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In-depth Explore Mutianyu Great Wall

The Great Wall at Mutianyu is a masterpiece of restoration, with 22 original style watchtowers. Mutianyu, meaning of admire fields valley, is the longest fully-restored Great Wall section open to tourists. Before this tour, we had made plan and decided to visit from No. 10 Watchtower to No. 20 Watchtower. It is said that this part in Mutianyu Great Wall is most beautiful and characteristic. So I show some interesting places and spots to you.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Before arrived at No. 10 Watchtower, we saw an interesting trunk at foot of Great Wall which is inlayed many Chinese hard currencies orderly. Some students try to buckle sown some of them but failed. When I was doubt that how they were inlayed in it and why they were so strong, I found the trunk is made by cement and these hard currencies were inlayed it when it was built. So funny that many foreigners stop to study it! In addition, we met many foreign tourists here, and they choose the Great Wall at Mutianyu instead of Badaling because of less crowded and beautiful scenery.

Inner Structure of Watchtower

Standing on No. 10 Watchtower, we saw some other watchtowers in different shapes, but inner structures are all built according to a Chinese word – 回. May be they have their functions in wars I thought. During this tour, I have strong interest to the No. 13, No. 15 and No. 20 Watchtowers. First, No. 13 Watchtower, it is built with a small house on the top of watchtower compared with other watchtowers. I don't know what it is used for, but it is special among so many watchtowers. No. 15 Watchtower is most famous in Chinese, just because it is photography place of "If You Are the One 2" which is a famous Chinese film. Many people climb on it and took photos, especially young, and they all want to have ideal marriage as well as this film. Refer to the No. 20 Watchtower, the last port of our tour, I mightily suggest you climb it. It is the best place to enjoy beautiful scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall and what you see from No. 20 Watchtower are the most beautiful and majestic. And it is the most challenge part from 10th to 20th Watchtower.

Cable Car of Mutianyu

Took cable car down to foot of Mutianyu, we enter the China Stone Museum last. If you have tickets of Mutianyu Great Wall, you can enter it for free. It is really a museum for stones, gathering various strange and grotesque stones. For the time being, we just took pictures generally and had no deep visit in it. If I have chance next time, I must visit it carefully.

It is the most interesting things and places in my mind. If you want to enjoy more, you should climb it personally and enjoy its grand views.

Mutianyu Great Wall Autumn Tour

Great Wall is always the most attractive spot in China. In fact, it was my first time to visit the Great Wall. Before this visit, we have made many works about Mutianyu Great Wall. It is said that Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful section of the Great Wall, the essence of the Great Wall and most important is less crowded.

Map of Mutianyu Great Wall

Took bus 867, we arrived at Mutianyu Great Wall at about 11:00. Studying the map, we decided to climb from No. 10 to No. 20 Watch Tower, because it is said that NO.20 Watch Tower is the best place to enjoy scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall. Before getting the real Great Wall, we climbed steep stairs to foot of No. 10 Watch Tower. In my opinion, this part is more tired than the Great Wall. After almost half an hour, we saw the real Great Wall. First sight, I was regret that I have never visited it. It is really majestic and magnificent, even breathtaking. It stands so high that we should climb stairs firstly. But in building time, how they carry every heavy foundation stone to the mountain even top of the mountain I asked myself.

Watch Tower

With a deep breath, we started our Mutianyu Great Wall tour. As the guide said Great Wall at Mutianyu is always the first choice of foreign tourists, who we have met most are foreigners, young and aged. The No. 10 Watch Tower is lower, so we look up it we saw various watch towers in different shapes. I almost can image that soldiers were defending the invaders and protecting our home. I must say it is really a stable project to resist foreign regressions. On the way, we walked up and down depend on the terrain of mountains. How great ancient Chinese! Stopped at higher place, we overlook the views of mountains. It is still beautiful even through most red leaves had fallen. The rest green, red and golden leaves still shape a grand painting. On different watch towers, you have good chances to enjoy the different magnificent scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall. Even from a small hole on the wall, I have big sight to the scenery.

Distant View

After long distance walking, we saw the last opened watch tower closely. We must climb the steepest part to arrive No. 20 Watch Tower. It is almost straight from foot to see it. Many Chinese tourists gave up it, but we must conquer it because of its attraction. I want to take photos about its steep angle, but it loses because of my low-level techniques of photography. Climbing this part, I really experienced myself - the great of Chinese people. Arrived at destination, we all happy and excited owing to the most attractive and majestic scenery, and we saw the general trend of Mutianyu Great Wall which is the most shocked point.

It is hard to describe the mood and views when we arrived at the Mutianyu Great Wall. If you want to experience this world wonder, you should climb it personally and better not take cable car when you up to the Great Wall. thanks this tour, give me strong patriotic feeling!

Bird's Nest and Water Cube - Perfect Modern Buildings

Always want to appreciate the Beijing Bird Nest for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, yesterday, we finally success to achieve the desire. Out of the station of Olympic Center in Subway Line 8, we walked the way to the station of Olympic Park. On the way, we saw the Bird Nest, Water Cube, National Conference Center, etc.

Bird's Nest

It is a must –see for any Olympic fan, and the hands down best looking stadium in the world. The architect uses these random diagonals for a structure in a mesh to form the stadium. It looks very close to get to the Bird Nest, but it cost us long time to walk to there and had short distance chance to take pictures. From its outward appearance, I was addicted into its delicate design and exquisite skills. Contrary to its seemingly random appearance, strict rule-based methods were employed in the stadium’s construction, and each half of the 44,000 ton-steel shell is basically identical in design. During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, track and field meets, and men's football final will be held here. It has been become the outstanding representative in Beijing buildings, not only during the Olympic Games, but also the following times, it attracts large number of travelers to visit it.

Water Cube

Water Cube, standing opposite to Bird Nest, is the other unique building in Beijing. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, it held the swimming, diving, synchronized and waterball matches. Designed in a novel style, the Water Cube has a foam-like water-molecule structure, making the architecture show a unique visual effect of water flowing and embodying the mysterious beauty, especially at night.

Many people took pictures with friends and family in the long square, and everyone want to leave a memorial picture with Bird Nest and Water Cube. In autumn, there are people flying the kites in the wind. Now the Olympic Park has become a good leisure and relaxing place for ordinary people and citizens. No matter who you are, you can visit these unique buildings here without any stops. But what made me pity is the unreasonable business means. Everyone come here is very happy, but these ignominious methods make people lost all interest. Do not take pictures with the people who wear the lovely clothes such as Mickey, if you do that, they would charge you without any explain before you take picture with them.

In general, the tour to Olympic Games is very happy. I suggest travelers visit with family or friends, and that will become more interesting. You can also book this tour online with tour guide and driver, only in unbeatable price!

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