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Visiting Beijing Botanical Garden

Autumn Beijing is vigorous full of golden colors and harvests. If you find the right place to experience the typical autumn Beijing tour, it will be more interesting. As the most colorful world, Beijing Botanical Garden will surprise your autumn holiday.

Beijing Botanical Garden

Autumn Appearance of Beijing Botanical Garden
Located between Fragrant Hills Park and Jade Spring Hill, Beijing Botanical Garden is 23 kilometers far from downtown. With coverage area about 2,000,000 square meters, this garden is just like a fairy land full of mysterious atmosphere and charming sceneries. Autumn is really a nice season and autumn Beijing Botanical Garden is more perfect. When the autumn falls, the whole garden will be covered by golden colors, nice and beautiful. This time, you can still find the green filed full of luxuriant green trees. Water showed typical mild under the autumn sunlight. In addition, the white cloud and the blue sky presented clearer than other seasons. Breathing the fresh air these plants produced and enjoying the tranquil charming environment, you will be completely lured by the golden autumn.

Breathtaking Greenhouse
For your autumn tour here, it is ideal time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Greenhouse located inside. All the charming all focus on the perfect-designed greenhouse exhibition. Being established in the year of 1998, this typical exhibition is opened to the public in 2000. Covering an area of about 9,800 square meters, this garden enjoys a high reputation of the biggest display greenhouse in Asia. Being divided into four parts including Tropical Rain Forests Area, Desert Plants Area, Gardens of Seasons and the Theme Exhibition Rooms, each section has their own beauty and features. Plants of 3,100 varieties with population of 60,000 thrive in the greenhouse including Lithops, pencil bush and cymbidiums. They make greenhouse an important base for scientific education and research.

Historic Resorts
Autumn tour here, apart from appreciating the natural scenery inside, the historical scenic spots will also attract your special attention. Tomb of Liangqichao, Memorial of Cao Xueqin and the Site of Longjiao all established inside attracting tourists from all over the world. Autumn season is the best period to appreciate them. With autumn feeling, tourists can dig much about the connotation hidden side.

If you house enough interests and want to enjoy a typical autumn holiday, Beijing Botanical Garden will be a must-see spot!

Shopping and Sightseeing in Liulichang

Beijing is a fun place to explore, with diverse options for an essential experience while visiting the historic city. For those who want to do some shopping and sightseeing in Beijing, Liulichang is definitely for you!

Beijing Liulichang

Information about Beijing Liulichang
Liulichang Cultural Street is located outside the Gate of Peace and boasts as a famous cultural street in Beijing. The history of Liulichang Cultural Street can date to Qing dynasty. At that time, millions of hopefuls flooded into this area, therefore, a whole bunch of book stores and stationery shops were highly concentrated here. This area is filled with a heavy and profound cultural atmosphere. There are also a large group of antiquity stores and shops crowding around this spot. Most of the foreign tourists would pay a visit to Liulichang Cultural Street every day. In former times, those who frequent here are mostly government officers, literature figures, archaeologists and students and so on. They come here to collect antiquities, drawings, books or sell collections or tour around and so on. However, nowadays, aside from those people, all walks of tourists have paid their visit to Liulichang Cultural Street and brought this old street back into life again.

What to explore at Liulichang
There are a large number of time-honored antiquity stores and stationery shops along Liulichang Cultural Street. Browsing in these stores and shops, tourists may come across many excellent traditional books, drawings and pens. In addition, near Liulichang Cultural Street lies a famous cuisine spot in Gate of Peace, like the most famous Quanjude roasted duck store and the current-popular Korea barbecue. Liulichang Cultural Street has always something unique and fabulous to offer you. Furthermore, Liulichang Cultural Street boasts a rich collection of antithetical couplets, thanks to its profound history and cultures. Today, these couplets have formed a unique attraction compared with other scenic spots in Liulichang Cultural Street. Moreover, the former Huoshen Temple has been converted as the assembly site of a writers union. A wide variety of cultural activities has been held here, as well as a great amount of sessions and speeches given by famous writers and professors. At the time, this place would be crowded with people. In addition, a large amount of literature works have been bred in this place. All these have added more charms and cultures into Liulichang Cultural Street.

Overall, what time of year you come to Liulichang, you will find a lot of fun things to see, do and experience!

Bring us to Visit Must Sees Places in Beijing

This is my first time visit Beijing and I am really excited about it. My first time visit Beijing of course I would spend with explores some famous historical sites in the capital. Make plan do not waste our time then we booked this private 3 days tour. We find this local travel agency website on the internet then just did book the tour. First, called the trip advisor then finally reserved the tour at last.

Within those 3 days, we did see lots of landmarks of Beijing, modern and old. With this tour, it took us to explore Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Hutong and others. For me everything about Beijing was ancient and fresh. It was really different from where I come from. The life style and customs of local people, its architecture historical sites, the history, transportation system etc are different.

Impressive Badaling Great Wall near Beijing

The surely thing that I got from Beijing is experience. New experience that I would not forget, especially when I took the rickshaw ride roamed around old lane of Beijing or just hike on Great Wall, which I never did it before. I loved the itinerary of the tour which brought us to the suburbs outside Beijing for visit Ming Tombs and Great Wall on the second day of the tour. An escape outside Beijing, a nice excursion to the huge Ming emperors tomb and famous magnificent Great Wall. Oh and in the evening of this second day tour, we also had a peking duck dinner which was delicious. Not so much as our expectation but it is so authentic and new. My first time to taste Chinese Peking duck flavor too. Lots of first time I did experience in Beijing, China so because of that I loved it. There are so much different sides of China which are not same with my culture or life style.

Authentic Peking Duck

The place where I loved the most is Forbidden City, an ancient palace of China where located in the center of the city. I could feel the deep history while explore the huge royal palace. Lots of important buildings and halls we did explored and at the same time knew interesting history behind each spot of it. Overall, I could say that the tour was accommodating enough and well organized till the end. Thank you for the arrangements!

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