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International Cultural Village at the Foot of Mutianyu Great Wall

Lately, many foreigners stay in the villages, located at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall. Some of them settle down there and manage restaurant or hotel. In fact, these villages, at foot of Mutianyu Great Wall, are all named as the Great Wall International Cultural Village uniformly. These foreigners are the main productivity, which let Chinese tourists feel interesting and foreign tourists feel cordial. Entering these villages, can you smell some international feelings?

Steps to Mutianyu Great Wall

The Great Wall International Cultural Village, refers to the four villages sit at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou District, is the total name of Tianxianyu Village, Beigou Village, Xinying Village and Mutianyu Village. Driving along with the Huai-Huang Road, first arrived at Tianxianyu Village. Walking in this village, you will find the obvious marks of The Great Wall International Cultural Village. We were thinking why we did not find the foreigners, the special guide said foreigners are all gathered at Beigou Village and Mutianyu Village. Tianxianyu Village manages the feast of rainbow trout mainly. Most of foreigners prefer the feast of rainbow trout after Mutianyu Great Wall tour.

Souvenir Shops of Mutianyu Great Wall

Left Tianxianyu Village, we entered the Beigou Village, and find a noodle restaurant opened by a foreigner, but closed. The guide said if you want to taste the noodle here, you must telephone him first. Walked along the footpath, we find an independent brick houses at half way up the hill. Although without decoration in outlook, but we can feel it has been rebuilt and show the brief style of northern European. It is said that these are small villas, preferred by foreigners mostly. But it is very expensive from US$ 600. At same time, passed some cars carried many foreigners. They come here for wedding, and the ceremony is held in Mutianyu Village, the Wachang is the accommodation place.

In fact, the restaurants and hotels, managed by foreigner, are rent from the local people. They can rebuild and manage these places according to their hobbies. May be in future time, the Great Wall International Cultural Village is not only some village, but also the gathering place of polybasic culture.

In addition, you can choose the local Agricola with cheap price, and the villa opened by foreigners are very expensive, but worthy it. After Mutianyu Great Wall tour, have a free trip among these interesting villages, you would get more!

Different Sightseeing in Different Sections of Great Wall

No visit to the Great Wall seems you did not visit Beijing. I decided to have a Great Wall tour to explore the fact of the Great Wall. This passage is for reference only.

Badaling Great Wall

First arrived at the most famous section – Badaling Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall is the most well-preserved section, also the most representative section, the essence of the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty. At same time, if you have visited other sections of the Great Wall, you will discover this section is well-maintained by government, and opened as the tourist part for travelers. The Great Wall at Badaling is the advanced guard of Juyongguan Pass, the important pass of the Great Wall. With the height of 1,015 meters, this section is strategically located and difficult of access and is the outstanding of the Great Wall. With superior geographic location, Badaling Great Wall is the important transportation for Shanxi Province, Inner Mongolia and Zhangjiakou City. Badaling Great Wall was listed into the World Cultural Heritage and one of the Seven World Wonders.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Second, the Mutianyu Great Wall, located at Huairou District of Beijing, 73 kilometers from Beijing downtown. The Great Wall at Mutianyu connects the Juyongguan Pass in west and Gubeikou Great Wall in east, which is the military pass since ancient times. Now it is one of the most well-preserved sections of the Ming Great Wall. The right seasons for the Great Wall at Mutianyu include spring, summer, autumn and winter. Different time, you will enjoy different feelings of the Great Wall. In spring and autumn, the view of Mutianyu is always attracts large number of tourists. The winter of Mutianyu is famous for its scenery of snow, but bad weather is not fitful trip.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Third, the Hanghuacheng Great Wall, famous water Great Wall, was built in Yongle Emperor of Ming Dynasty with 600 years history. After capital was built in Beijing by the Emperor of Ming Dynasty, and tomb was built in north of Huanghua Town, the Great Wall is not only guarded the north gate of Beijing, but also protected the Ming Tombs. Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall is shaped by the river dam result in the water level higher, so the lower section was flood in the water. This is unique scenery in sections of the Great Wall. Huanghuacheng Great Wall is the only one Great Wall has three sections in water in China.

Above is my exploration to three sections of the Great Wall, according to your needs and like, choose the fitful section to enjoy the scenery of the world famous Great Wall. It is only three sections, if you like, you can visit more sections of the Great Wall, you will find more interesting things and views.

Rediscover the Beauty of Beijing - Hutong

A mention of hutong tour of old Beijing, mounts of people think of the Nanluoguxiang firstly. Seemingly, the Nanluoguxiang has become the pronoun of Beijing hutong tour. In fact, the Nanluoguxiang, full of local Beijing culture, changed more and more noisy. It is not the Nanluoguxiang in our mind. Nowadays, the hipsters find a new place – Wudaoying Hutong, characteristic with folk culture. Close to Lama Temple, the superior geographic location is called as "Next Stop Nanluo" by these developers.

Wudaoying Hutong in Beijing

More international, more compatibility! Even a small hutong of old Beijing has more tolerance and forgiveness, including the noble culture and the popular literature. Mixed beauty is performed perfectly. Romantic restaurants, leisurely coffee houses and delicate shops, all gathered at Wudaoying Hutong. As the background, the sihe courtyards and residences recount their stories. Perhaps, you could meet the aunt with flip flops to buy the breakfast, and you could also meet the fashion young in modern clothes. The foreigners ride across these hutongs, kids play the sands, if you are lucky enough, you have chance to enjoy the shouts of street vendors. This is Wudaoying Hutong, a creative cultural folk custom hutong.

Walking around this hutong, you could find many characteristic shops. From the decorations and characters of these shops, you could distinguish the obvious style of their owners.

Teahouse in Wudaoying Hutong

The Yard, located at NO. 55 in Wudaoying Hutong, is a tea house. Owing to its location, his logo is the other style of 55. With small frontispiece, this tea house has another feeling in the courtyard. A fruiter sitting in the yard, no matter have seat under the tree or the terrace of second floor, you can enjoy the quiet and unique style easily. I hope the owner could raise more cats, sleeping under the big tree. Next time, I must save much money enough to have a seat in second floor, talk the life and taste tea.

The Save As, take you to aftertaste the old times, was closed when I get there. Through window, I looked the old ceiling fan, white and black TV come from long time ago, enamel washbasin, etc. Full of the old style goods, describe the painting of home when we were young in perfect order. Memory should be recorded by these little things specifically. Though the digital camera, DV and computer have been popularized in every home, and make our records more and more convenient, make the memory becomes more and more unreliable. Just like the slogan out of shop door: No records, no happen.

Give you chance to wake up your memory, Wudaoying Hutong just sits there!

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