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Three Mistakes during My First Visit to Beijing

Last week I made some stupid mistakes during my stay in Beijing. My travel there was really a mess, to tell you the truth.

Mistake 1: Just Some Basic Information about the Places I want to Visit
Over - confident as I was the day before I started my trip in Beijing, I merely surfed on the internet for some basic information about the places I want to visit, yet it never crossed my mind to plan ahead. How could I ever be so stupid like that! Note that just because you have been to other places all by yourself before does not mean you could handle the situation here in Beijing, for it is nothing like the other places in the world. Something unexpected might happen along the way, no matter how experienced you are! As it turned out, I got some attractions confused and everything was kind of a bummer from day one! Even if I made it to the places I intended to explore, I did not see much of what I wanted to see, because most of the time, I was either looking for my way or hit the wall.

Mistake 2: Not Book the Hotel in Advance
It was not until I landed in Beijing that I started to look for a hotel, because I did not book one in advance. I guess I was stupid enough to neglect the fact that it was peak season for traveling. At the time, Beijing was packed with tourists from home and abroad. After a series of walking and dragging my luggage around downtown Beijing, I finally landed a hotel. You could never have guessed what a relief that was! However, things just would not stop to get me down. Everything in the hotel did not live up to its price I paid. However I got no one else to blame but myself!

Mistake 3: Got Messed Up with the Transport in Beijing
Biggest mistake of all! I got messed up with the transport in Beijing! I had surfed on the internet for the exact location and got a map at hand, still I lost my way. Funny part was I spent hours looking for the spot yet it was just around the corner! Worse than that was there were a few times I was confused myself and paid higher prices for transport than the entrance tickets.

After that experience I learned and would highly recommend to others that to join a group tour if you are a first-timer in Beijing. That way you could save more money, time and energy and make the most of the trip!

Our Beijing Summer Holiday!

A must do in your Beijing list! This tour covered all of the sightseeing that we want to see when we were in Beijing so because of that we did choose this tour line. Our trip in Beijing started with a short visit to several historical attractions around such as, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and even a night show, Acrobatics Show in our first evening in Beijing.

The Chinese Acrobatics Show was really amazing and breathtaking. All of performers gave their best performance at that night. Full of skilled and did successful complete the dangerous actions during the show. The exciting acts performed are the juggling of large porcelain urns, martial arts, balancing of bowls, umbrellas or stacked chairs, rope walking, pole climbing, roller skating, plate swirling, and many others. With advanced and beautiful stage as background combined with music, choreography and costumes of the performers, it makes the performance more beautiful and entertaining.

Amazing and Entertaining Beijing Acrobatics Show

More than that, we also did visit a magnificent Great Wall, must visit place in Beijing that everyone should not missed. In Juyongguan section of the Wall, we could see breathtaking and stunning sceneries in surroundings. That makes everything even better because located in the suburbs outside the city. We could breathe fresh air and hike the Wall without crowd.

Besides its scenery and Great Wall itself, on top of the wall, I also found some local sellers offered drinks, chocolate, snacks and even cold beer! Can you imagine it? Of course they sell all that things with more expensive price. Could not imagine how local people bring such a heavy things to the top of the Wall.

Summer View of Juyongguan Great Wall

I heard from our guide Juyongguan would be beautiful in autumn because the red leaves, but poorly we already back home at that time. So I would like to recommend this tour for whoever comes to Beijing and want visit Great Wall at that time. Yeah, overall, I think the tour was organized, well worth it and accommodating. Every day pick up and drop off service which were so nice, tour guides were professional and friendly, all the schedule went well based on the itinerary, without a big change. And because of that, we could have a relaxing time in Beijing. Take this tour if you come to Beijing with your big family and large numbers of friends! It will be worth!

Bring us to Visit Must Sees Places in Beijing

This is my first time visit Beijing and I am really excited about it. My first time visit Beijing of course I would spend with explores some famous historical sites in the capital. Make plan do not waste our time then we booked this private 3 days tour. We find this local travel agency website on the internet then just did book the tour. First, called the trip advisor then finally reserved the tour at last.

Within those 3 days, we did see lots of landmarks of Beijing, modern and old. With this tour, it took us to explore Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Hutong and others. For me everything about Beijing was ancient and fresh. It was really different from where I come from. The life style and customs of local people, its architecture historical sites, the history, transportation system etc are different.

Impressive Badaling Great Wall near Beijing

The surely thing that I got from Beijing is experience. New experience that I would not forget, especially when I took the rickshaw ride roamed around old lane of Beijing or just hike on Great Wall, which I never did it before. I loved the itinerary of the tour which brought us to the suburbs outside Beijing for visit Ming Tombs and Great Wall on the second day of the tour. An escape outside Beijing, a nice excursion to the huge Ming emperors tomb and famous magnificent Great Wall. Oh and in the evening of this second day tour, we also had a peking duck dinner which was delicious. Not so much as our expectation but it is so authentic and new. My first time to taste Chinese Peking duck flavor too. Lots of first time I did experience in Beijing, China so because of that I loved it. There are so much different sides of China which are not same with my culture or life style.

Authentic Peking Duck

The place where I loved the most is Forbidden City, an ancient palace of China where located in the center of the city. I could feel the deep history while explore the huge royal palace. Lots of important buildings and halls we did explored and at the same time knew interesting history behind each spot of it. Overall, I could say that the tour was accommodating enough and well organized till the end. Thank you for the arrangements!

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