Beijing tour is a good choice!

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