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Mistakes I Made during My Beijing Tour

No doubt that everyone wants to have a perfect tour in Beijing and have a good time. To avoid making the mistakes I made, here is a little advice to better enjoy your trip to Beijing.

Large Group Tour in Beijing

Mistake 1: Going with a large group tour
As first time visitors to Beijing, I decided to join a cheap group tour to see those historic sites in Beijing. As it turned out, I made a really bad decision. Our travel group was packed with other travelers and only one tour guide to share, which made the day trips kind of a mess over those days I spent in Beijing. I did get a chance to see plenty of historic sites over 2 days, but the duration of visit to those sights was not enough for me to fully explore as I wanted. And our trips were kind of in a rush and all we could do was following our guide here and there. And when the time was up, we had to call it a day no matter how we wanted to see more of it. It was really a terrible experience I had by joining that large group tour. I only wanted to save some money when I decided to join that travel group, but as it proved I really made a big mistake. A pleasant experience is worth way more than money, from my personal experience! If you want to have a flexible tour, private tour is a better choice though a little bit expensive.

Mistake 2: Drove the car on my own
To visit the Great Wall at those off the beaten path sections, I rented a car from a travel agency in Beijing through my hotel. Instead of hiring a driver and a tour guide, I decided to drive to those destinations on my own, which was the biggest mistake I made. Though no accidents happened along the way, I lost my way a couple times while I was driving to see the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng and Simatai sections. The GPS did help much at all on my ride over there. I got really mad at myself for not hiring a driver. I was too confident about my driving to realize that I was a total stranger to the rural Beijing area. I paid the price and I learned my lesson as well after my trip to the wall was almost ruined.

Overall, you really should not make the mistakes I made while visiting Beijing!

Mistakes I Made while Visiting Beijing

My vacation in China was just incredible and I had a really good time over those days in China. However, I made a few mistakes while visiting Beijing.

My Beijing Tour

Mistake 1: Planned only a short stay in Beijing
I had planned my trip to Beijing for a couple of days, like the transport, accommodation and tour guide and so on, but I only planned on a three-day trip to Beijing. In the end, as it turned out, three days were not enough to explore essence of Beijing. To be honest, I did not expect the metropolis of Beijing to be so enormous and populous and more importantly there are so many fun things to see, do and experience while I was visiting Beijing. Visiting those historic sites within the city proper had took me two days and I still did not have time to do some trips outside Beijing, like hiking to the Great Wall. On the last day, I realized that it was not enough to get more essential experiences within three days, so I had to cancel my train ticket to Xian at the last minute. I got to say, it was a really big mistake to plan a short trip to Beijing. You would want to explore more of Beijing once you get here, that is part of the charms of Beijing. In the beginning you may think it just a normal metropolis just like New York, but once you spend a couple days in here, you will realize Beijing is so much fun to explore with its history and culture.

Mistake 2: Did not stick to a healthy diet
Another mistake I made while visiting Beijing is I did not keep my daily diet on a regular routine. There were times I had too much to eat and drink, other times, I just forgot it was time to have breakfast or lunch. So over those days while I was in Beijing, I did not stick to my diet plan like I did back home. Days after my trip to China, I got sick at home. I guess it has much to do with my diet while I was visiting Beijing. From personal experience, it is not such a good idea to skip a few breakfasts or lunches while visiting Beijing. It is not good for your health or weight in the end.

Overall, you really should not repeat the mistakes I made while planning on a trip to Beijing!

Mistakes to Avoid while Visiting Beijing

While traveling abroad is fun and all, but there are also some mistakes that first time visitors can easily make, especially when they visit Beijing for the first time. Here are two big mistakes to avoid if you do not want ruin your experience by making them in Beijing.

Mistake 1: Over-reliance on guidebooks
Travel in Beijing

It is a common mistake that travelers tend to over-rely on guidebooks while traveling abroad. From my personal experience, guidebooks can help you only in a limited way and sometimes may mislead you. Beijing as a sprawling metropolis is hard to navigate and seek out the best the city has to offer. Most people would say, hiring a tour guide absolutely solve that as they tend to take care of everything for you. But what if there is no tour guide around? Then it seems the guidebooks are the only alternative you can get for your travel in Beijing. It is partly true that travelers can rely on those guidebooks written by experienced travels. However, there are plenty of details regarding traveling in Beijing that may not be included in the guidebooks. So if you rely too much on the guidebooks, instead of making a thorough plan for your visit in Beijing, then you may end up in a crumby mood as you go along with the guidebooks. Something may turn up along the way and you cannot seem to find an answer in the guidebooks. Overall, over-reliance on guidebooks should be avoided as much as possible while visiting Beijing. It is much better to book a tour in advance if you are a fresher in Beijing.

Mistake 2: Obsessive Photography
Travel in Beijing

It is easy to get carried away while traveling abroad, especially when you are visiting Beijing - a city bursting out with interesting stuff to see, do and experience. So naturally, what will most travelers do? They keep their cameras rolling wherever they go. As a result, they run out of film rolls pretty soon, then when the highlight sights come along, they just could do nothing to capture them. What a shame? Taking pictures while traveling is supposed to be a way to memorize the trip or capture some rare moments, but obsessive photograph without choice is definitely not a good idea.

Overall, to avoid these above-mentioned mistakes, you will have yourself a pleasant trip to Beijing!

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