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Where to Appreciate Red Leaves in Beijing (1)

What is the most beautiful in autumn of Beijing? Everyone would tell you the same answer – leaves. You would continue ask that where the best place to enjoy the leaves. Today, you will plan your tour follow my introduction.

Hongluo Temple
Hongluo Temple Red Leaves

The Hongluo Temple is covered by red leaves anywhere in deep of autumn. Between the hot red leaves, there are yellow white waxes and green Chinese pines, shape a scenery painting with beautiful colors and clear layer. The mountain which Hongluo Temple located is planted with more than 40 kinds of plants, such as ansu apricot, cotinus coggygria, acer monoes, etc. The covering area of colorful leaves is 4,000mu. Climbing to the top of mountain, you can overlook the winding Great Wall and Qinglong Gorge. Hongluo Temple set two amble ways for aged professionally.

Xishan National Forest Park
There are 3 best ways to enjoy red leaves in Xishan, including one way from Bajiao Pavilion to Red Leaves Ridge, one way from Sipingtai to Red Leaves Grand Canyon and Red Leaves Xishan Red Leaves

Avenue. Wandering in the quiet forest park, you will smell the fresh flavor of earth; appreciating in the gorgeous autumn views, you needless to say the elegant environment to fresh air, just the fired leaves, let you addict into it deeply.

Jinhai Lake
Jinhai Lake Red Leaves

Jinhai Lake Tourist Resort is located at Pinggu District and 85 kilometers from Beijing downtown, belongs to suburbs park. Jinhai Lake is surrounded by mountains in three sides, planted various trees in colorful leaves, and is one of the rare good places to enjoy red leaves. Besides enjoy red leaves, you can enjoy the interests of picking near Jinhai Lake.

Mutianyu Great Wall
Red Leaves on Mutianyu Great Wall

If you do not want to visit the Great Wall of primitive simplicity and moving instead of conventional, Mutianyu Great Wall is best choice, and the red leaves are always praised by tourists. Planted with 280,000 colorful trees, Mutianyu is covered by colorful leaves entirely. From pale yellow, golden yellow to deep red and fresh red, it has obvious layering. Mutianyu Great Wall in autumn is most charming. Besides, the falling red leaves are the most attractive painting in Mutianyu. In the end of October, you will feel its unique prospect deeply.

Above are the parts of beautiful places in autumn of Beijing. Next, we will continue to visit other places.

A Fun Trip Explore Beijing

A nice trip that I had in Beijing on my last vacation! First we arrived at Beijing Capital Airport, tour guide were waiting for me at the exit gate. After that, she transferred us to the hotel and let us to have a rest. The day after that, we began explore the city. It started with a short visit to Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall. On that day, the weather was nice. It was a cloudy day without sun shining bright, I love the atmosphere.

Oh and because it is a group tour then we did visit many attractions around Beijing with other family. They are very friendly and nice. We did not feel uncomfortable at all. At first, tour guide also introduced herself to all of us. My first impression of her continued to the last, she is a kind, helpful and informative. She always took care of us, all of us, during the trip. The tour guide organized all the itinerary and time very well.

Long Corridor in Summer Palace

Within those 5 days tour, the most impressive place I thought it was Summer Palace. We had visited Beijing on summer, and explore the royal garden is just right choice. Inside, I felt some different feeling from when I did visit other historical sites in Beijing. The garden landscapes were fascinating. We did visit amount cultural relics around the garden as well as enjoy the lake scenery which located in the center of the garden. When I was in Summer Palace, the weather seems cooler than the outside, might be because the wind that blows from the lake. We did also see a lot of visitors boating through the lake, with their couple or even family.

Historical Building in Summer Palace

Because Summer Palace is one of the major attractions in Beijing and we accidentally visit it on the weekend, so we should head countless visitors who also come to Summer Palace. Full with crowded, we surviving keep enjoy our trip. It becomes better because our guide did a great job of navigating through the crowds of people and finding quiet spots (in the shade) for everyone to stand and listen throughout the tour. Very helping the whole tour members out of the crowded.

Overall, the trip has given me a lot of information about China history, culture, art and life style. The tour agency did a great job with arranging and accommodating the tour.

4 Days Tour Package with Good Hotel Accommodation

From heart, if you are planning a tour in holiday, you should consider the hotel first, it is the insurance of your whole tour. First time to Beijing, without any experience, so we decided to book a tour on website. We want to just book tour without hotel, and book hotel by ourselves. In fact, you have no idea about which hotel is suited for you. According to the suggestion of real advisor in Beijing, I changed my tour with hotel. If you have any problem or change, communicate with the advisor is the most efficient way to solve problem. It was so convenient and saved time, money and troubles for us. We packed luggage to the airport.

Bird's Nest

Arrived at Beijing Airport, we saw a man held a sign with our names was waiting for us, and he was the driver of our tour. On the way back to hotel, we visited the Bird Nest and Water Cube, the main stadium of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. And we took many pictures with various postures. Arrived at hotel, we were easy to check in the hotel as booked with the tour. The Beijing International Hotel has comfortable living environment. Led to our rooms by staff, we find the room was very good for first sight. Entering it, I like this room. With harmonies designs and atmospheric decoration, the room is fitful the rest during the tour. We booked two neighbor standard rooms, decorated simply but full of Chinese style. It equipped with complete facilities of room, seemed like home.

Free time in first day, we wandered in this hotel, it is so large that we hard find the way back to room. Also, the facilities of hotel are very good and complete such as large conference rooms, executive floor, business center, swimming pool, recreation center, etc. Living in this hotel, I find no trouble in it. The buffet restaurant offers various foods of Chinese cuisine and western cuisine. I liked the home-brewed juice much, as it is cool and refreshing. Also, if you want to taste the Chinese foods, they also offer some Chinese restaurants decorated with strong Chinese style for tourists. The center night bar is decorated full of taste of Hawaii, and it is a good leisure place for guests. The most interesting place in Beijing International Hotel is the center garden. It raises some small animals like rabbits, duck, etc. Full of pastorable, we took many pictures there for memory.

Among the 4 days Beijing tour, Beijing International Hotel offers us comfortable environment to rest and relax. At same time, with various famous attractions, Beijing is ideal city worth to visit.

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