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What to See in Summer Palace

Standing on the Longevity Hill of Summer Palace, I found the Yuquan Hill is close to us. Living in Beijing so many years, I was familiar with the most famous Three Hills and Five Gardens, and the Longevity Hill and Yuquan Hill. I must say, the Summer Palace is a good place, only here I had chance to see the two hill among the three. There is a quiet path to down to the foot of Longevity Hill, along the path we were enjoyable in the beautiful surroundings.

Long Corridor in Summer Palace

When we saw the Long Corridor, we were shocked by the quiet environment. It is said the Long Corridor is always crowded with visitors. Maybe it was earlier. The Long Corridor, also famous for the Painting Walkway, is the longest gallery corridor in the world. Looking up, there are different stories painting on the top, most of them are famous for Chinese, such as the 'A Dream in Red Mansion', 'Pilgrimage to the West', etc. I would say the Long Corridor is one of the most famous and characteristic spots in Summer Palace, as well as the Tower of the Buddhist Incense.

Tower of the Buddhist Incense

End the Long Corridor, it is the Tower of the Buddhist Incense, is the symbol of this imperial garden and the highest building in it. How interesting, it is an eight-façade tower, built imitated from the Six Harmony Tower in Hangzhou, is the center of the whole garden. It is said the Empress Dowager Cixi always pay respect to Buddha. Now, it is an ideal place to overlook beautiful Kunming Lake and the marvelous scenes.

Seventeen Arch Bridge

Not far away from the Tower of the Buddhist Incense, it is the Seventeen Arch Bridge which is the longest bridge in Summer Palace, is 150 meters in length and 8 meters in width. The bridge was built imitated from the Lugou Bridge in Beijing, and the special characteristic of the bridge is the stone lion on every pillar. Every pillar has several lions in different shapes, and the lions of whole bridge are different, and cannot be able to count its number. Anyone interests it all can come here to try to count it, it is very interesting! And the bridge connects to the South Lake Island where is place praying for rain in the arid year for Empress Dowager Cixi.

Yes, the three spots are the most famous and typical in Summer Palace, but always crowded with visitors, and we all like to find a quiet and beautiful place, so we along the bank of Kunming Lake to West Causeway.

Visit Symbol Museums of Beijing in Summer Holiday

Beijing, as the capital of China, owns various kinds of museums. In the summer holidays, take your kids to visit Beijing to increase their knowledge, and the varied museums would not be missed. Xicheng District is the gathering place of museums, everyone have chance to arrange the tour route for kids to enjoy the boundless knowledge in museums.
Paleozoological Museum of China Paleozoological Museum of China: know about the changes of life
This museum displays the many paleontological fossils from Cambrian period to the time of 10,000 years ago, the valuable exhibits include the Lufenggosaurus Huenei which is called the First Dragon in China, skeleton of Huanghe River Stegodon and the simulation model of skull of Pekingman. The club held in summer vacation takes students to dig the dinosaur fossil personally to experience the interest of outdoor exploration.
Beijing Planetarium Beijing Planetarium: look up at miraculous starry sky
Would you like to step to the ridges of lunar, witness the life of stellar, save the last male tyrannosaurus following the earth science team and see the biological evolution on earth with your eyes? Come to Beijing Planetarium! Beijing Planetarium has four theaters lead you to know the real starry sky, travel in universe, experience the created miracles on sense organs and enjoy the real pictures. The seats of theaters are designed to be the deck chair in order to let you look up at the sky freely.
Beijing Zoo Beijing Zoo: learn to be breeder
Everyone had visited zoo, but have you visited the breeding backstage in zoo? In summer holiday, Beijing Zoo holds the summer camp which teaches kids how to be a small breeder. Through various kinds of games and links, to increase the close feeling between kids and animals; through knowing the protective color and mimesis, to let kids to feel the miraculous places of animals; through visiting the breeding rooms, to let kids know the hard woks as breeder and observe in short distance some rare animals.
Capital Museum Capital Museum: know about the folk custom
How many hutongs in Beijing? No one knows the specific number, but it is hard to visit all of them in one week. The theme display of Hutong and Courtyard in Beijing in Capital Museum takes you to visit thousand hutongs with long history of 800 years in only one hour. The exhibits of Capital Museum focus on the cultural relics discovered in Beijing local place, show the continuous developing history of Beijing culture, through the old pictures and old things to reappear the vanished folk custom in Beijing. Taking kinds to Capital Museum in summer holiday, through the advanced reservation, you have chance to join in the excellent activities to let kids experience the wonderful Beijing culture.

Let your kids have a special summer holiday, take them to Beijing to visit the museums!

8 Places for Appreciating Louts Bloom in Beijing

Spring has come, summer is on the way. Entering the summer, Beijing has various places near water become the ideal choices for cool and avoiding the heat. The widows slightly touch faces on the bank, the chirps continuous on trees, the dragonflies dancing on water and butterflies dancing on flowers. Summer is the season for reciting poems, painting and enjoying the lotus. Lotus, also known as Hehua in Chinese, is the most popular flower in Beijing in summer. Its flowering phase starts from June to the beginning of September, is the best time to enjoy the beautiful lotus. In Beijing, the gardens in summer are crowded with people to enjoy the lotus, and now I will tell you some good places.
Louts Bloom in Summer Lianhuachi Park
Lianhuachi Park is named as the lotus with long history of more than 3,000 years. There is an old saying that the Lianhuachi Park is older than Beijing city. The green water floats the pink lotus, let visitors seem like hugged by lotus in the charming view.

Beihai Park
Lotus Festival in Beihai Park has become one of the traditional activities for local Beijing people to kill the summer heat, hundred kinds of potting lotuses are paved to be the huge flower terrace, let visitors pass through in it freely. Bending to smell its fragrance, light and elegant, refreshing!

Summer Palace
Summer Palace in summer rain is misty, the Zhijing Pavilion and the Zaojiantang Lake are enveloped in the large-scale of misty fairyland besides West Dyke. The poem praising lotus lingering on the lake which is paved by lotus leaves, the rainfall on leaves is crystal clear, until it turns fin, the famous view - Lianhong Zhuiyu appears into sights.

The areas for enjoying lotus include the Changchunyuan and Qichunyuan, there is a visiting line along the four sides of small island. Visitors also have great chance to closely enjoy the beautiful and elegant lotus by boating. With the sounds of music and the fragrance of lotus, let everyone here addict into it.

Zizhuyuan Park
Famous for the bamboo, Zizhuyuan Park has lotus-plant history of 40 years. After June, the almost 30 mu lotuses are blooming in the lakes of north and south of park. Boating in it, mandarin ducks and wild ducks play water, the bamboo leaves cover the banks, the lotus in water is coquettish, really a natural Chinese monochromes.

Beijing Botanical Garden
Beijing Botanical Garden has various kinds of flowers, every season has its flower theme. After the Summer Solstice, the blooming lotuses in garden attract large number of tourists. The thousands basins of lotus constitute the lotus corridor.

The night view of Shichahai becomes colorful owing to the bars. Lights reflect on water, the sculls of wooden ships let the colorful light mix. Enjoying the lotuses on water and drinking happily, everyone likes to stay here to kill the summer night.

Yuyuantan Park
Yuyuantan Park is famous for the sakura in spring, let people addict in. The summer is on the way, vast lake is covered by the green waves and the lotus leaves, lotus blooming slim and graceful, lovingly pathetic.

Would you like to enjoy the lovely lotus? Beijing has many places for you to taste the special summer full of lotus.

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