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Great Trip for 3 Days in Beijing

We stayed Beijing for 3 days, and we spent the 3 days on visiting Beijing. I must say it was really a worthy tour. Beijing is one of the most popular tourist destinations all over the world. There are lots of tourist attractions and landmarks offered in the city, with amounts of people visiting all over the year. The custom and richness cuisines are the next attractions which make people keep on coming even if they have ever visited it.

We are first time visitors, the travel book told we should join a local travel agency to avoid being lost and troubles during the vacation. We searched this beijinglandscapes.com, it offered us patient service and unbeatable price. Starting with the busiest airport in Beijing, the Beijing Capital International Airport is our starting point. Without any determination, the tour guide and driver sent us to the hotel, which is booked included in this tour, we just chosen one among various hotels and pay for it. This Beijing tour operator has reasonable arrangement, and we visited most famous attractions of Beijing during 3 days.

Peking Opera Show in Liyuan Theater

First day, we had good rest in hotel after long distance airplane journey. At night, we enjoyed a Peking Opera show, and it is very difficult to understand for us. But the facial makeup and costumes attracted me deeply. Various colors and paintings make the costumes have different meanings, which are the representations of hierarchy. According to the tour guide, I understand what they were sing, it was just a story happened in ancient China. This opera is very different from our operas, not only singing, but also has many special actions. For example, one actor can twirl his accessories on head without any help of hand. It needs many experiences in fact. Like this, there are still various skills showed in performance, and they are really mysterious.

The next 2 days, we visited the most famous Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Badalibng Great Wall, etc. They have their own characteristics, but they have a common feature: they were used as the royal constructions in ancient China from Ming or Qing Dynasty. Ended of this tour package, we know about the China more and love it more

Impressive Great Wall and Ming Tombs Day Trip

My day trip visit Badaling Great Wall, one of the famous sections of the Wall was very memorable! It was my first time to visit the Wall in China and I did it with my family. A big family! So I had chosen this private trip! Overall, yeah, it is very organized and under control. Me and my family, we also had a great vacation!

Changling in Ming Tombs

At the morning, tour guide picked us in front of my hotel. She was very nice and polite person. Greet us with big smile and good English, we directly ride on to the van and head to the Ming Tombs, our first destination. That day fortunately the weather was good! Along the journey, tour guide was told us about everything, about the city, history of Ming Tombs, one day journey that we will take etc. So we did not get boring.

Arrived at Ming Tombs, we entered to the big area with many tress and Chinese pavilions or pillar. Tour guide was told us more about history of Ming Tombs, where buried 13 emperor of Ming dynasty and even more some empresses in the area. Explore the tombs, not all of the area, some part of it, I could feel little bit scared. The place was very quiet and calm, might be because there was a sacred area.

Magnificent and Crowded Badaling Great Wall

After that, we transferred to the Chinese restaurant to take some lunch. After have a little rest and had some Chinese lunch we go to the Great Wall. Badaling was very crowded and a lot of local people. But we keep enjoyed the trip and excited climbed the Wall. Although it was tired but I am proud I already visited the Wall! Very impressive one! The sceneries were very stunning and fascinating!

After about 2 hour explored the Wall, we gathered together and tour guide was waiting for us to back to the city. We had visited Olympic Stadium and have 45 minutes to take some photos around the stadium. The architecture was just so amazing and magnificent. Satisfied with all of the whole day photos that we had taken, we head back to the hotel and tour guide send us home. That one day was goes very quickly and memorable! We all happy and grateful to have this tour! Thank you!

One Day Historical Site Tour in Beijing

A wonderful experience that I had in Beijing last vacation! We directly call the agency and they were friendly explained to us about the tour, when and where tour guide would pick us and many others about the trip. First, tour guide picked us from the hotel on the decided time on time and after that, we visited Mutianyu Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall in Green

I was excited to visit the famous and magnificent Great Wall that time. It was my first time explored it and it was fabulous. The tour guide told us about the Wall and after that, she give us some time for us to explore it. There had less visitors. Visited Mutianyu was a right choice for us, the view around was stunning. There had a huge of vegetation area and the weather was fresh. Because less visitors, we could capture many photos as we want. That was a nice first experience to visit the Wall. Never forget it and very worth!

After that, tour guide sent us to have lunch in the Chinese restaurant. The food was good and because it was a private tour, then we could eat it by our self. After lunch, we head to the large square where located in the center of the city. As a symbol of China, a center of many national events held for hundreds years. Around it, there also located many historical places, we captures all of those historical places from the square.

Forbidden City - Imperial Palace

After visited the Square, tour guide sent us to visit Forbidden City, a big palace which located close from the Square. We entered the palace and we knew it was a huge palace with fascinating architecture. The ancient design in each building and high wall surround them. It was just a perfect palace for the emperor at past, more than the palace, like a city. Really impressive feeling!

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