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Nice Feeling during 2 Days Tour in Beijing

Have lived in Beijing for long times, I have no chance to visit the most famous attractions of Beijing, even though I have heard their names usually. This time, I booked a 2 days tour package online is the first step for my Beijing tour. Found a local Beijing travel agency, I inquired some details of this tour and route, and the real trip advisor explained these for me patiently. I booked this tour finally because of the reasonable arrangements, well-reputed service and low price.

Kunming Lake & Longevity Hill

First day, I visited the Badaling Great Wall, Summer Palace and Olympic Stadium. The Badaling Great Wall is one of the world wonders, and it is really worth it. I took cable car with the guide to enjoy the whole scenery of this huge project. The guide told me some stories about the Great Wall was built, and most of them are very sad, just because the heavy work and less foods. Arrived at one of the spot in Badaling Great Wall and got off to take pictures. Then we moved to Summer Palace, the imperial garden for emperors. It is opened to public for visiting and relaxing. Many local people take exercises here, including play card, Taiji, dancing, singing, etc. This garden has a beautiful lake, named as Kunming Lake. It has clear water and some people take boats on it. The other famous spot in Summer Palace is the Longevity Hill. Some buildings built on it, and climb on the hill, and we enjoy the whole scenery of Summer Palace. It was so happiness to be an emperor in China.

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests - Temple of Heaven

Second day we continue to visit the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. They are most of the imperial buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The style of them is very different from the constructions in our hometown. It is unique and has strong Chinese featured. Forbidden City seems like a huge courtyard of Beijing, consists many rooms for living and working. This huge construction recorded the history and culture of China in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

I must say it is really a worthy tour, in low price to enjoy the many famous attractions of Beijing. And beijinglandscapes.com is a good travel agency. Here recommend it sincerely.

Great Tour of 4 Days in Beijing!

My family and I, we were visited Beijing on our last vacation for a week. Because of its limited time, then we decided to take this 4 days tour. This 4 days tour covers everything we need on the tour, from the hotel, driver, tour guide, entrance tickets, lunch etc. All of that was very well organized and worth it for the money that I spend.

Impressive Great Wall Tour

During the 4 days, we did visit amount of representative attractions in Beijing include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Hutong Beijing etc. All the sightseeings were impressive and characteristic. In Great Wall, we did experience nice climb time as well as enjoys scenic views around the Wall.

AFun Hutong Rickshaw

fter that, in Hutong we did take a fun rickshaw ride for explore the old courtyard residence in Beijing. All of that was very memorable, the experience that I never get in my home country. We did learn local Beijing people life style and culture as well as discover how the old Beijing it was like. We did see countless remarkable old buildings in the area around Hutong Beijing.

Temple of Heaven

Others attractions were fascinating and wonderful. Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City were the important old buildings during dynasty era of China. Both places have their own history, function and layout. The architecture was also so ancient and impressive.

Talk about the service, I was satisfied with that. The tour guide is a very nice, informative and very helpful. She is always helped us during this private tour and also answering amount of questions. Not only the tour guide, driver is also very good and friendly, hotel is meet our need, very hygiene and comfortable, etc.

From the start till the end, all were well coordinated and going smoothly. Our family were enjoyed the trip thoroughly and very satisfied. Beijing was a big city that filled with a lot of old historical and cultural tourist attractions. The city was very clean and not too crowded. We did visit each sightseeing in Beijing conveniently and comfortable with our van. Amazing trip overall. We did learn a lot about Beijing, history of China and its historical sites as well as see a lot countless historical places around the capital. This tour was definitely worth experiencing to see some historical spots in Beijing.

My Great Tour Explore Beijing!

4 days Beijing bus tour I got from my online reservation in the local tour agency. From the start, I was so satisfied with the service, the tour advisor always help and told us a lot about Beijing and which attractions that we should visit within our limited time. From the pick up from the airport that was on time till the hotel where we stay during the whole tour that clean and comfortable. We got everything same as our expectations before. I felt the tour was worth of money that I spent.

The Great Wall stretch along the green mountain

Not only the service, the capital city Beijing is a nice city where has amount of famous historical sites known till around the world. There have Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace etc. All of that were so incredibly amazing. I felt very grateful to finally reach the Great Wall. We did climb the Wall and took so many pictures on the top of it. The surroundings were so stunning and beautiful. Not only the other section of the Wall but we did also see stunning sceneries surround it. The Wall built strongly and charming round between the slopes of the mountains.

17 Arch Bridge in Summer Palace

The other highlight in this tour was Summer Palace. The garden was surrounded by many historical relics and fascinating garden landscapes. Inside, there also located a huge manmade lake where visitors could sit down on the shore of the lake and enjoy the view. Hope we got more time to spend inside the garden to refreshing and exploring around. But, because its limited time, we did not make it.

Besides Great Wall and Summer Palace, other attractions were also so great and worth to see! Everything reflected rich history and culture of China. During the trip, tour guide was also shared a lot of informative tips when we were in Beijing. When we were exploring the sites, she was also told us the story behind each impressive spots so we could know what we saw along the way.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the tour and everything was taken care of. We did great experience and knew better about Chinese history, culture, art and life style. Memorable experience travel Beijing with great tour service! Worth it trip with beijinglandscapes.

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