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Impressive 3 Days in Beijing

I was always worried about if I could caught the airplane in third day after the one day tour, and the trip advisor asked my plane time and arranged my tour route again according to my demands. They are really responsible and serviced well-reputedly.

Tiananmen Square

Same as the first day, I have breakfast in hotel and met the tour guide and driver on time. The tour guide said that the trip advisor had told her the detailed arrangement of this day and she would give me reasonable tour route and ensure I could catch the plane, and let me at ease. And then we started the third day tour first to visit Tiananmen Square which is the largest public city center square in the world. I had heard of its name in news or internet and I know it is an important place for China, but it seemed like larger than on TV. The square is huge apparently it could hold 1 million people. The tour guide told me that if I arrived at Tiananmen Square in early morning I would enjoy the flag-raising ceremony which is the grandest ceremony on Tiananmen Square and always attracts amounts of people to enjoy it. If second time in Beijing, I must enjoy it.

Forbidden City

Across the street which is the famous Changan Avenue, Forbidden City sits there as a small city surrounded by walls and moat. Entering in it, I shocked by the rich contents and throngs of people in it. It is really a city in center of Beijing with the complete facilities, reflects the life condition of emperors living in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is said that Forbidden City was the imperial palaces of 24 emperors in that times. It is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world, shares the name of World Five Palaces with French Versailles, English Buckingham Palace, American White House and Russian Kremlin Palace. It is would transport you to the past of China straightly as well as me. Being within the city grounds will make you feel like you came straight out of a Chinese historical serial or movie. It is really profound and moving. Ended the short and abundant tour, the tour guide and driver sent me to Beijing Capital International Airport and the time was right for me!

It was a history and culture tour actually, shakes me deeply!

Short 2 Day Trip in Beijing, Interesting and Exciting

A must do when come to the capital to China. We had a great time and very satisfied with all the itinerary and services. Within these 2 days tour, we did visit Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and Summer Palace. Our guide had arranged the ideal time for us to visit the attractions. The time that she gave us to explore the attraction was enough, not too long but not too short either. Along the way, the tour guide was also always told us a lot of interesting stories and facts about China and Beijing. We learnt and understanding more about China history and culture after joined the trip.

Temple of Heaven, Landmark of Beijing

That was my first time visited Beijing and I got the trip with my friend help. She lived in Beijing and knew about this local travel agency. My friend also told us that we do not need to pay the money when booked the trip. We did pay the trip cost when we were joined the trip, on the day one to the tour guide. So it was very safety and responsible.

Beautiful Jade

About the trip, we got the best service that I never had. This private tour makes the trip really amazing. All itineraries were so right and ideal. The tour guide was so friendly and spoke really good English too. That makes our trip more fun at the same time. Besides all of those impressive famous attractions, tour guide also took us to visit many interesting Chinese traditional shops include the jade carving factory, Chinese water pearl shop etc. In Chinese jade carving factory we could not only see the beautiful jade that displayed but we also could see the excellent skills of carving those jades. Once we entered the shop, there was one speaker that brought us explore the shop and told us everything about the process of jade was make. We did see some of skilled people who carving those beauty jades carefully.

Souvenir We Bought

Once entered to the shop, my sister who interest in Chinese jade directly explored all the shop area. The area is relatively big and filled with some nice stalls where displayed a lot of jade in various sizes and shapes. The price of those jades were also can be seen by the visitors. Overall that I can be said, the trip was going smoothly without big problem ahead. Nice tour!

Incredible and Great Experience in Beijing

My last vacation to China was incredibly great! I did visit China for more than 3 times with my family, the first destination was Shanghai. My son studied Chinese in Shanghai for about two years, so I was like come to see and accompanied him eventually. My family also used this time for travelling around. Yes, my last vacation was nice with a short trip to Beijing, the capital of China.

Mutianyu Great Wall all covers with green

Beijing overall is a clean, well organized and such a modern city. Of course come to Beijing, we should visit Great Wall right, the world famous destination. So we did success come to the Wall and got the adventure with hike a section called Mutianyu. That section was relatively quiet and peaceful. It might because we came to the section on the weekdays so there were not so many visitors, not too crowded. It make our experience became wonderful. We had enough time explored the Wall by ourselves and took so many pictures during the trip.

Huge and Magnificent Forbidden City

Besides Great Wall, of course we did also visit others attractions include Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven etc. We even did have the chance visit the ancient imperial palace of China. A famous destination besides Great Wall in Beijing! Forbidden City was absolutely breathtaking. The old royal architecture buildings we could see along the way. More crowded than Mutianyu even on the weekdays, but overall we enjoyed its atmosphere and the layout. Really proud to come and able to enter the forbidden palace!

On the other way, we also got nice and satisfied services. The itinerary was organize, nice Chinese lunch, comfortable van, amazing destination choices, and the private tour guide. Our tour guide was really cooperative and responsible. She helped us arrange a lot of itinerary and always thought about our safety and comfort. Along the trip, she also told us a lot of China history and culture that she knew. With this private tour, we also could learnt and understand more. A private tour with family that really worth to take.

The tour was even better than we expected. We recommend the local Beijing agency for arranging the trip for you too. Really impressive experience and surely we will book other tour lines on your website. Could not wait for another trip to China and explore more!

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