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Hutong is not Simply Old Beijing Culture

As the narrow lane lying around Beijing downtown area, Beijing Hutong has attracted loads of attention among tourists with unique tastes, culture and history. It almost has become a must-enjoy place for visitors from home and abroad. But, with time goes by, it is not simply the old Beijing culture again!

Calligraphy Learning in Hutong

Profound History
It is said that Hutong houses profound history originating during Yuan Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, Mongolians attached great importance to water, so almost every community in this city was designed around a well, which provide the daily water for the locals. Until now, tourists can still find dry wells in Hutong. In the past years, Beijing was composed of hundreds of courtyards around the Forbidden City and these lanes stretched out in all four directions, connecting different kinds of courtyards in the city. These lanes have their own layout and structure, and when viewed from the air the combination of the lanes and courtyards resemble a chessboard with delicate gardens. So, the Hutong formed appearing in present as the culture of old Beijing.

Colorful Activities Held in Hutong
Nowadays, in addition to enjoy the local lifestyle and culture, tourists here are mainly for the colorful activities. If you want to enjoy Chinese cuisine cooking, come to Hutong where you can experience the local cooking. Taught by the local famous cooker, you can not only learn the cooking skills but also learn more about Chinese traditional culture. The calligraphy learning is also established here. From this, you can get deep understanding about Chinese calligraphy and culture. Besides, the language learning and painting learning all established here. Just according to your interests, choose one to cultivate sentiment and mood.

Delicate Shops Hidden
There are many small, unique and well decorated shops hidden in these lanes, especially in Nanluoguxiang. There is also a famous restaurant called Pass by Bar in Nanluoguxiang. It is a gathering place for the local people and foreign backpackers. As a theme bar, Yizhan is built based on an old courtyard. In addition to these special modern-style shops, there are some more traditional shops scattered in the lanes.

There are so many treasures in Beijing Hutong, it is not simply boring culture appreciation again! Join us to experience these activities!

Shichahai is not All about Sightseeing

For quite a long time, Shichahai has been a favorite haunt for the visitors to Beijing. The scenic area is a great place to do sightseeing, but there is more to it than meets the eye. If you think Shichahai is all about sightseeing, you are making a big mistake.

Beijing Shichahai

Profound History
Shichahai has long been a historic scenic area in Beijing with a long history and a high prestige. Located in Xicheng District, Shichahai got its name from ten temples around it. Since Qing Dynasty, Shichahai area has been a popular summer retreat. With an area of 146.7 hectares, it consists of Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai. Around Shichahai, there are many mansions and gardens, such as the well-preserved Prince Gongs Mansion, Prince Chuns Mansion, Former Residence of Guo Moruo, etc. so here has best reserved the authentic flavors of old Beijing city. The scenic area is full of natural and historical attractions which are all worthwhile seeing. There used to be 3 generalissimos living on Liuyin Street in Shichahai area. Filled with cultures and histories, as well as natural beauties, Shichahai has accumulated a rich collection of varied cultures from different ranks. The hutong and Quadrangles can best represent the folk culture and history of old Beijing city.

Diverse Options for Fun
Nowadays, Shichahai is throbbing with elegance and fashion. Touring in the beautiful Shichahai area, you can take rickshaw to visit the hutong and historical relics of old Beijing city; you can hire a boat to enjoy the charming views of three lakes; and you can also take bike to taste the traditional customs. In recent years, the Bar Street has become one of the most flourishing places at night in Beijing. This bar street has not only amazing views but also varied bars and clubs. Around this street, the tourists can do a series of activities. There are also a wide variety of delicious cuisines and flavored snacks available around the area.

There are diverse options to make the most of your trip to Shichahai area, not only the sightseeing.

Mistakes I Made Shopping at Panjiayuan

I was very interested in Chinese traditional items and antiques. So, this time, I came to the famous Panjiayuan Market. It is the largest, most complete, cheapest and most popular market selling second hand goods and curios in China. There are too many types of goods in this market. I felt it is just a museum. However, I made some mistakes in the purchasing procedure.

Beijing Panjiayuan Market

Without Carefully Confirming
One vender introduced me an ancient jar that looks very beautiful. I decided put it on the hall of my house. It brings us the traditional tastes and anent culture. I thought the price is very suitable for the quality. I bought it. But, after going back home, my father told me it is a fake. I got very upset for it. My friends told me that it very good to bring a magnifying glass. Carefully appreciating is an ideal choice. When select, we should be careful. In common, the sellers can be roughly divided into three categories: special stores where the goods are of high quality and high price, individual shops where good articles are mixed with bad ones and the stalls where the goods are of the lowest quality. We should select the seller carefully and compare the goods and price.

Believe the Sellers Completely
For this ancient jar, the seller told me how he got it and the stories behind it with simple words. I thought he is very informative. So, I bought it. But, after that, friend help me explained the inner ideas. He told me that do not look at the items in dimly lit places or under the light. Instead, looks at them in bright natural light to ensure the quality. Do not believe the story that the seller told, Many stories are made by the sellers in order to make money. So, in some times, we should smartly to select our favorites.

Without Making Contrast
In addition to the ancient jar, I also bought one teapot. The price is relatively high. But, I thought it deserved! However, I saw another same teapot sold much lower price with same quality. This time, I understood, after confirming what you want, you should compare them getting together.

Through this time shopping, I got shopping is truly an art.

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