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Bizarre Sights in Beijing

Bursting with numerous historical and cultural attractions, Beijing has something for everyone! For those looking to see something weird, Beijing has some very bizarre sights as well. If you want to get an off-the-beaten-path experience in Beijing, do stop by one of the following bizarre attractions.

The Anti-Japanese Museum and Beijing Post Museum

If you want to get a sense of how the Chinese struggle for wars, you really should pay a visit to the Anti-Japanese Museum. Situated in Southwest Beijing, the Anti-Japanese Museum is home to nearly 9,000 photos, documents and cultural relics left from the Anti-Japanese War. And these interesting displays may bring you back in time to the past war scenes. Beijing Post Museum is another weird destination in Beijing besides the Anti-Japanese Museum. With a visit to the museum you will get to see an interesting collection of twentieth century Chinese postage stamps, as well as the communist art collection.

Donghuamen Night Market

Donghuamen Night Market has long enjoyed a far and wide reputation in Beijing, well known for its weird street food which may shock the Chinese fellows from time to time. If you are an adventurous eater with a strong stomach you really should stop by to try out all variety of the bizarre snacks available here - though some may look disgusting to you yet they are also out of this world - ranging from crickets, honey bee larvae, scorpions, spiders, snakes, star fish to almost every kind of innards you can think of, served deep fried or grilled.

Dongyue Temple and Tomb of Tianyi and Eunuch Museum

With a visit to the Taoist Dongyue Temple in Beijing you will get a chance to see the 76 departments of death in the Taoist Pantheon, including thousands of statues personating demons or mortals in hellish ambience. The temple may kind of remind you of a Halloween with dozens of weird creatures crammed into the ground. Moreover if you want to get a sense of how the eunuch in ancient China used to live, the Tomb of Tianyi and Eunuch Museum is not to be missed. The weird museum houses the tomb of Tianyi, as well as statues demonstrating how the eunuchs were castrated, a mummified corpse and dozens of bizarre Chinese sex toys.

All in all, Beijing never stops surprising you with its rich collection of weird attractions!

Prince Gong's Mansion – the Place Never Miss in Beijing

If you are very interested in Beijing tour, if you are very interested in Beijing elegant historical sightseeing, if you are a fresh Beijing visitor, Beijing Prince Gong' Mansion will bring you some exciting feelings and happiness. It gathered all the essence of Chinese history including the building construction, building Fengshui and many other imperial art masterpieces. Today, I would give you some detail about this unique residence.

Highest Fame about Prince Gong's Mansion

With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more people start to pursue the spirit of enjoyment. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists swam into Beijing Prince Gong's Mansion to research and explore. Recent years, this mansion has got much recognition. It is the largest and best preserved Qing Dynasty princely. This mansion is a fine example of ancient Chinese architecture with its cultural connotation and profound history. It is very important for the developing China not only for its aesthetic value but as asset to those who wish to study the lifestyle of the Chinese ancient times. It is really an interesting story.

Layout of Beijing Prince Gong's Mansion
Located near Shichahai Lake, this mansion is a residence of one favorite court official. Entering into this mansion, you would find this elegant residence was composed by two dazzling parts including the residence area and the garden area. With the coverage area, this residence area covers 3.2 hectares with magnificent buildings. Each building has certain building style with certain Fengshui idea. In the center of this residence area is the main hall, rear hall and a two storey verandah building. This building was composed by 40 rooms. You could imagine how luxurious this mansion is.

Charming Garden of Prince Gong's Mansion

If you are very interested in the natural landscapes, the garden will present you more. This garden in this mansion has a meaningful name called Cuijin which has the meaning of concentrating cream of the most beautiful flowers. With the coverage area of 28,000 square meters, this garden is surrounded by man-made hills on four sides. If you are lingering in this garden, one place you should not miss is the arched stone gate which is built with typical western architectural style. Apart from this gate, the Grand Theater and the Fu are the hottest points. Everyone coming here will pay much attention on the Fu which is the symbol of Chinese history and deep culture.

Off Beaten Trail Countryside in Beijing - Chuandixia Village

Wondering how to get away from the bustling metropolis - Beijing City and enjoy ultimate outdoor excursion? The Chuandixia village would make a perfect off-the-beaten-trail outdoor excursion destination while traveling in Beijing. You could easily spend a few days exploring the village without running out of things to see, do and experience.

History of Chuandixia Village

The Chuandixia Village can be dated back as early as hundreds of years ago. Coming into being during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the village features a strong Han group styles in architecture, decorations, furnishings and layout. A bustling stop along the post road, the village once served as a key transit point for accessing to Shanxi Province from Beijing. The economy of the village mainly comes from farming and trading up to this day. The ancient architecture dominating the village can be traced back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1911). With a walk in this lively museum, the ancient courtyards, intricate carvings and cultural relics will give you a good sense of how the daily lives of the local villagers look like. Sprawling dozens of fun stuff to explore, the village never stops surprising its visitors while traveling around here.

What is Worth exploring in Chuandixia Village Today?

For those looking for some countryside sights in China and off the beaten trail walking, Cuandixia Village is a dream for backpackers. With a visit to the village, the ancient courtyards, local villagers and spectacular countryside scenery are all worth exploring while walking around the area. Despite the economic growth of Beijing, diverse and vibrant traditional folk culture and ancient architecture are well preserved in the village. Featuring its old glory and elegance, the village is sprawling with evergreen pine trees, verdant cypresses and mountainous valley. While exploring the village, you will have a lot of fun climbing up steep stairs and lanes paved with pebbles, traversing through ancient courtyards, old streets and ancient houses where the local villagers lead a relaxing lifestyles - enjoying playing cards or people watching in the street. Exploring an off the beaten track countryside excursion is all about an adventure down to Chuandixia Village.

The village of Cuandixia will make for a perfect vacation destination to spend some quality time with family and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. Alternatively the area is sprawling with amazing trails which will make for ideal walking experience for those adventurers.

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