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Mistakes People Made about Lama Temple

Beijing has a diverse culture and a profound history. And the Buddhist culture is an important part of Chinese culture and there are plenty of Buddhist sights in Beijing. But there are some mistakes people make about the Lama Temple. The temple is not like any other Buddhist temples in Beijing. It is more related to the Tibetan Buddhism, very rare in Beijing.

Lama Temple

Mistake 1: Not a Palace Any More
Lama Temple used to be a prince palace in Qing dynasty. It is called Yonghegong in Chinese but it is not a palace any more. It has become the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Beijing. Lama Temple has long been the largest Tibetan Buddhism Temple in Beijing. Covering an area of 66,400 square meters, it has long enjoyed a high prestige and a long history in China. It is used to be the Mansion of Prince Yong and converted as A Tibetan Buddhism temple during the reign of Qianlong in Qing dynasty. It consists of a series of palaces and halls, as well as a group of statues. The most outstanding attraction is no other than those wooden carving groups which enjoy a high prestige in the world. They undoubtedly have added more charms and a fascinating hue to Lama Temple. Moreover, there are a large number of old locust trees in this place.

Mistake 2: Not Normal Buddhism inside the Compound
You should not be surprised to find that the temple is different from the other temples you see in Beijing. Do not take it as a normal temple while visiting the compound on a day trip. Every year, there will be hosting a series of Buddhism ceremonies and rites in Lama Temple. At that time, thousands of monks will get together to pray or hosting some traditional ceremonies concerning Buddhism. In the meanwhile, a wide variety of vegetarian food will be available for the tourists. And if you happen to come across these ceremonies, you definitely should try some of the vegetarian food on your Lama Temple tour. On this tour, not only can you get a glimpse of the most splendid temple structures but also enjoy a cultural journey. This trip will get you closer to Buddhism and how those monks live. In this temple, you do not have to be a monk to feel extremely peaceful and at ease.

Overall, the Lama Temple is a great place to understand Tibetan Buddhism while visiting Beijing.

Mistakes for Flight Journey

We took the flight from Shanghai adventuring Beijing. It is our first time enjoying the China domestic flight journey, very meaningful and unforgettable. However, on the whole journey, I made mistakes. Today, I would like to share them with you.

Some Liquid Articles Are Forbidden to Take
I carried a lot taking the flight, my daily making up articles, drinks and some other liquid articles. On the whole journey, my husband and child hold careful feeling. We observed all the regulations and followed the rules. To our surprised is that my making-up articles were forbidden to take. Drinks, cream, spray, contact are all belonging to the liquid articles. Before checking, we put the liquid into a transparent plastic bag. Each liquid is put in less than 100ml container. However, my making-up articles beyond the limitation. The checker told us that these liquid articles we can purchase on the airport lounge and then they should be packed into our carry-on luggage. It is really boring. In addition to this, my baby's milk is forbidden. The relative officer said that we should inform the airline and they will prepare for us in advance. It is based on the safety condition.

Lithium Battery Limitation
In addition to the liquid articles, there are certain regulations for the lithium battery. All the digital products with lithium equipped should be put in the carry-on luggage. It is better to prepare at most two spare batteries. These batteries should be well preserved in case of short-circuit. When passing the checking procedure, we were ordered to take the digital products with lithium equipped one by one. These articles are forbidden to put into the checked baggage. Relative officer told us that if we put the lithium battery in the wet environment, it will lead to dangerous condition and it may set free inflammable gas in water or in wet air. For the regulation, there are certain rules designed.

Without Booking Car Rental Service
For the boring checking, we took the flight to Beijing. The service on the flight is very perfect that we enjoyed the terrific atmosphere. What to our surprised is that we four lost in the Beijing Airport. Crowded tourists, cars and buses stopped up the area. We carried the luggage and led our children searching the railway to get the downtown hotel. It is really upset without booking the fluent car rental service.

For this time taking China domestic flight, we really understand a lot!

Mistakes People Make about Kungfu Show

Nowadays, Chinese Kong fu has gone world-wide and enjoyed a renowned fame among the tourists to China. It has also become one of the most trademarks in terms of Chinese experience. Every year, millions of people flood into China to enjoy the most amazing Chinese Kong fu show. However, there are still some misunderstandings or mistakes people make about the Kungfu show. Now take the red theater for example.

Kungfu Show

Mistake 1: Performance in Red Theater is not Authentic
At the mention of Chinese Kong fu show, Red Theater has enjoyed quite a good fame among the tourists in Beijing. It used to be called Cultural Palace Theater. This theater is dedicated to bring the old arts back to the public and revive the old traditions from the old Tianqiao area. It boasts a series of the most comfortable observing facilities and dedicated to provide the tourists with the most amazing environment. Launched a large number of Chinese Kong fu shows, the most outstanding one is no other than the legend of Chinese Kong fu. This show is said to be a typical Shaolin Kong fu show and performed all by the Shaolin monks.

Mistake 2: Too Much Martial Art not Very Artistic
After its debut, Kungfu show has earned a great deal of compliments from the audiences. For half year, the successful performances have made itself a new spotlight in terms of Beijing experience. This theater has long enjoyed a good fame among the foreign tourists in Beijing. Every night, it is filled with crowds of people. This show is exclusively made for the tourists and combined a wide variety of other arts. Since its debut, this show has also attracted a large amount of foreign leaders or key figures and complimented by them. They were all created based on the traditional Chinese Kong fu. This large-scale Chinese Kong fu show centers on the traditional Chinese martial arts and combined other arts, like dance, music and aerobatics and so on. It mainly vivifies the growth of Monk Chunyi. In this show, this little monk has gone through a lot of ups and downs in chasing his dream. This show has fully reflected all the amazing Chinese Kong fu skills. These skills were added into the plots and reflected the spirits of the monk.

Overall, the show cannot be fully enjoyed with these mistakes about the performances.

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