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Beijing Leisure Tour - Walking Around Shichahai Area

Shi Cha Hai, a lake in Beijing center, is also a beautiful place in Beijing. Live around Shi Cha Hai, you may have visited it several times, and no feeling about it. But today, I will take you to rediscover the Shi Cha Hai. Different times in one day, we have various ways playing around Shi Cha Hai.

Beautiful Shichahai Lake

Morning Walking, from 7:00 to 9:00
With melodious morning bell, people take morning exercise around Shi Cha Hai. They talk about the news or interesting things happened in someone’s home with smile. Everyone discloses the leisure and free of local Beijingers. After exercise, have breakfast in Huguosi Snack Bar is a good gift in this morning.

Corner Tour, from 9:00 to 11:00
The authentic rickshaw takes you to wander in the various hutongs in Shi Cha Hai. Visiting Prince Gong's Mansion, enjoying the former residences of celebrities, traveling the old temples and listening the stories and cultural deposits of sihe courtyard, you will know the local Beijing culture. Walking into Sihe Courtyard, you have good chance to know about the ordinary life of Beijing.

Shichahai Lake Rickshaw

Noon Rest, from 11:00 to 13:00
Various restaurants, stand closely, are the destinations in noon. You can find the hide small restaurant to taste the authentic private dishes. Close to the shore of Shi Cha Hai, there is a quiet courtyard with grey tiles and wall. That was the London Home in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, received the Beckham, Blair and many foreign celebrities. Lotus Market is the famous catering street in Shi Cha Hai area, view the scenery of Shi Cha Hai, gathers lots of lotus, showing the flourishing view.

Afternoon, from 15:00 to 17:00
Lots of tourists has gone, this is good time to visit Prince Gong’s Mansion. Many views and allusions are the attractions in this ancient architecture. Out of mansion, you can visit the Drum and Bell Tower. In the setting sun, facing the black Bell Tower and watching the sun set, you will have special feelings about this old city.

Evening Maeket, from 17:00 to 19:00
History scouring the time, left amounts of storie in Yan Dai Xie Jie. Under the light of sun, you can enjoy the lasting appeal of city axle wire. The Chinese gifts sold in nearby shops give you big surprise. Send a postcard to your relatives, give your sincere blessing.

Night Activity, from 19:00 to 21:00
They are the person write the memory, the classic lists performed by them. Among these lists, you will know about the Chinese history and culture. No matter where you go, you will remember it forever.

It is time to go to sleep, have good dream in Shi Cha Hai!

Forbidden City - Feudal Society of Ancient China

Beijing, experienced the vicissitudes, has long history and rich culture. Historic sites distributed all of Beijing. Walking casually, you have many chances pass these famous sites. The foot of Beijing history has continued thousand years including old, traditional, modern, etc. You can follow any point to explore the ancient but modern Beijing. But I want to say, from history if you want to find the most alright part.

Bronze Lion in Forbidden Ciyt

Former is old, where is the new? If you pay attention to the news, Forbidden City has been maintained from 2001. Nowadays, Forbidden City is not only the ancient construction group, but also a modern museum. From the most famous Cartier Exhibition to the Ming Yongle Xuande Cultural Relic Exhibition, Forbidden City is always changed. Even though you always visit Forbidden City, because of these exhibitions, you will find new foothold for sight.

Yellow Roof, Red Wall

If you visit Forbidden City in May day, you may catch the chance entering Forbidden City from East Huamen. Usually, it is not opened to public, only the pass way for workers. Different the magnificent Meridian Gate, East Huamen has another feeling with soft wind and trees. Through the thick gateway, you will have a wide sight. A river flow before your sight, the bridge on river records the vicissitudes. Passing the bridge and walking forward, you arrive at Wenhua Palace, opened to public after 2008. Because of remote location, Wenhua Palace has less people, is the rare quiet place in Forbidden City. Wenhua Palace, the Ceramics Hall, display the ceramics in different times. From ancient times to Ming and Qing Dynasties, many ceramics boutiques can be found at this palace.

If you think the Forbidden City is just the caky constructions, you are wrong. The soul of Forbidden City thrust deep into the pieces of historical performances. No matter you are seeking novelty or exploring the mysteries, we just look at them and plaint when the particles of history have dissipated. The usual exhibition halls in Forbidden City includes the exhibition of wedding celebration for emperors in Qing Dynasty, the exhibition of concubines life in Qing Dynasty, the exhibition of Henery Pu Yi, exhibition of weapons in Qing Dynasty, the exhibition of treasures, etc. All these exhibitions attract you stay in Forbidden City for full day, and enjoy the imperial culture of Qing Dynasty.

Whenever you visit the Forbidden City, you always find new interesting points easily. Quiet to enjoy the fine and smooth of Forbidden City, you will find more attractive places.

Beautiful Shichahai & Bustling Wangfujing Commercial Street

Do not know if the profound Chinese Complex or others emotion, seems every Chinese who never have chance to Beijing has a small wish to look at the imperial city with reverence. Beijing, the old city with long history, leaves us many sincerity, sacred, solemn, familiar, leisurely, or helpless. What do you think of Beijing?
Old people said reading history let people wise. The Beijing in my sight is sagacious, and lively. Shuttling back and forth in the old hutongs, always pieces of historical pictures flash before me. The places known in book still silently guards Beijing after so many years.

Beautiful Shichahai
Beautiful Shichahai

I like Shichahai, because it has rich culture and history, it was the place gathering temples in history, famous as the Nine Nunneries and One Temple, so named Shichahai. In Yuan Dynasty, it was the start of North-south Great Canal, with wide water area and beautiful views. At that time, the shipping industry was flourishing, which drove the area of Gulou Street to the bustling business area. The Yinding Bridge stretching across lake, built at the connection of Qianhai and Houhai. Standing on bridge, it is easily to enjoy the magnificent views of Houhai and Xishan Mountain, so it was reputed to the Yindingguanshan which is one of the Yanjing Small Eight Views. Shichahai area is also a traditional scenic spot keeps the original folk customs and the characteristics of old Beijing. And now Shichaihai has become the best place to boating in summer and skating in winter.

Bustling Wangfujing Street
Bustling Wangfujing Street

I also like Wangfujing area as vigor as Beijingers. Beijing culture reveals in everywhere, including this street. In Liao and Jin Dynasties, Wangfujing was just an unknown village, became more crowded in Yuan Dynasty, and it was built with ten prince mansions in Ming Dynasty, the Wangfujing began to task shape. The busy people get rid of burden at night, to enjoy the leisure culture at Wangfujing. Various kinds of delicious smells spread all over the street, stimulate the taste bud of people, it is a place bearing the history and full of vitality.

The winter of Beijing has less bustling and irritable, more quiet and light. After the article about Beijing culture, have already to trip in Beijing?

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