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Where to Appreciate Red Leaves in Beijing (1)

What is the most beautiful in autumn of Beijing? Everyone would tell you the same answer – leaves. You would continue ask that where the best place to enjoy the leaves. Today, you will plan your tour follow my introduction.

Hongluo Temple
Hongluo Temple Red Leaves

The Hongluo Temple is covered by red leaves anywhere in deep of autumn. Between the hot red leaves, there are yellow white waxes and green Chinese pines, shape a scenery painting with beautiful colors and clear layer. The mountain which Hongluo Temple located is planted with more than 40 kinds of plants, such as ansu apricot, cotinus coggygria, acer monoes, etc. The covering area of colorful leaves is 4,000mu. Climbing to the top of mountain, you can overlook the winding Great Wall and Qinglong Gorge. Hongluo Temple set two amble ways for aged professionally.

Xishan National Forest Park
There are 3 best ways to enjoy red leaves in Xishan, including one way from Bajiao Pavilion to Red Leaves Ridge, one way from Sipingtai to Red Leaves Grand Canyon and Red Leaves Xishan Red Leaves

Avenue. Wandering in the quiet forest park, you will smell the fresh flavor of earth; appreciating in the gorgeous autumn views, you needless to say the elegant environment to fresh air, just the fired leaves, let you addict into it deeply.

Jinhai Lake
Jinhai Lake Red Leaves

Jinhai Lake Tourist Resort is located at Pinggu District and 85 kilometers from Beijing downtown, belongs to suburbs park. Jinhai Lake is surrounded by mountains in three sides, planted various trees in colorful leaves, and is one of the rare good places to enjoy red leaves. Besides enjoy red leaves, you can enjoy the interests of picking near Jinhai Lake.

Mutianyu Great Wall
Red Leaves on Mutianyu Great Wall

If you do not want to visit the Great Wall of primitive simplicity and moving instead of conventional, Mutianyu Great Wall is best choice, and the red leaves are always praised by tourists. Planted with 280,000 colorful trees, Mutianyu is covered by colorful leaves entirely. From pale yellow, golden yellow to deep red and fresh red, it has obvious layering. Mutianyu Great Wall in autumn is most charming. Besides, the falling red leaves are the most attractive painting in Mutianyu. In the end of October, you will feel its unique prospect deeply.

Above are the parts of beautiful places in autumn of Beijing. Next, we will continue to visit other places.

Feel the Charm of Old Beijing Hutong in Yandaixiejie

Where is the best place to kill the time in Beijing? May be you could say the Sanlitun, but the Houhai area will be a better place. Different from Sanlitun, Houhai area has some traditional style and atmosphere, here, you can find some characteristics of old Beijing and fresh architecture of Qing Dynasty.


In this area, Yandai Xiejie is one the most worthy place to visit and kill time. Yandai Xiejie, located at northeast of Qianhai in Shi Cha Hai area, is one of the most old business street in Beijing. Yandai Xiejie, a business pedestrian with traditional cultural characteristic, starts from Dianmenwai Dajie in east in 232 meters. Out from the exit of southwest, you can see the famous view of Yingding Guanshan. Yandai Xiejie seems like a real pouch itself. The narrow and long street likes the pole of pouch, and east entry just like the mouth of pouch. It is worth the name of Yandai Xiejie.


Constructions in both sides of Yandai Xiejie are all simple and graceful, and the obvious style of Ming and Qing Dynasties attracts the sights of tourists. The form of shops standing at front of resident shows the heavy amorous feelings of downtown and full characteristic of old Beijing. Seems like a time tunnel, you will see the fashion tourists in different skins and languages when you enter it. Travelers always find the toys and accessories with profound trace of time. Suddenly, you do not know the time and place. Yandai Xiejie always gathers many courtyards, not only the old business street, but also old cultural street.

Shop in Yandaixiejie

According to records, there were many shop selling pouches in Ming Dynasty at Yandai Xiejie. Among them, a shop named as Shuang Sheng Tai set a huge wooden big pipe as the shop sign. For long time, it was famous in all over the city. As time passes, Gulou Street changed to be the Yandai Xiejie.

Now, Yandai Xiejie still gathers various characteristic shops, many of which have strong feelings of traditional culture. Walking in it, you can find what you have lost in modern rhythm.

Sacrifice Alter in Ancient China – Temple of Heaven

First hear the name of Beijing, what do you think of? For different people, the answers are various such as Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Beijing cate, etc. For me, I think of Temple of Heaven firstly. Temple of Heaven is the place to sacrifice heaven to pray for harvest and peace for emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Main Buildings in Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven, located at southeast of Beijing and east of Yongdingmennei Street. Covering an area of 2,700,000 square meters, Temple of Heaven is the existed largest group buildings for sacrifice in ancient time in China, even larger than Forbidden City. In the whole Beijing city, there are 4 altars including Altar of Earth for sacrificing earth in north, Altar of Heaven for sacrificing heaven in south, Altar of Sun for sacrificing sun in east and Altar of Moon for sacrificing moon in west. Among the four altars, Temple of Heaven (Altar of Heaven) is the most magnificent and majestic. Temple of Heaven was built in 1420 and rebuilt in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest

Temple of Heaven is the floorboard of the Circular Mound Altar and Good Harvest Altar with double layers, shaping the inner altar and our altar. The walls are round in north and square in south represents the heaven and earth. The main constructions are all stand in inner altar. The most famous Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest sits at the most north, which is the most magnificent and grand in Temple of Heaven. Also, it is the closest place to heaven in imagination. The roof of Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest adopted the deep blue glazed tiles, and this color symbolized sky. If you say Tiananmen Rostrum is the symbol of China, I say the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is the symbol of this immortal city – Beijing.

Echo Wall

Besides Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, there is an interesting place in Temple of Heaven, which is the Echo Wall. Around Imperial Heavenly Vault, there is wall in the width of 0.9 meters, which is the Echo Wall. If you speak to the wall in a whisper, people on the other side will hear you clearly, just need to against to the wall. Shooting in the center of Circular Mound Altar, you will hear the bright and heavy from the deep of earth. The sound seems come from the heart of earth or sky, so people named it as Heavenly Heart Stone. All these proved that the ancient Chinese people can put acoustic principle into practice in 500 years ago.

Go to witness the talent of Chinese people!

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