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2 Days Beijing Tour: Day 2 - Explore Forbidden City

Not very tired as first day, I visited the representative attractions in center of Beijing with a good sleep in hotel suggested by the trip advisor.

Tiananmen Square

In the morning, I have breakfast in hotel and waited for the tour guide and driver. In fact, I like to enjoy the slow and quiet morning, so I got up early. The tour guide and driver arrived at hotel on time and we transferred to Tiananmen Square. It is so large that I didn't recognize it is a square first sight. Many tourists took pictures here, I was wondered that why they photo with a square. The tour guide explained that Tiananmen Square is the largest city center public square in the world. In minds of Chinese people, it is holy place for holding many important ceremonies. Located at center of Beijing, Tiananmen Square is one of the representations of Beijing. At same time, the buildings around Tiananmen Square are very significant in China, and the flag-raising and flag-lowing ceremonies are all held here every day.

Collections in Forbidden City

Through an underground express, we entered the Forbidden City which means that ordinary people are forbidden into this imperial palace in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world. It was the imperial palace for 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties with the most history and stories. Forbidden in that that, but now it is a famous attraction of Beijing and a vast museum collecting and showing various treasures that you cannot enjoyed before. It is said that it has more than 900 buildings, gates and structures were built with arrangement along the north south central axis of old Beijing. It is advisable to take pictures as much as you can, this is the only way to bring back your memory while reviewing from the album. Interestingly, I took various pictures of porcelain. It is not an easy thing to visit this huge city carefully in one or two days. It needs you patient experience and taste to know about the long history of China.

Last, we moved to visit the Temple of Heaven which is also an imperial building for sacrificing god in ancient time. It is said that this garden is larger than Forbidden City. However, I thought the Forbidden City is still the most attractive with various stories.

Excellent Beijing Tour Package with Hotel

It is the most intellectual choice I made this year. During holiday, I booked a 3 days Beijing tour package with hotel online to help me save various troubles and time. The fact proved that it is a whelming tour.

First day, I set up in Beijing Capital International Airport and met the tour guide who is the tour guide accompanied with me during the 3 days. The double-way airport transfer service is included in the tour price, so it is also a cost effective tour. I have a short rest and clean in hotel, and the guide picked me up in the evening to enjoy the Chinese Kungfu show which has been popular all over the world. I want to visit it personally instead of watching movies. Performed by a group of Buddhists who trained in a Kungfu school in China explained by the guide, this Kungfu show is not really wonderful as in movies, adds more elements of performing. In fact, it is just a perform show.

Badaling Mountain Scenery

What I expected happened in second day to visit the Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace. The name of Badaling Great Wall has famous all over the world, so I look forward to enjoying its real features. It is said that the Great Wall is only one human project can be seen on moon. When I took cable car to the mountain, I believe it is true. Like a dragon lies on the mountain curve depends on the terrain of mountain. Because of its name, Badaling Great Wall is crowded and lively, but easy to climb to top. Breathtaking views and incredible beautiful nature attract me deeply and impressively. Only here you may come to understanding that world history and culture started here. It is said that the Great Wall at Badaling is the best preserved section of the Great Wall and the first section opened to public. If you want to avoid the crowded, you can visit it in weekdays not weekend or holiday.

Bronze Ox in Summer Palace

Back to center of Beijing, we continued to visit the Summer Palace which is the well preserved and largest imperial garden in China. Such huge garden with various beauties, it is really the garden for royal. And now it becomes an ordinary garden for people who can take exercises here in the morning explained by the guide. And it is said that the Summer Palace is the most beautiful in summer with many lotuses.

However, I would visit the other attractions of Beijing in center, but today is worth to bear in mind.

The visit to Beijing Museum of Natural History

Yesterday, I visited Beijing Museum of Natural History that located not far from Qianmen Shopping street, Dashilan, Temple of Heaven and others interesting attractions around. First, I booked the entrance ticket one day before I visit the museum and get free entrance ticket. In Beijing, museum is also the best options for you to visit.

Dinosaur Exhibition

Arrived at the museum and enter the large area of the museum I saw lot of children that come with their classmate and teacher for their school programs. At the entrance gate before enter the museum area there are security x-ray area where you should check your bag, it was like before enter the subway station in Beijing. After entered the museum, right exactly in the left side we can see directly the fossils of dinosaur that exhibits on that area. Enter to the inside museum, we also can found the descriptions about how the theory of big bang happened and the results of it, how the earth was formed at past, how the earth formed in the first place, the evolution of animals, description about various species animals and other knowledge about organism that living on earth. Memorized again how the earth was built at past, it really like one miracle that happened for me, human and other organism on earth.

Origin of the Universe

Lots of children that come with friends, teacher and parents looks very happy exploring the museum. Visit the museum was like memorized about my childhood that also had visited the museum at that time. Now, visit museum I think it was like make a deep understanding about all the organisms that living together with us and struggle to keep their life on earth. We also realized how rich the earth it is and how to keep, love and protect the organism that live with us till now. Now, I also think how important all the organism to our life, depend on each other. For visit the museum, I also know various species of animals and other organism. After the tour to museum, it adds my desire and believes to travel the world, to directly see the animals and other things that being exhibits inside the museum.

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