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Off Beaten Trail Countryside in Beijing - Chuandixia Village

Wondering how to get away from the bustling metropolis - Beijing City and enjoy ultimate outdoor excursion? The Chuandixia village would make a perfect off-the-beaten-trail outdoor excursion destination while traveling in Beijing. You could easily spend a few days exploring the village without running out of things to see, do and experience.

History of Chuandixia Village

The Chuandixia Village can be dated back as early as hundreds of years ago. Coming into being during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the village features a strong Han group styles in architecture, decorations, furnishings and layout. A bustling stop along the post road, the village once served as a key transit point for accessing to Shanxi Province from Beijing. The economy of the village mainly comes from farming and trading up to this day. The ancient architecture dominating the village can be traced back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1911). With a walk in this lively museum, the ancient courtyards, intricate carvings and cultural relics will give you a good sense of how the daily lives of the local villagers look like. Sprawling dozens of fun stuff to explore, the village never stops surprising its visitors while traveling around here.

What is Worth exploring in Chuandixia Village Today?

For those looking for some countryside sights in China and off the beaten trail walking, Cuandixia Village is a dream for backpackers. With a visit to the village, the ancient courtyards, local villagers and spectacular countryside scenery are all worth exploring while walking around the area. Despite the economic growth of Beijing, diverse and vibrant traditional folk culture and ancient architecture are well preserved in the village. Featuring its old glory and elegance, the village is sprawling with evergreen pine trees, verdant cypresses and mountainous valley. While exploring the village, you will have a lot of fun climbing up steep stairs and lanes paved with pebbles, traversing through ancient courtyards, old streets and ancient houses where the local villagers lead a relaxing lifestyles - enjoying playing cards or people watching in the street. Exploring an off the beaten track countryside excursion is all about an adventure down to Chuandixia Village.

The village of Cuandixia will make for a perfect vacation destination to spend some quality time with family and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. Alternatively the area is sprawling with amazing trails which will make for ideal walking experience for those adventurers.

Old City, Old Village – Fresh Feeling!

As old capital of China, Beijing owns various resources and historical sites. Besides the developing city, many villages are also developing themselves according to these historical sites.

Changyucheng Village sits at Liucun Town in Changping District, close to Mentougou and Huairou Districts, covers an area of 20,000mu, most of which is mountain and forestry. With Yan Great Wall in Warring State, old city built in Ming Dynasty, etc, Changyucheng Village keeps well-preserved traces of ancient buildings owing to few people tread. Nowadays, depending on these tourist resources including old Great Wall and old villages, Changyucheng Village starts to develop their rural tourist industry focuses on tourism and folk-custom reception.

Old Village - Fresh Feeling in Beijing

Walking on the footpaths of Changyucheng Village in summer, you will not feel the hot any more. What appear in your eyes are the green forest and residences built by stone and villagers sitting under the big tree in entrance of village talking their life and trifles. According to the introduction, Changyucheng Village shaped in Ming Dynasty, is the living place for soldiers who protected our home. The barbican entrance, old houses and temple still keep their original features after several hundred years. Besides these historical sites, the ecology landscape is also the most attractive place for tourists. Huanghuapo Scenic Spot owns wild yellow flowers in 300mu and blossom in July in every year. Yellow flowers cover all over the mountains and plains, flowing brook and faint circle path form the most beautiful scenery in this small village. For years, villagers of Changyucheng Village protecting these wild yellow flowers spontaneously, and there is no body picking.

Better ecology environment and abundant historical sites become the rich resources of villagers. The rich villagers value this land more, and 2 persons in every family protect the green mountains and river in whole year. Next, Changyucheng Village will use 25mu collectively owned land for building 25 standard greenhouses for cultivating lily seedball. In future, Changyucheng Village will become more beautiful and wealthy for every family. Changyucheng Village is only the representative of large amounts of villagers in Beijing, they also build their home more attractive and wealthy depending on themselves.

Cuandixia Ancient Village 1 Day Tour

In this famous land of Beijing, there is a traditional village lies in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District. It is mountain village with peaceful tranquilities and distinctive characteristics – Chuandixia Village, which hides itself in deep valley in west of Beijing. It is an occasional chance to discover this ancient village for me, but I missed it for the time being. Surfing this tour online, I booked it without any hesitation.

Cuandixia Ancient Village

It is a good local travel agency with well-reputed service and cheap price. I was picked up on departure time and drove to Chuandixia Ancient Village, and this distance takes about 3 hours. Along with the No. 109 National Road, we enjoyed the quiet and natural environment happily on the way. It is the first time for me to visit this kind of village with so many stone and earthy houses, and I cannot control myself about this exploration, but the tour guide persuaded me to takes a short rest and we would enjoy it in 2 hours. During the rest time, the tour guide explained that this village is built in Ming Dynasty, where the Han's Family has inhabited. After development from generation to generation, it become an inn on the post road and populated for many people. With long history of thousand years, Chuandixia Village has retained the traditional cultural relics and folk-custom.

Chuandixia Ancient Village is surrounded by mountains and stream flows through it. Walking in this village, I seemed to back to the ancient time of China, but the local villagers zaps me back to reality. They are so enthusiasm that I felt the actual relative, different with it in busy city. Entering in some houses of local family, their owners told me history and development of their houses and village. Having lunch in local restaurant, I felt it is the most real taste.

It is the most attractive environment and relation between villagers, and I like them very much. In addition, owing to the BeijingLandscapes.com, I had this worthy tour in Chuandixia Village.

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