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Great Beijing Journey - Fresh Feeling

This is our first visit to Beijing and here is the experience of our two days Beijing tour to share with you: The journey was wonderful!

Forbidden City

Day 1: At 8:00 am we were picked up from the hotel and went to the first destination – Tiananmen Square. Located in the heart of Beijing City, it is the largest square of this kind in the world. It is said that every morning large numbers of domestic tourists are standing on the square to see the flag-raising ceremony. Looking around, the Monument to the People's Heroes, Chairman Mao's Memory Hall and the famous Great Hall of the People are all standing here. Then move on to Forbidden City, the largest and best-preserved palatial complex still existing in Beijing. It is the symbol of feudal dynasty for 500 years and still sends out the strong atmosphere of imperial power today. It is so hard to sum up the feeling in the Forbidden City.

In the afternoon, we went to the last destination – Badaling Great Wall, the treasure of China. The Badaling Great Wall is the well preserved Ming Dynasty Great Wall with original appearance and it is one of the most gorgeous and magnificent part of the Great Wall in Beijing. Unfortunately we got there in the wrong weather with light rain. But still there are a lot of tourists like us, braved and carefully climbing to the top. How cool!

My Lunch - Dumplings

Day 2: Are you interested in cooking Chinese dishes? This pre-designed Beijing cooking learning tour will provide you such a chance to experience authentic Chinese cooking by yourself! In the cooking school we were arranged to learn cooking three different dishes from beginning to end, getting to know the basic secrets of excellent Chinese culinary skill.

I prepared one dish with the assistance of the experts of the school. It is a hand on learning experience. Enjoying the three dishes as lunch at the school canteen, I felt very proud. During the time stay at the school, you also have the chance to attend cooking lessons if you like, but I didn't do that since I was lack of cooking talent. 
After lunch, we were driven to a local vegetable market in the downtown area where local community people come for purchasing vegetable, meats, the many spices and other life necessities that make Chinese cooking special.

Haha, I really enjoyed my two days Peking tour!

Impressive 2 Days Tour in Beijing

Normally we are not tour people. The thought of milling around with 20-30 people all wearing the same colored hats is not appealing to us. This time we chose the private tour only for our 6 friends and the tailored services make us feel very pleased and satisfied.

The first day we went to see the famous world treasure – Great Wall, the symbol of Beijing – Tiananmen Square and the most famous historical site – Forbidden City. As well as enjoying the view, we also got a history lesson about ancient China.

The second day is a shopping tour and we went to the Zoo Market and the Silk Market. Zoo Market is a huge wholesale market with all kinds of things from 10-15 RMB for shirts, tops, jeans, pants, skirts, etc almost everything. And I like the Silk Market better. The Silk Market was fantastic. We learnt about the history of silk making and got some spectacular buys on silk. I highly recommend the silk comforters and pillows - a tremendous buy and fantastic quality.

Red Wall in Forbidden City

Overall the two days Beijing tour was incredible. We were told by our hotel that the itinerary was too busy and too many things to see. After taking this tour, I would emphatically say that the tour was GREAT and the hotel was wrong. We really enjoyed this tour, and especially our tour guide and our driver. I would highly recommend it to my family. Lastly, the tours are with incredible value for the money.

The final thing I would say is, do not leave Beijing without visiting Beihai Park. Beihai Park is located in the center of Beijing. There is a massive lake in the middle, where there are boats taking people to an island in the centre. The symbol building in the park - White Pagoda is located on the island. With the warm sun shine and the gentle breeze, the feeling was wonderful. Also in the park we visited the Nine Dragon Wall. Both sides of the wall are decorated with nine Beaulieu, playing with a pearl among clouds in waves. The dragons are vividly, colorful, with super craft that are the precious glass building in China.

We had a wonderful trip in Beijing and thank you very much – Beijinglandscapes.com!

Good Service, Great Feeling

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my experience of 4 Days Beijing Tour. The first travel day, the tour guide and the driver picked me up at the airport. They held a big sign with my name which is so outstanding. I choose a budget class hotel - Beijing Wangfujing Da Wan Hotel. On the way to the hotel, the tour guide told me the history and the famous attractions in Beijing. She is very kind and enthusiasm. After a short rest, in the afternoon, I visited the famous Commercial Street – Beijing Wangfujing. Oh, so many people here as if today were the holidays… On both sides of the wide pedestrian street stand the different kinds of shopping centers. Some of them are decorated with very old style. Although I don't know them I think that they are must be the time honored brands of China with a long history. At the end of Wangfujing Street there is standing a beautiful church and a lot of engaged people take photos in front of it.

Tiananmen Tower

Generally speaking, the tour officially began in the second day. It is a full day city trip to the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. And Tiananmen Square is my best place. It is so large and thousands of people walking here. In the middle of the square stands the flagpole. It is said that every early morning, thousands of tourists get together here to watch the flag - raising ceremony. My tour guide May was fantastic! She ensured that everyone had all the pictures they wanted. I am especially pleased with her and the flexibility she gave us.

Grand Forbidden City

In the third day, I visited the famous Badaling Great Wall. That's my dream. How magnificent and beautiful scenery. I did not choose the cable car and just climbing to the top. Standing on the top, I feel very proud of myself. Also I would like to say thank you to the tour guide. Patrick was wonderful climbing the wall with us and taking pictures... so many pictures so that I was satisfied. He also took very good care to ensure that I was able to view the distance.

I am very satisfied with my trip in Beijing and thank you very much!

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