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My 3 Day Wonderful Beijing Tour Package

As the capital of China and the center of their political, economy and culture world, Beijing is without a doubt busiest city I have been to, with large number of population. But it has various interesting places worth to visit. So I left 3 days to visit this fascinating city. In order to accomplish my tour smoothly, I booked a tour package on the internet from a local Beijing tour operator. I must say I paid a worthy cost for this tour, as they offered me satisfied and patient service.

Temple of Heaven Tour

Day 1, I was transferred to hotel first, the driver is so kind to hold a sign with my name waiting for me. After simple rest, I visited the Temple of Heaven with my tour guide. Well this was one of the spots I China I travelled to which surprised me most. It was massive bigger than Forbidden City with various individual buildings. The most fantastic thing in Temple of Heaven is the Echo Wall, if two people stand opposite each other on the other sides, they can hear the other whisper. Obviously, less 50 people trying same, you need to try it personally. Now, it has become ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle in Beijing. Many local aged people go to the Temple of Heaven to take exercise and enjoy the quiet place. Various travelers took pictures there.

At night, I watched the Kungfu show, performed by a group of Buddha. It is said that they are not the real Buddha, and just kids like the Kungfu, then to learn it and performed it to tourists. I thought that is good way to propagate the traditional culture. It was my first time to enjoy the Kungfu, not on TV performed by movie stars. Also, I heard more and more foreigners want to study the magic Kungfu and get to China to learn it professionally. It is the best choice to visit Beijing I found.

The next 2 days I visited most famous attractions of Beijing such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs, etc. They are all the treasures of Beijing even China, and they attract more and more business profits. Just want to say, keep them well is the main work and leave the most valuable treasures to their offspring. It was my Beijing tour, enjoy it!

Impressive 2 Days Tour in Beijing

Normally we are not tour people. The thought of milling around with 20-30 people all wearing the same colored hats is not appealing to us. This time we chose the private tour only for our 6 friends and the tailored services make us feel very pleased and satisfied.

The first day we went to see the famous world treasure – Great Wall, the symbol of Beijing – Tiananmen Square and the most famous historical site – Forbidden City. As well as enjoying the view, we also got a history lesson about ancient China.

The second day is a shopping tour and we went to the Zoo Market and the Silk Market. Zoo Market is a huge wholesale market with all kinds of things from 10-15 RMB for shirts, tops, jeans, pants, skirts, etc almost everything. And I like the Silk Market better. The Silk Market was fantastic. We learnt about the history of silk making and got some spectacular buys on silk. I highly recommend the silk comforters and pillows - a tremendous buy and fantastic quality.

Red Wall in Forbidden City

Overall the two days Beijing tour was incredible. We were told by our hotel that the itinerary was too busy and too many things to see. After taking this tour, I would emphatically say that the tour was GREAT and the hotel was wrong. We really enjoyed this tour, and especially our tour guide and our driver. I would highly recommend it to my family. Lastly, the tours are with incredible value for the money.

The final thing I would say is, do not leave Beijing without visiting Beihai Park. Beihai Park is located in the center of Beijing. There is a massive lake in the middle, where there are boats taking people to an island in the centre. The symbol building in the park - White Pagoda is located on the island. With the warm sun shine and the gentle breeze, the feeling was wonderful. Also in the park we visited the Nine Dragon Wall. Both sides of the wall are decorated with nine Beaulieu, playing with a pearl among clouds in waves. The dragons are vividly, colorful, with super craft that are the precious glass building in China.

We had a wonderful trip in Beijing and thank you very much – Beijinglandscapes.com!

My Village Tour in Beijing

This is my second time to Beijing and I love this city very much because it perfectly combined the traditional atmosphere with modern prosperity. The first impression did make a great influence to people. So this time I choose beijinglandscapes again. Since I have already visited the famous Beijing attractions such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden, and I am very interested in the countryside of China, thus I booked the Beijing Hancunhe Modern Village Day Tour online. And I really have a wonderful time today.

Hancunhe Village

At 8:00 am, the English speaking tour guide picked me up at my hotel and started the trip to Hancunhe Village. About more than one hour later, we got to the destination. To my surprise, the village is very beautiful and comfortable. Trees are planted everywhere, all the villagers' villa-type houses in both traditional Chinese and European architectural style. Built in the suburbs of Beijing, Hancunhe Village has all kinds of rich resources. The culture, education, science and technology, health and other infrastructure and social services system are complete in the village.

During the tour to the development museum, I learnt more about the village's history and its development. Once a poor village, since the implementing of reform and opening-up policy, Hancunhe has now become one of the nation's model villages. Although not very large, all the villagers here live happily. Once entered the village, I fell in love it. The fresh air and the green trees make me feel very comfortable and away from the boisterous city atmosphere.

Today my favorite part is visiting a local family. The house is not big but very clean and tidy. I chat with the hostess. She is very friendly and enthusiastic and brought out a lot of fresh fruit for me to eat.

Already 5:00 pm now and I my tour is end. The kindly tour guide dropped me off at my hotel and say goodbye. I feel very satisfied with this trip because I get a very different feeling this time. Thank you again to Beijinglandscapes!

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