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Mistakes I Made Eating Peking Roast Duck

First time to Beijing, under the leading of the tour guide, we came to the Quanjude Restaurant to taste of the Peking Roast Duck. Once enjoyed the honored Roast Duck, I corrected the mistakes I ever held.

Peking Roast Duck

Just Regard Peking Roast Duck as New Dish
For the fresh appearance and delicious flavor, Peking Roast Duck appears to me as a new-produced dish. I have never studied it not alone its background and culture. While eating, I just got it has the same high with Great Wall. It has profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. It is said that earlier in the Yuan Dynasty, the dish only served in royal families. Up until the Southern Song Dynasty, ducks were roasted in the area around Jinling. However, the later Yuan Dynasty rulers moved their capital city to Beijing from Nanjing and took with them their cuisine thus making roast duck popular in the city that was finally to make it its very own specialty.

Confuse the Cooking Procedure
For the delicious Peking Roast Duck, one piece by one piece, I thought they were cooked very simple from the appearance. However, to my surprise, it spends much time cooking and there are many procedures. Over a long period of improvement, the cooking procedure has been firmly established. First, a suitable white Beijing duck should be prepared. After this duck was plucked, air is pumped between its skin and flesh. A small incision is made for the removal of the entrails. Second, one the duck was totally cleaned, a wooden skewer is inserted through it to facilitate its hanging and ultimate heating. After that, the skin of the duck is air dried and brushed with a layer of sugar. At last, this duck was put into a big oven, using a smokeless hardwood fuel and heating to about 270 degrees Centigrade for 40 minutes. After that, the delicious roast duck is ready.

Mistake in the Eating
In the eating procedure, there are also certain ideas. When eating the duck, the chef will put over 100 thin flakes on the table and each has its piece of crispy skin. First, taking one of the small, thin pancakes provided and spread it with plum sauce, small slices of spring onions and then adds some pieces of duck. Then, roll the pancake up and take a bite.

Peking Roast Duck is just like a scenic spot needing your careful tastes!

Mistakes I Made Watching Peking Opera Show

I have never seen a Peking Opera show before, but on my first time visit to Beijing I decided to give the show a try to see why it is so attractive and mystic. Lots of my friends who have seen the show recommended to me. However, as I know so little about the Peking Opera, I made a few mistakes about the show.

Peking Opera Show

Mistake 1: I assumed Peking Opera was new art form in China
I first thought the Peking Opera was nothing but new art form and caught on in China and the world just over the last few decades. But I was wrong about it. Later I found out that the dramatic art form also known as Beijing Opera has been a staple of Chinese traditional arts for more than two centuries. It gradually came into being in 1790, when the Four Great Anhui Troupes went to Beijing to perform for the Imperial Court. And though it was called the Beijing Opera, it was founded based on many other local operas in China. Later, as well-known opera troupes from Hubei performed with the Anhui performers, the art form was gradually formed. The Beijing Opera was founded after mixing the Hubei and Anhui opera style with two primary melodies adapted from the Shanxi musical tradition: Xipi and Erhuang. Afterwards the Beijing dialect was added into the opera. Today, Beijing Opera is considered China's national art form.

Mistake 2: I thought the opera was part of acrobatic show
At first I thought the Beijing Opera was merely part of the Chinese acrobatic show. As it turned out, they have little in common. Beijing Opera has its own convoluted plots, vivid makeup, beautiful costumes and sets, and the unique vocal style used by performers. The Beijing Opera focuses more on the vocal performances instead of the bodily movements and balance. And the plots are all adapted from political and military strife, rather than romance. The basic stories date back to hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Un like the acrobatics performers, the performer of Beijing Opera all dress as historic emperors and officials, generals, and even supernatural beings such as gods. And it takes lots of imagination to understand the plot and story of the performance. There is broad use of acrobatics in the Beijing Opera performance but the opera is not all about the acrobatics.

Anyway, after the Beijing Opera show, I got a better understanding of the art form and Chinese culture.

Mistakes to Ruin your Visit to Beijing

It is a big decision to visit Beijing, the capital city of China. There are plenty of things to be considered, and one of the most annoying is no doubt the visa. If you do not travel much, then you will easily make a lot of mistakes with the visa while visiting Beijing. Here are some mistakes concerning the China visa which may easily ruin your visit to Beijing.


Mistake 1: Overlook the valid date of your china visa
China has a strict visa system when it comes to entry to China, especially the capital city of Beijing. For those first time visitors to Beijing, they tend to overlook the valid date of the China visa and as a result they ended up in trouble. If the valid date of China visa expired, you are not allowed to stay in Beijing any longer. If you did not check out the valid date of your China visa and still stay in the city, you may end up being expulsed. China visa can be extended if you want stay longer in the city, so even if the valid date of your visa expired, there is nothing much to worry about. However, you really need to keep the valid date of your visa in mind and extend the visa in advance, otherwise, you may end up in trouble while visiting Beijing.

Mistake 2: Loss of the visa or passport in Beijing
There is nothing much more annoying than the loss of visa or passport while visiting Beijing. You will easily find that the loss of the visa or passport may ruin your trip to Beijing and leave you in a bad mood for exploring the city. So to avoid the situation, you really need keep an eye out on your important documents. If you lost the visa or passport, you may ask for help from your tour guide or travel advisor and report to the local police office and submit another application for the visa or passport at the embassy or consul. Anyway, the loss of visa or passport is something you would not want to happen to you.

Overall, visa is very important while visiting Beijing, so try not to make the above-mentioned mistakes while in Beijing!

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