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Mistakes for Discover Old Beijing Lifestyle

Staying in Beijing so many years, I got the Beijing modern appearance and fast developing condition. Dazzling neon and luxurious plazas become the common features decorating the metropolis city. So, I aroused the idea having a deep research to old Beijing. I wanted to get some appearance or some tastes about original Beijing.

Without Fully Visit to Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong

Someone said that if you want to know the real old Beijing life, Beijing Hutong is an ideal place. However, I came to Beijing Hutong, walking along the narrow street, masses and unlevel road becomes the obstacle of my vision. I could not get real essence of old Beijing. Only under the suggestion of my friend, I took the rickshaw. The driver is local Beijing people. He grew up in this land getting much about this familiar place. On the whole journey, he gave us much information about each Hutong. What is the most interesting is each Hutong has certain name. Some of them are named after the people's name. Some are for commemorating some affairs. We enjoyed the stories the driver telling and appreciate the tranquil street. Sihe Courtyards arranged neatly lured us every minute. We got off and entered into. Wow, so many flowers planting around the yard, very warm and cozy. Local residence gave us the warmest greeting with authentic old Beijing dialect. Listen to them talking, I felt I have gone back home. There is always the cordial feeling around me. Yes, it is just the old Beijing lifestyle.

Without Appreciating Beijing Opera
Peking Opera

Another method is just appreciating the old Beijing art - Peking Opera. I liked Peking Opera very much though I do not understand the real meaning. To be honest, I am very interested in the performing style and their face painting. Sitting in the theater, sipping a cup of tea with the old Beijing people to enjoy the quintessence of China, it is truly an enjoyment. With decorated with the traditional style, the theater is full of old Beijing tastes. Appreciating the performers dressing the unique style clothes, I felt I have become a member of them. The environment is kept tranquil without disturbing. After seeing the performance, on the way back to my hotel, I passed through the narrow street. Faint light under the moon make all the houses become the delicate treasure.

I thought they will be kept forever not the best preserved appearance but the inner atmosphere and traditional tastes. I will never forget the old Beijing visiting experience!

Mistakes I Made in my first Beijing Trip

While traveling in the historical city of Beijing may be fun and eye-opening, but for first time visitors like me, it was much of a challenge to navigate the sprawling city, let alone do some serious sightseeing on my own. Here are two big mistakes I made while exploring the city on my own.

Mistake 1: Easily fell for those tacky and pricy crafts
Beijing Panjiayuan Market

It seems that trip to Beijing would be complete without some shopping. There are plenty of shopping venues available in Beijing, from upscale shopping malls, street stalls to antique markets – the list goes on and on. While traveling on your own instead of following a group tour, you really should pay more attention the minute you find it hard to resist those amazing crafts or antiques. Walking around the city on your own, chances are you will come across some stalls selling a wide variety of souvenirs, handcrafts or antiques. Trust me none of them are real stuff but the seller sell for a steep price, and if you are not familiar with Chinese or have not got some bargaining skills up your sleeve, you better hold your horses and do not rush to make a deal just yet. However, if you are just in a mood for shopping some gifts for family or friends, to pick up some creative crafts which cost a little is highly recommended.

Mistake 2: not careful while sampling the gourmet street food
Snacks in Beijing

There are so many dining options in Beijing, from stylish restaurant, specialty shops to bustling food street. A wide variety of gourmet foods are hard to resist while traveling in the city. Chances are you will be heading to one of the many foot streets for an authentic dining experience, but it is not without risks. While the gourmet Chinese food may be tempting with its marvelous color, texture and taste, but if the street food is healthy enough is still in doubt. So if you really cannot resist the temptation for the food, it is highly recommended to try the most popular food favored by Chinese people. It will be safer and you can still taste some authentic Chinese street food. Anyway, you would not want some bad food to ruin your travel and worse than that you might get sick or something. It is better to be safe than to be sorry no matter how adventurous you are.

Overall, try to avoid these mistakes as much as you can, you will make the most out of your travel in Beijing!

Lethality Mistakes Visiting Forbidden City

Visiting Beijing is always my dream these years. Because of the busy business, I have no enough time. I like spring much. So, I spared my weekend come to Beijing. I felt very happy that I grasped many travel skills but regret for the faulty Beijing tour.

Forbidden City

Without Detail Itineraries for Beijing Highlights
After arriving at Beijing, I was completely shocked by the bad traffic! The entrance and exit of airport was full crowded tourists and cars. Such a bad scene! I seized the time, finding the metro going to Forbidden City. Yes, Forbidden City is the first destination I wanted to appreciate, because it is located in the center of Beijing. Oh, my god, I checked and searched. After one hour, I got on the metro. Also, there are many crowded tourists. This time, I wanted to go out taking the tax, but late. After a long journey, standing in the metro, I got very tired. When the station is arrived, I ran out, finally relieved! This time, my stomach has become very vacant! After buying some food in the market, I finally entered into Forbidden City. But, the time has reached 1:00pm. It is very different from my original idea. Followed the groups, I visited many palaces without right leading. So, my first day passed like this. I want to say, without detail plan, having a terrific tour is not simple.

Without Booking Hotel in Advance
After the unforgettable visiting, I checked and telephoned the hotel, but all filled. Because of the center location, all the hotels are full of tourists. I finally stayed in the third ring hotel. Came here, I took the taxi. Service is very satisfactory. 

Taking too Much Cash
During the weekends, tourists coming out so much, when I paying the money to the water seller, because of squeeze, some cash disappeared in the crowded groups. You could not imagine how angry at that time. At that time, I really want to go back and gave up the tour. So, if you are planning your journey, no matter wherever you want to go, taking a card or little cash will be ideal.

After the tour finished, I concluded, booking a tour is perfect. All the problems will be disappear!

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